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Happy Mardi Gras to all..and a special one to us fluff- kitties

March 8th 2011 4:17 am
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Just wanted to say that I hope you all enjoy wonderful soft beds, good food, happy times with your people.

Natalie has gone off to the vet for blood tests, and I'm enjoying laying here, and resting.

Later daddy will give us our first dinner, and then Mommy will come home and feed us again.

But I'm going to enjoy my patch of sun, which will arrive soon and just being a Cat.

Ah, isn't it good?

Sending purrs out to all...and double purrs to kitties who don't have people of their own.


Elderwise concerns from Felinekind to our humans.

March 4th 2011 3:58 am
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Dear Humans who have feline kind in your care,

I wanted to take this time to thank you. You see, I have been with Mommy awhile now. I know Mommy and Daddy adore me, and I realize how lucky I am to have good people who think like cats-that is to say they love cats, and believe our wellbeing is important. For me, that means alot. Mommy saved me many years ago from a mean person who was squirting me and my kits with a hose. She was mean, and when I would sit in the window, forever after, I would look down at her and hiss. We KNOW who has a good spirit, and who doesn't. Our nature is such that we always know.
I wanted to say that you are all very special to have cats life with you. We bestow blessings, we are Fey, we are Magick, we are Blessed. And yes, we know this.
That said, many cats are not so lucky. And I wanted to bring up something is so very important, dear people, to have something written down in the event that something should happen that prevents you from caring for us, for a plan to be in place for us to be cared for.
You see, mommy has read and heard of too many stories where cats are abandoned, put out of their homes, or put into places that 'put them down' because when their people have something happen that makes them not able to care for them, of these cats winding up in bad situations. Some are lucky, and very good people come forward and take care of them. Natalie, my sister was found by someone wandering. She had not probably ever been taken to a vet, so I don't know how good her previous person was. But she was loved and cared for in some way, because she was very affectionate. But then, we are forgiving creatures, even if we do not forget.
I don't know how you would make sure we are cared for in the event that something happens. Perhaps to speak with a close friend, and put away some of that green paper called money, and make sure that goes with us to whoever will care for us. Perhaps seek out a good place that will take care of a kitty in situations like this. Or perhaps speak with a vet and ask what others do in this sort of situation. But if you plan ahead, then things will be set 'just in case'.
I know this is not a cheerful topic on so lovely a morning, but I thought to say this because we, as cats, are so very vulnurable. There is foster care for children. There is not for us. We are so dependent on you to look out for us...and in turn, be blessed, for the Goodness is Cat is evident in our eyes, don't you think?
In any case, I bid you a fine good morning, stretch ans close my eyes agin for my morning nap. Life, yes, it is good.


Mushy outside-cold daddy kisses

February 2nd 2011 8:08 am
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Daddy went out to start the car, then came in to tell Mommy it was mushy out there. He kissed my grey spot on my head, and he was cold!
Mommy sat beside me, drinking coffee, petting me. I loved it, she and I ....well, she is Mommy, and that is all.

The boys are in trouble. They are always in some trouble somehow. The little orange grumpycat needs to show them she's not going to take it. But she is ouchie....

So the door is shut now between the other room, and this room. Which means they are out here all day til Daddy comes. Great.
But they know better than to start with me.

Think I'll roll over here and cuddle with Mommys blanket as well as mine. Ah, so nice and warm!



Some excitement here last night...

February 1st 2011 9:11 am
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Daddy came home, and got the little carrier out. I watched him carefully, but thank goodness it was not for me! What a relief. Then he got the larger one. He put it on the floor and urged Ruffy into it. Ruffy went. He doesn't mind the 'outside' in a carrier. He knows sometihng to eat will eventually be involved, most likely. If he does one thing well, it's eat.

This morning, he was obviously feeling better, playing with Daddy and rushing up to the counter when Daddy was getting our food. When he meows, it sounds as though he's speaking Human and saying 'Now! Now!'

Ruffy and the little cranky faced orange cat came back with Mommy and Daddy in their carriers. The little orange cranky one-Natalie,-went into the bedroom. I leapt off my seat, and cautiously went in, but she was up on the bed, with that thing they made me wear once long ago around her neck. I looked up at her, and felt sorry for her. She is rude, and hisses and growls, and once I even had to smack her, but I feel care for her. I have had that thing on. It's not fun to wear.

But the room is quiet today. The Smokie is laying on the rug, and the Ruffy is on the other rug, curled in his happy cat yoga curl. He is smiling.

And I'm back to my soft bed, to look out over them all-and remain First Cat.


Some thoughts from Belle-being the 'First Cat'

January 31st 2011 9:00 am
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Hello out there in Catster land.
Many of you are aquinted with Natalie. I was hesitant to write, becuase Natalie is both sharp of wit, and a wonderful writer.
I am simply your Garden Variety Domestic Long Hair Princess.
I was the first to Catster, along with Ruffy. I am my Mommy's Kitty Girl, and Daddy's Beasel Weast.
What is a Beasel Weast, you ask?
A worthwhile question.
The story goes this way:
When Mommy got to know me, she admired my sleek and lovely features. She also noted that I could open doors that were not closed properly by sticking my face into where there was a slight gap and pushing. I would do this on occasion, as I did not like being confined to one room.
She noticed when I did this, I resembled, in her words, a 'weasel'. Now I don't agree with that. I am not, and hever have been one of those elongated creatures that roam the forest. I am Feline, of course.
But my daddy, when he got to know me and Mommy, made up a song for me. He started the tradition of cat songs, and he sings for me when he brushes me or pets me in the morning:
"Beasel-weast, Beasel-weast, Daddy's little Beasel-weast'.
I will admit that I love Daddy. I accepted him right away. He feels good, he has a purr I can't always hear, but I sense his warmth. And he has always been good to me. There are some people who love cats and cats know this. He is one of these people.
We have not been living where we live very long. I have my own soft bed in the room that the tv is. I have to share the room with the catboys. I wish I had my own room, as where we used to live, but I do have more company here more often with the boys and especially with Mommy and Daddy when they are home. They go away most days for alot of the day, but they come as we start to get hungry again.
I lay here with the window beside me, and sometimes the sun comes in and shines on my coat. Mommy brushes me at least once a day, and I enjoy it.
I also enjoy having my meals bought to me, and having mommy or daddy sit here with me. That happened because I nibble and eat slowly, whereas the Grey cat eats fast and then comes to find out whats on other's plates. When mommy noticed him eating mine, she took to feeding me by my bed. She'll sit by me and pet me as I eat.
Mommy and Daddy are my People.

Well, I will rest for awhile now...and dream good dreams.


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