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I think H.Q.'s Made a Mistake!?

October 2nd 2010 11:24 pm
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Hi Furiends! One of my Furiends , Freckles just informed me that I have been Catster's, Cat of the Week for 2 Weeks in a Row!!! I had to check as I had no idea! She was right! .... there I am listed for two weeks in a row on the Community Home Page List of last Weeks, Cat of The Week ! OMC!!! MOL Headquarters must have made a mistake ! MOL I believe they just haven't gotten around to changing/adding another COTW Member yet! Nobody can be this Lucky!!! MOL I'll have to go check in my 3000 list of group e-mails and see if Catster contacted me this week ! MOL seriously! Speaking of which.... Mom has never been so behind like this! First I went missing and received an Overwhelming, Generous amount of Support and Concern, Purrs/Prayers, Gifts, pictures of me made/ posted on others pages, PawMail , Diary and Picture Comments etc....!!!
Then six days later when I was found and returned home.....ditto all of the above all over again... Wishes of Love and Welcome Home , more pictures made and on Furiends pages etc....! I never knew I was loved/cared about this much by all of you! Mom knew it was going to be a challenge to try to thank each one of you personally but began and then just as she started to make a dent in in some of our Thankyous (seriously)....I find out I'm Catster's , Cat of The Week! OMC!!! What's Mom going to do now? It's getting late... some of those past Gifts sent to us will eventually expire! Mom's started to panic...2640 Group e-mails unopened ,many , many unread Paw Mails to reply to, Gifts to Thank for, etc...So much to do .... so little time! Mom's got lists of Members names to Thank Everywhere! The lists of names aren't even complete! MOL Forgot to mention earlier, All those Big Kitty Hearts too! Challenging wasn't the word! MOL Mom feels overwhelmed, unorganized,nervous! She still continues on... so much every day! Each day she thinks she's going to have to Give Up , though! That makes her nervous too! You see ... we love our Furiends and acquaintances! Every single one of you! We appreciate everything you've done for us and we just need to let you know that! Mom just finished all the ,while I was Missing Thankyous...she's hoping? She may be finished sending Thankyou's for The Welcome Home Wishes... she's not sure? MOL .... I'm serious! Unfortunately some of the gifts have expired and she did have them/Members names all written on a list at one time... but now she can't find the lists, so she's trying to make herself believe she's Thanked everyone! MOL she's starting to work on more of The Cat of The week Thankyou's now... but still isn't sure if she's finished with the others? MOL So anyways... if by chance... she happened to leave someone out, Mom tried very hard to Thank everybody and it would make her feel sad to think she left someone out!... I think you may be able to tell by this entry! One more thing... if you have received five thank yous over again for the same thing... this explains why! Mom thinks she's losing it... I think it's too late ...she's already lost it! MOL ... But she means well! Hang in there... in case We did forget you accidentally... she may find that list and you may receive a Thank you a month from now! MOL seriously ... do you think I'm kidding? We Love All of you soooo much ( Mom's tearing up again ) and we are so Grateful to have you as our friends! We truly mean that! :)Thanks again for Everything! Enjoy your day! :)


I am Catster's Cat of The Week! This is HUGE! OMC! :)

September 21st 2010 12:21 am
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I just found out I am Catster's , Cat of The Week! This is HUGE! I can't believe they picked little ole' me! I am so excited! Not sure why they chose this picture however...I must add this was taken my first or second day in my Furever home. I had never been around a Dog and Snow Angel had never been around a Cat! Mom had Faith in us both and it was Love at first sight! ♥ Thankyou so much for picking me , Head Quarter's! I appreciate this BIG Surprise! Thanks to my furiends who have already sent gifts and messages... Mom is STILL trying to catch up thanking friends for their Support, Concern,Prayers/Purrs, POTP, Candles lit for me ,Gifts etc... while I was missing ! She honestly doesn't think that she'll ever catch up! seriously MOL I have to go start Celebrating now... I'll be back! Love ya! :)


Pigeon's Home !!!!!! :)

September 1st 2010 10:12 pm
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Hi Pigeon's Friends! It's true.... We found him! I received a phone call around 7 PM from the Wakefield PAWS organization, just one of the many places I had contacted to report , Pigeon being lost. click here for PAWS People Helping Animals The woman informed me there was a cat that fit Pigeons description found about 10 minutes away from my house. I was ecstatic however, I tried not to get my hopes up until the woman said he was very friendly and Purred Very Loud!!!! I lost it and cried with delight! I immediately phoned the woman who had found Pigeon and drove to her house. Oh.... the relief I felt as I drove ! She told me he had been under her bushes for a couple days, and was unsure if he was a stray or not. When she arrived home today after work and he greeted her again with his friendly nature , she finally realized he must have been lost, she fed him and then phoned Wakefield Paws to report him. When I arrived there he was... walking out from the bushes. Words can't even describe the happiness I felt at that moment! At first he didn't seem to recognize me... I had just assumed it was because he was still in a state of shock? I had to take a real close look, as his condition didn't look even close to what I had imagined it would . He looked healthy and about the same! As I held him and heard his unmistakable Loud Purr, I knew it was him for sure ! He looked real good , except I could tell by his eyes his respiratory illness was back. Hopefully it's not another infection! One of his elbows is all matted and it's hard to distinguish whether it is injured or not? We may make a quick trip to the veterinarian tomorrow if needed. Well friends, it's really true... the overwhelming amount of Prayers/Purrs, POTP and Candles lit from all of you, Pigeons Friends worked ! Not to mention all of your support and love we both received from all of you! I don't know how and where to begin to thank all of you for your kindness! The Catster Community does it again! I'm so happy to be a part of this Group of such compassionate, supportive Animal Lover's! Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart, for every little thing you've done for Pigeon and I! I truly appreciate it! We Love you All! My eyes are tearing up again... but this time from joy! ♥


Sweet Pigeon is still missing

August 31st 2010 8:59 am
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To all Pigeon's Dear friends,
I want to apologize for not responding to anyone sooner as I have been unable to. I have to begin by telling you how very fortunate we are to have friends like you... so kind, caring and supportive! We love and appreciate each and every one of you! I truly mean this from my heart... you've always been there for everyone /kitty in need. Thank you all for your e-mail, Paw Mail, Generous Gifts/ POTP/messages, making/ posting
Beutiful Support pictures on your pages, Diary Entries and Purrs/Prayers, thoughts and love! I will attempt to get to reading all of this today!
It's been four days now since my Pigeon has been missing. I've looked high and low, everywhere, anywhere possible over and over again... I have called Veternarians, shelters, posted picture ads locally and posted ads online. I have gathered every bit of information about missing indoor kitties there is out there and have been using all the suggestions! My porch doors are open enough for Pigeon to get in. Last night I set up a "Have a Heart" trap near the door he got out of! I call out his name still, every time I pass the window and sit early in the morning and at dusk praying for him to come home. A neighbor was 98% sure it was Pigeon she spotted next to her cat in her backyard, Sunday. She phoned me and he was gone. She informed me this kitty looked weak, thin and his eyes bulged, which pigeon eyes do when he is experiencing upper respiratory infection. I worry about the strange noises I heard 20ish minutes after he had escaped (hard to describe... almost like cat Struggling).
Pigeon is Very Special to so many who know him and this is why we all love him so much! If you had the pleasure to meet him... he would plop down right in front of you, roll on his back, and share his love with you! He is not your "typical" Cat, he craves affection, follows me all day long everywhere, sleeps by my side and Purrs loudly with Love.
He is a survivor of deplorable living conditions in the past and has suffered with health issues ever since . I phoned his original Foster mom and she like myself are very concerned because he is defenseless out there, not just because of being an indoor kitty but because of his health and being unable to cry/meow, run for less than a minute. She was so Kind as to offer to come from miles away and help me search for him and set a H.a. H.trap! Today is the first day of our Heat Wave... 90's and Humid and this weekend we will be experiencing stong storm effects from the hurricane. My heart goes out to Sweet Pigeon in these conditions!
My heart is broken, I've been unable to eat or sleep until now. I love him so and I need him back! Please friends, continue to keep Pigeon in your thoughts and Pray/Purr hard for Pigeon to be strong, for him not to be suffering , to be safe , and to come back to all of us! Thank you all again so Very much for your continued concern and support! We both Love ya! ♥


Please Pray/Purr for Pigeon to be safe and come home! ♥

August 27th 2010 11:41 pm
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Pigeon must have snuck out Thursday night 8/26/10 as I was going up the door with my dog, Snow Angel for a walk and hasn't been seen since! He has respiratory issues, cannot run for more than a few seconds and cannot Meow. It's cold out tonight and I'm worried sick! I have looked everywhere over and over again in my neighborhood, through the woods, under porches, sheds! I haven't been able to sleep... I keep calling to him! I'm heartbroken and I can't write anymore right now! Thank you all for your prayers, concern and support. Please Pray/Purr for my Sweet, Pigeon to be safe and come home! ♥


Please pray for Pigeon to be safe and come home! ♥

August 27th 2010 11:41 pm
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Pigeon must have snuck out Thursday night 8/26/10 as I was going up the door with my dog, Snow Angel Angel for a walk and hasn't been seen since! He has respiratory issues, cannot run for more than a few seconds and cannot Meow. It's cold out tonight and I'm worried sick! I have looked everywhere over and over again in my neighborhood, through the woods, under porches, sheds! I haven't been able to sleep... I keep calling to him! I'm heartbroken and I can't write anymore right now! Thank you all for your prayers, concern and support. Please Pray/Purr for my Sweet, Pigeon to be safe and come home! ♥


Announcing The Grand Opening of My New Group , Kewlest- Catster Kitties! Please come visit or join!

July 28th 2010 11:21 pm
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Hi friends! Yes you heard right... I have just started a New Kewl Group called, Kewlest Catster Kitties! I'm just so excited I had to share this Great News with all of you! I am sorry I've been so busy and have not been replying back to Paw Mails , Group Messages etc... lately! I've been busy helping out getting our Group up and running! Things will be back to normal soon and you'll be hearing from me ! We have a Great, Fun and Friendly Group of Administrators and some Pretty Kewl Members already! Please try to stop by to visit or even join us! We would love to have you! Please , just bear with us while we get our Birthday, Games, Membership card threads etc... going, O.K.? Here is the link
click hereto join or just visit Kewlest Catster Kitties
I'll will be waiting for you! Enjoy your Day! Love ya! :)


Thanks for Tagging me Jez! I'm finally getting to it! MOL- "Getting to Know You Better! Tag "

July 23rd 2010 4:39 pm
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I’ve been tagged my Sweet friend, Jezebel to play a game of get to know you better! Thanks again Jez!

1. What time do you go to bed?
No particular time....I sleep on and off all day and night!

2. What is your favorite gift you have received and why?
The Gift of Love, when I was Rescued and Surrendered, Adopted by my Foster Mom and then my by Furever, Mom! I had been rescued in the beginning and surrenderd from a Horrible Hoarding situation and Lucky to be Alive and then Rescued by a Nice Foster Mom ...however she Fostered many Kitties besides myself , including some of my siblings. I was Adopted out and sent back , supposedly because I Purred Too Loud and this woman , who lived in a Condo complex, neighbor was complaining of the noise! MOL Not sure if I can believe this though? I am a sick Kitty and this is probably the real reason. I had to go back to my Nice Foster Mom again and although she loved and took good care of me , I had been there for at least 6 months and it just wasn't a Furever Home like I have now!

3. Whats your favorite way to wake up and whats the first thing you do?
Well if I'm not sleeping myself in bed with Mom, I'll just wait patiently for Mom to wake up ( which seems like furever! MOL seriously! )Once in a great while , after staring and waiting for her eyes to open , I may give her a very light tap on the face...I really hate to disturb her, though! That's my Favorite way to wake up...with my Mom.

4.What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name?
Pigeon , definately suits me , have you watched /heard my Purring video?! My original name was Pigeon after I was rescued and surrendered and then I was Danny and my Mom decided to use my original name of Pigeon ,for obvious reasons! Mom had thought of naming me Boogers , but felt like that would be making fun of me and my defect , the cleft soft palet. She had also, considered Shadow , because I'm a bluish grey color, and follow my Mom Everywhere, all the time , unless I'm sleeping...seriously!

5. What was the last thing you ate that you really shouldnt of .
Icecream , just a few licks though....Cookies and Cream! Yummy!

6.What are you afraid of?
Loud noise and sudden movements! I'm also very suspicious of many things , if you know what I mean?!

7.Do you have brothers and sisters?
I had 99 in my Hoarding Home ( not sure about my real siblings?) and at least 15 in my first Foster Home and now it's just me and Sweet, Snow Angel , the Dog!

8.What is your motto in life?
"Don't buy ... Adopt!"

9. Would you like to be famous? Why or why not?
I am, for my Loud original Purr, aren't I? MOL

10. What cartoon or comic book character best describes you?
Is there a " Not Your Typical Cat" character? If not ...I think I'd be "Super Sweetie"!

11. What super-power would you most like t o have, and why?
I'd be able to help/heal/feed /Love all the abused, sick, Special needs, Feral, and Homeless Kitties in the World!

Why? Just because!♥

12. If you could play sports, what you you play and why?
It would have to be Soccer... as I can pass a ball back and forth with Mom, only when I feel like it, though!

I'm off to Tag some Friends! Bye now! Love ya! Happy Summer! :)

*Attention all Untagged Kitties! If you haven't been Tagged yet and would like to be ...consider yourself Tagged, by me! Just copy and paste this entry above and add your own answers . * Don't forget to erase my answers first!


Concatulations and Best Wishes to Diamond Lil and Max on- their Wedding! ♥

July 18th 2010 11:21 pm
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I attended Max and Diamond Lil's Wedding this afternoon and I took my Dog Sis. ,Snow Angel with me as a Guest! I was a Groomsman and I accompanied the Beautiful, Callie Rose. Oh what a Beautiful Ceremony! The Wedding was just Purrfect!... the Mansion, the Food and Drink , the music, ice sculptures etc... and of course the Guests! Everyone looked so nice....especially the Bride!.... She looked HOT! It was our first Dogster Wedding we attended and we truly enjoyed it!( that's right... the Newly Weds are Dogs! Seriously! ) The reception was still going on when we left! Thanks to,Miss Sable- Kitty^PAWS^ and of course the Happy Couple for inviting us to their Special Occasion ! Thanks for my Wedding Party Gift, the Pawsome watch and the pictures of myself...not sure who the photographers were? They did a Great job , though! Concats. again , Diamond Lil and Max and Best wishes for a Lifetime full of Love and Happiness! ♥ P.S. Enjoy your Honeymoon and can't wait to see the pictures! :)
Click here to View pics. and read all about Lil and Max's Whole Wedding


If you haven't heard from me lately ....... we're - attempting to take a mini Summer Vacation away from Catster!

July 5th 2010 11:28 am
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Mom and I are trying hard to take a mini Summer Vacation away from Catster! It's not easy staying from Catster and our Dear Friends, that we care about so much! We will be checking in from time to time, however if by chance we missed your Special Occasion or if someone is ill ( we sure hope not! ) or we do not reply back to your message right away.... we truly apologize! We will be back in action again after our mini Vacation! We love you all, we will be thinking of you and will miss you while we're gone! We hope you and your families stay Happy and Healthy and have a Great Summer! Love ya, Pigeon :)

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