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I have gained a half a pound!

July 21st 2012 4:16 pm
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Well, went for my B12 shot today, and got weighed! I am doing well! I gained a half a pound! I am now 6 1/2 lbs! This is good, considering I had lost so much weight!

Auntie Lisa, you are the BEST! Thank you for making sure I got the B12 shots!!!!!

They are working!!!!

I am also off of all chicken cat food and haven't thrown up all week!



My Big Vet Vet visit! I have gained 1/2 a pound and- yay-right now she says no endoscopy!

July 7th 2012 3:43 pm
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She was there! She was there! She got our messages!
I got my B12 shot. Ms. Lisa, if you are here, she says she read you site and she said that right now she is giving me as much B12 as my system can stand. She said that she is giving me the most she can, and that I am putting on weight is good.

She said she does not now recommend the endoscopy, and said to Mommy and Daddy: 'She is eating, she is drinking, peeing', pooping. She throws up sometimes, but it's under control with the fluids, periactin, cerenia, azodyl. She feels there are other 'options' including perhaps a needle biopsy (gasp) if it comes to that, but she doesnt' feel that this procedure would right now be recommended for me. She said that all things considered, I look good. She said that I have 'senior cat syndrome' and just am probably older than thought. She said that I'm tough, though, and so long as I have more good days than bad, she'll have an eye kept on me, and 'lets not push things on her right now-IBD and this type of lymposarcoma are very close-the difference of some cells is all. She said thats why it's important I eat, and if I don't like the low residue food, then I shouldn't eat it. She said that the fancy feast beef if I tolerate it is fine, and I may very possibly have developed a sensitivity to poultry...many older cats do not tolerate polultry well at all.

So that is the story. I am not having to have anything scary done.

I came home, relaxed, had something to eat and am resting.

Thank you all so much for purring for me! Thank you my Angels for looking after me.

purrs with gratitude,


B12 shot tomorrow and Natalie is coming too.

July 6th 2012 6:48 pm
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She's getting checked out because of her odd behavior, which is troubling Mom and Dad. They aren't getting much sleep.

I've been much better this week, I only threw up once, but they do need to get me more Cerenia.

I've been spending alot of time sunning myself...or 'cooking myself as Daddy says. He doesn't know how I can lay in the sun the way I do, but it feels so good on my body.

Who else out there enjoys sunning? I think it's something we 'Olde Furts' enjoy.

Lots of love and purrs,


I'm a diary pick and thanks to you all, appear to be feeling- a bit better this morning!

July 1st 2012 6:22 am
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I want to say thank you!
last night I threw up again. Mommy wiped my face with a cloth, then let me rest. She had given me an appitite booster though that afternoon.
Well, it kicked in around Midnight, and when she went to check on me, I was hungry! She gave me a teaspoon of babyfood....beef. I ate it, then laid down. And I kept it down.
When Daddy got home at 2:30am, I was hungry. He fed me half a can of elegant melodies (the kind they were trying to get me off of), but he figrued that if I was hungry and would eat it and maybe keep it down, it was good...and I was hungry!)
Well, I ate it and kept it down! What Daddy didn't know was that Angel Buddie came with heavenly healing ice cream before he came and made me well! He told me stories and I felt so much better!
Tomorrow Daddy will call Dr. P and ask her opinion on the endoscopy. Mommy will feel better with it if she knows what Dr. P, my doctor, suggests.

Thank you all for your wonderful purrs and power of the works!!!! :)

Just now, I am streched out resting! Have a good morning everyone! and thank you again...
with love,


not too well...

June 30th 2012 5:53 pm
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I went to the Vet today. Mommy and Daddy have 2 choices. Pred, which vet said is not good for my CKD, or to do a endoscopy, which would mean putting me under and going down into my tummy and intestines and seeing whats going on and taking a little sample.
Then either chemo if it's cancer, or chemo and/or pred.

But tonight I am not feeling well. I don't want the wellness I was put on and at first liked. I don't want the low residue food. I threw up today early in the morning and I am acting queasy again, despite cerenia this morning, and pepcid this evening. I don't want to eat, not even the fish flavors I used to like.

I did get my fluids, and my azodyl. I am not acting happy at all.

Mommy is very worried. I may be heading back to the vet tomorrow...mommy is going to get some of the other food I liked and if I eat it, ok. If I don't, then she is going to bring me in, because I lost the half a pound I had gained.

Mommy is confused and upset. She said she doesn't like little vet, because she makes all choices look bad.

Mommy said that she loves me so much, and I know she does. I am also limping today, and she pulled out litter from between my toes and trimmed my nails, and still limping.

Mom is really frustrated and worried...and daddy just went to work.

Would it be alright for me to ask for Purrs?

Would my angels look in on me?

thank you so much,


Vet visit today-not feeling too well

June 30th 2012 7:59 am
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I haven't been well these last two days. I have thrown up twice. I get my b12 shot today.

Mommy wants to discuss putting me on pred. But wants to speak with the vet first.

Mommy is worried. I am laying in the sun, enjoying it.

We, you know, live in the moment.



My ultrasound is back...

June 24th 2012 2:47 pm
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Dr. M called mommy yesterday. Results from ultrasound are in. I have minimal change to kidneys, which is good. My pancreas did not look bad. My intestines have moderate thickening and I have an enlarged lymph node near the intestines.

Dr. M told Mom that the doctor-who is an expert at ultrasound said it could indicate:
1) Either IBD-except I do not have diahrhea.
2)That it could be cancer.

The only way to determine it is with an endoscophy. They wanted to do a biopsy when I was having ultrasound-they can do that somehow, but the way the lynph node is positioned it wouldn't be possible.

Mommy asked for them to find out how much an endoscopy would cost. She also wants to talk with Dr. P.

There are treatments open to me. Predisone is one. If it's cancer it can be both pred and perhaps chemo.

Both have side effects, but Dr. M said that Pred seems to be beneficial to
cats with both IBD and Cancer.

the Concern is my age. Chemo, if it is cancer, worries mom with me, because of my digestive issues.

Mom is concerned.

Mom feels better when she talks with Dr. P. Dr. P has been my vet for years, and she Tells Mommy. Mommy likes having choices, but wants my Doctor to let her know what she thinks is best.

Mommy is trying to be matter of fact. She loves me. I don't seem to be suffering, but it's so hard to tell with us cats. I'm always hungry...the good news....I put on half a pound from my last visit!

They will continue with the B12 shots! They appear to do me good!

Auntie Lisa, and Angel Alex, could you please let Mommy know your opinions? As well as anyone else who has faced similar?

Mommy is scared. She was watching me eat before...Tech Glen said that if good agrees with me, it's better I eat than not, though now low residue food is being suggested?

I have taken to fancy feast elegant melodies....I went off the beef. I do eat some merricks, but my appitite can be with most of us.

Please purr Furrs! Thank you!

PS: Mommy has to have a human girl cat test called a mammogram and sonogram because her vet thinks she has a she has to schedule that. I suggested to her maybe my vet could do it, but mommy says they only treat kitties, puppies, piggies and birdies.

purrs to all,


the blood results are back, and I go for an ultrasound- tomorrow

June 21st 2012 8:10 pm
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Hi everyone
Well, my bloods are back. It does not show I'm hyperthyroid, but that doesn't mean I'm not. Dr. M feels that whatever else is going on with me could be masking the hyperthyroidism.

I know Mommy is worried about me, but I also know that I am a strong kitty who lives in the moment. I am not too worried, really. I ate well tonight and enjoyed some plain lightly cooked steak as a snack-just a few little pieces along with my food.

I've had ultrasounds before, and do not enjoy them. I can't eat after midnight, so mom will be taking up the dry food and all the food so I don't get at it.

Mommy has to go to the human doctor the same time I am at the vet-she has a pain in the same place I had my surgery and she is a bit worried. As I said, s he's a worrier. So she has to go by train and then get picked up by her sister's husband who will take her to the doctor. I think by the time she gets done I'll be home too with mommy and daddy.

I better get a few bites of food in before Mommy takes it up!

love to all,


partial vet test results

June 18th 2012 11:42 am
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Hi everyone,
I'm feeling quite well, eating and drinking and relaxing in the sun. The vet called my mom yesterday, and my partial labwork is back. It appears that I might be hyper thyroid, as suspected. However, the additional information is that I am anemic, and the vet said this could be from my body not producing enough red blood cells because my thyroid isn't telling them too. Also, one of my kidney results is not great.
The vet wants to do an abdominal ultrasound. They are concerned that my lymph nodes felt enlarged and are wondering if there is something going on with that, there is indication of problems with the pancreas, which we know about-that goes hand in hand with what I have been dealing with for about 2 years now.
This is not our regular vet, she was a very sweet vet who was so kind to Mommy when she read her the results. She was so gentle and told Mommy she had a 20 year old cat who had passed to the Bridge recently, and she had her since she was about 6, so she told Mommy that she understands her worry.
Our kind and wonderful Aunt Jenny, who is Ingen's mom told our Mom to take heart-because I am of course, a tough old bird (sorry Tabbies, I always thought I was a cat, but thats what she said!)

I am resilliant, and I am not giving up or in, and am not afraid, so am going to continue to just be me. When I came back from the vets office with Ruffy the other day I came out of the carrier hungry and Daddy was laughing because as he told Mommy 'she nearly ran Smokie off his food' because Mommy always puts my food out for me last because it's 'special' food. So I was going to just eat Smokies.

The B12 shot seemed to do me quite some good, and I am getting fluids, azodyl, pepcid.

I am a skinny minny, but I can climb the sofa back in 2 seconds flat to get to my water or dry food, which I don't much care for.

Mommy is still worried, though, cause that is what mommies do.

Purrs? Would you be so kind? It will make mommy feel better-she-we believe in the Power of the Paw~


Vet Visit today and what Little Vet said

June 16th 2012 5:42 pm
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I went to the vet today. While I was there, sitting on the table, not liking it, I felt uncomfortable. Unfortunately, little vet at that time, was right near my back end.

I had some very bad kitty gas.

Daddy put it this way to Mommy 'It was about likely to knock little Dr. M right on the floor."

Well, she shouldn't have been bothering me, right?

Well, they took alot of blood. She said my thyroid felt englarged, and I have all the symptoms of being hyper thyroid, the forever being hungry, and my eating alot but losing weight.

I lost a pound, and I'm very skinny.

She is concerned as she said some of my lymph nodes feel enlarged. As I had surgery and it was positive for breast cancer, she's concerned.

She said that my toxic smelling poop could be also from not getting enough vitamins and cats who have CKD can have issues with their tummies and intestines.

The bloods should be back Monday.

Purrs please? Mom is as always, worried.

I got a B12 shot and am eating well, and don't seem to be feeling badly at all.

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