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Kitcat's Chronicle

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I learned yet another new trick ...

April 8th 2012 12:47 pm
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A few days ago, I surprised Mom. She was half awake and going to the fridge for something to eat. Next thing she knew, I was hanging on the door and scrambled up to the top of it. I call it "Fridge Surfing". She was moving the door back and forth and I kept my balance. Cool trick eh?

New Trick - Fridge Door Surfing


Guess What?

March 28th 2012 12:13 pm
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I like being brushed after all!
The trick is, Mom has to use Lobo's rake. She has tried to brush me using cat brushes. Forget that. Yesterday, she used Lobo's rake on me and I LOVED IT!!!!


Got to Practise my Growl!

March 5th 2012 10:13 am
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We had a repairman come to the house today. Oh my. Squirrel and I were not impressed. He was there to fix our satellite dish so Mom can watch her TV without the signal dropping out. Well, right away I was growling even before he rang the doorbell. When he came in, he smelled like cigarette smoke which triggered Mom's asthma and made me not like him even more. And, he used my bathroom! Only me and Mom are allowed in there. Well Squirrel can go in there too if she wants. The man went in there and it now smells like cigarette smoke. Ew. He wasn't here long but I growled the whole time. Even as he drove away I watched him from our picture window and growled. Squirrel & I are just starting to settle down now. Mom told us to get used to it as we will have a natural gas man coming here on March 20th.


I am a little angel!

February 8th 2012 12:21 pm
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I know Mom is stressing and having trouble getting some rest - because of Lobo and her busy work schedule.
Twice last night, I changed my routine and I came over to her and placed myself so my cute little face was right beside her ear, and purred her to sleep.
Everyone should have a cute little kitty like me!


Mom Called me a Brat!

January 29th 2012 9:26 am
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I just got this great idea and thought I would try it out. I started climbing all over Mom's clothes. The ones hanging in her closet. I made holes in some and pulled down many other. I made a pretty big mess and lots of noise. And, oh yeah, did I mention that this was at 1:30 am? So Mom got up and tried to find me. I was hiding inside one of her shirts which was still hanging on a hanger. But, just when I thought I was safe, the shirt slipped off the hanger and my hiding place was revealed. Mom picked up most of the clothes and hangers and then picked me up and brought me back to bed. She said I was a little brat.


Our New Video!

January 25th 2012 8:09 pm
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This is a video showing how we had fun over the holidays without getting anything new:
Box and Bags


Strange ... but I'll take it!

January 19th 2012 11:00 am
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I was diary pick two days ago, and I am again today! Yet I did write anything new since the first one. Oh well, thank you everyone for the concats and messages and presents.
One thing that just happened is Squirrel fell off the cat tree. She was on the very top level and fell. She didn't get a chance to land on all four feet before she fell on our cardboard box. Looked like her torso hit that and then she fell the rest of the way to the floor, and landed on her side. Mom was mortified. But Squirrel was okay. Mom picked her up and checked her over and she was just fine. Mom thought about taking our cat tree down, but we said "NO"! Squirrel will just have to be more careful.


Not True!

January 16th 2012 7:57 am
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The rumours that Squirrel is spreading about me being a dirty piggy are not true. The only thing I won't do, that most cats do, is clean my bum. Like who would want to do that? So, once in a while, Mom catches me and pulls off the crusties for me. I have fur of a different texture than Squirrel's. But it is clean! My fur would make me better suited for cold weather that hers. I keep my paws especially clean by carefully licking between my toes and scraping my claws clean with my teeth.
I'll tell you one thing about Squirrel. One her leash walks, she rolls in the dirt, eats dry grass, then comes in the house and pukes.


Cheez Whiz Incident

January 15th 2012 9:31 pm
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I just woke up from a nap. Squirrel was chowing down on some Fancy Feast and Mom was eating crackers and Cheez Whiz and watching TV. I showed up and she thought I would like to have some Cheez Whiz. Like I said, I just woke up and didn't know she had the cheese on the table and I just wanted to say hello and get petted. Mom, put a big gob of Cheez Whiz on her finger, and put out her hand without even looking! She was watching hockey. She thought I was going to lick her finger and I thought she was going to pet me, so I reared up to meet her hand. I ended up getting a bunch of Cheez Whiz smeared onto the fur of my chest! Just under my chin where I can't reach! I was not impressed and Mom busted out laughing and couldn't stop. She went for paper towels to try and help me get it off but I kept turning away because I was insulted. She got some of it off and I used yoga poses and my paws to get the rest of it off. She is still laughing. She said we had to get it off or Lobo would try and eat me!
Otherwise, we had a very fun day playing lots and lots. I forgave her because right now I am helping her type this by sitting on the printer.


Fur Flyin'

January 10th 2012 11:50 am
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Lobo has been shedding like crazy. Big chunks of fur everywhere. But, he is pretty well done. The best guess is a false shedding due to our unusually warm winter. Or, it could be a health thing. We aren't sure, but he is looking pretty good now. Anyhow, Mom was surprised to see new tufts of fur on the floor. She looked closer and realized it was mine!!! Squirrel took a round out of me. Mom checked to see that we both still had our eyes (she always worries about that) and noticed ruffled fur on my back. I have very thick fur so Mom relaxed when she saw there was no blood. This was a result of catnip. We still love each other but we had a bit of a scrap today. I guess Squirrel won. She is meaner. Now we are both busy grooming and putting our fur back in place.

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