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A wonderful Saturday

November 13th 2010 12:56 pm
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Today is a wonderful Saturday and I'm sleeping away enjoying my day. I'm laying in a sunbeam trying to keep warm. This is my favorite time of day to sleep. I'm tired after bothering my new fursis Abby. We like to just lay around her and watch her. I want her to know who's boss in this castle. I hope she learns that I'm the king soon, as it is interfering with my beauty rest. My momcat said if we're nice to Abby we will get some treats. I'll wait until she gets home so she will see me not bother her. Then maybe I can get some more treats that I so deserve for just being me. In the meantime I'll just be me.


New sisfur

November 4th 2010 12:36 am
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My new sisfur Abby has just joined catster. I know she will have a good time meeting my friends. If you would like her to be your friend I know she would greatly appreciate it. She is kind of cute but not that nice to us yet. I think she's just a little skeered still. She actually came out from behind the couch today for a while and was playing with a mousie. We all gathered around to watch her. I wonder if we made her nervous?


Sweet dreams of you Queen Tallulah

October 25th 2010 1:53 pm
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My sweet angel Queen Tallulah has been visiting me in my dreams. She takes me to special places, it's like magic, she flys with her lovely wings and we are in a magical place. She just took me to Scotland to see the castles. It was so purrty. She even took me to the North Pole to see Santa Paws, that was a very special journey. Now I know he does exsist. I love to dream and dream of you QT, you are my specia angel.


Rainy days and a stray

October 22nd 2010 12:58 am
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It has been raining on and off for three days now. It is so nice to watch the rain fall, and the smell of rain is so pawsome. The weather has been so purrfect. I wish the new kitty mommy brought into the house was nicer. I know she's not used to us but she sure is a hissy little girl. My mommy was holding her and all I wanted to do was smell her and boy did she get mad. I was sniffing her tail and she hissed and growled and got so mean my mommy had to put her back in her cage. I sure hope my mommy finds her a home or she gets nicer. I don't need a hissy fit girl in my kingdom.


Strange Sunday

October 17th 2010 4:17 pm
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It's been a very strange day today. A strange lady came into our house. I hid in the closet but my mommy found me there. She held me and let the strange lady pet me on the head. I let her but wasn't very happy about it. She said I was a big and handsome kitty. She is a catster mom and came to visit us and my mommy. My mommy and her left the house for a while and came back. Right after the strange lady left,it started raining with thunder and lightning. My mommy opened the front door and we have been watching it rain. I love looking out the door and watching it rain. I love sleepy rainy days.


Calico Junction and Las Vegas had a great time

October 3rd 2010 4:31 pm
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My mommy and Annie's mommy from Calico Junction spent the day together. They met at NYNY for lunch. They had a furtastic pizza and had a great time talking. They wanted to go shopping so my mommy took them to the world's largest gift shop. They shopped and talked and had a great visit. Annie's mom gave her some gifts to bring home. I got a coffee mug with Annie's picture on it, a cat cube, a kewl photo album of all my friends at the Junction. Also, a pretty picture taken in the snow. Now,I can see my friends when my mommy isn't home. Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts Annie's mom. My mommy had a great time today and thinks that Annie's mom and her daughter are so pawsome. If you don't know Annie visit her page her ID number is 1002413.


Calico Junction and Vegas meet

September 28th 2010 8:02 am
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My mommy is going to meet Annie the junction spokecat in person. How kewl is that? Annie's mommy is coming to Vegas in just a couple of days. They are going to meet Sunday for lunch. I want to go but my mommy says cats aren't allowed in casinos. This will be here first meeting with a caster person, and she is so excited. She will be meeting another catster person in two weeks also. I hope she brings me home a picture. I'll let you all know all about it. I'm sure it's going to be lots of fun.


Wish fall would get here

September 17th 2010 12:17 am
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I sure wish kewl fall weather would arrive soon. I love it when my mommy opens the front door so we can soak in the sun and smell the fresh city air. And of course watch those birdies. This morning my mommy opened the front door first thing in the morning and we boys were all enjoying the fresh air. After one hour my mommy was going to close the door but we wouldn't move. I gave her the Rex stare and she just walked away and let us boys soak up the morning sun for another whole hour. I sure have her wrapped around my paws.


vacation is over

September 8th 2010 11:01 am
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My mommy's vacation is over she has to go back to work tonight. We have had such a good time, we got to play alot and get lots of lovings. I follow her from room to room, I like to keep her company and watch her sleep. All of us kitties have been following her around the house. I'm going to spend the rest of the day next to her and I'll get more lovings this way. She has almost tripped over us on several occasions. I wonder if she will miss us as much as we'll miss her.


thanks to everyone

September 4th 2010 1:49 pm
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First off I want to thank everybody for the wonderful hearts for me and my furfamily. We loves them very much and are so lucky to have such great friends as all of you. It's still so hot here that we are just keeping kewl and chillaxing. My mommy is getting some much needed R and R and I'm getting some much needed loving. My Pigeon is home safe and sound with his mommy. What else could you ask for? Have a great weekend everybody.

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