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Kitcat's Chronicle

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We are sad ...

August 22nd 2012 11:02 am
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Auntie Lilian's visit is over. She is on her way back home to play with her own cats. She was really nice to us and did let us in her room. She petted me and brushed me! And, she took Squirrel for her leash walk. She just gets us. Mom is also sad to have her sister leave. Auntie left while Mom was at work to avoid the inevitable tears.

Auntie Lilian chilling with us cats!


What the ...

August 12th 2012 10:19 am
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We knew something was up when Mom invaded our room and started vacuuming and dusting. Then she pulled down our blankets and mattress, from our loft bed, and set to washing all that up and airing out the mattress. She also stripped the bedding off of our futon and washed that. Then she took a lot of junk and clutter out of our room and stuffed it in hers. Squirrel is more experienced than I am and told me, "Must be company coming!" Turns out auntie Lilian is coming. But, we are not sure on what day. So, Mom said she had to get the work done now because she has to work all week and doesn't have time to do it after today. She also mentioned that she had to wash the bed sheets twice because we "pigged them up" so much! What kind of a thing to say is that? But, now, here comes the bad part. She has locked us out of our room! We are not allowed back in until our company shows up. And then, only if our company allows us in! How unfair is that? It will be almost a week before she gets here. It is our room. Hrumph. Mom said she doesn't have the time to clean up in there twice, so we have to suck it up. She said just two days of us hanging out in there would undo all the work she did. She also pointed out all the great sleeping spots we have in other parts of the house. But still, we LOVE our loft bed!
But, I do remember auntie Lilian and it will be great to see her again!


Hi Friends!

August 2nd 2012 9:21 am
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I just want to thank everyone who has given me one of those cakes. We tried to thank everyone personally, but we just cannot keep track! The cakes don't stay in the same order when we go to my page. So we cannot just go down the line and respond to each one. We would end up missing some and thanking some twice! Anyhow, thank you to all my friends and know that it was appreciated.



July 14th 2012 1:14 pm
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Mom is working late shift. She came home and settled into bed, with me, around 1am. I got the munchies and went for a snack a short while later. Then, just as I settled back into bed, right by Mom's pillow, my tummy went "woops!". And I barfed a little bit, right on the bed next to the pillow. I then quickly jumped down and puked up a couple more piles of barely digested food. I looked back up at Mom, and luckily, she was in a deep sleep and hadn't noticed. Maybe she would blame Squirrel in the morning. I then moved on to sleep in our loft bed as my spot by Mom had puke on it.
When Mom got up, she was quite surprised by the messes. She only noticed the one on the bed about an hour after the ones on the floor. Up until then, my plan was working. She thought Squirrel did it. But, when she saw the one by her pillow, she knew it was me. Busted!



June 24th 2012 7:45 pm
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Like usual, I was being my cute little self and being nice to Lobo. I was rubbing up against him and rolling around at his feet. Well, the big klutz wasn't paying attention to me. He was watching Mom who was throwing popcorn for him as a treat. Well, all of a sudden, I meowed. Not loud, or distressed or anything. Just a meow saying, "Hey!" They both ignored me. I meowed again, about the same volume. Lobo ignored me but Mom looked over and saw that he was stepping on my tail!!! I was laying on my back and being all cute and his big fat front paw was on the last inch of my tail! I meowed again, a bit louder this time. Like, "HEY! Get off my tail!" Mom finally got up to help, but I by then pulled my tail out by myself since Lobo wasn't taking the hint. I came back right away to cuddle with Lobo some more while Mom explained to me that he is now quite deaf and for sure did not hear me meowing or he would have gotten off my tail. She said I should have tapped his leg with my paw and he would have stepped off right away.


A long, but good story ...

June 16th 2012 7:38 pm
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I wanted Mom to put this story in my diary. It is really her story but I think most kitties will find it interesting if you know what I mean:

I was working on putting up a tarp over top of where I want to park my motorcycle. This is under my deck. My deck is high up off the ground. Under this deck is the dog run which has a chicken wire top to it because we used to let our cats go out there to get some air. My ex husband had bunched up one of those giant plastic tarps that is used to cover and protect loads of lumber during transport and storage. This one was ancient and just rotting away up there. So, I chose that moment to remove it and throw it out. It was disgusting. Full of rotting old leaves and other debris that had fallen through the gaps between the deck boards. And it was above my head and kept catching on wire making it a dirty and difficult job. There is about 2 feet between the top of the dog run and the bottom of the deck. This mess was jammed in there. I finally got it down and realized I would have to pack it tighter if I wanted to fit it into the garbage can. I started opening it up but there wasn't enough room in that area under the deck. I started to drag it to the carport when I saw I clump of something fall out of it. It looked like a nest, made out of fur. Some critter had made a little nest in there out of my dog's fur. Probably long gone, I was sure.
Once in the carport I tried to stretch it out to make it easier to fold up tighter - when I heard it… A little squeak. Then I knew the nest had been occupied. Was I dealing with little birds? Mice? I had my answer when I carefully lifted a part of the tarp and saw a baby mouse trying to run away from me. Crap! I heard more squeaking and found 3 more cuddled together inside the dirty plastic. All of them were calling out to each other and their mother. I did a thorough search and found no mother and no more babies. Now what? I went in the house and got my "Have-A-Hart" trap. Just so I had a place to put them while I thought about the situation. As I picked each one up by the tail and put them in there, it was obvious that even baby mice had unique characteristics. One fought like crazy! One was complacent. Etc. I put their nest in there with them to hopefully calm them. They squeaked for quite a while before falling silent. I peaked in and they were all cuddled together beside the nest.
So I hurriedly folded up that gross plastic tarp and shoved it in the garbage can. Then I picked up my tools from the interrupted job. The new sheet of plastic, that I had hoped to tack up on the wood frame I was building, was just sitting there in a heap waiting to be installed. When I went to stretch it out to roll it up, I jumped back in surprise. Inside it, was a very frightened Momma mouse and two more babies!!! They must have fallen there from when I dragged the old tarp past the new one. Well I was glad to find the mother, but now what? Lobo was only two feet away. Had he seen them, he would have gobbled them up. I was wondering how in the world I would catch the mother. So far, she had stayed put with her babies. On a hunch, I went and got the "Have-A-Hart" trap and brought it near her. She tried to run away but was hesitant to leave her two babies behind and may have heard or smelled the other four that were in it. I put the entrance to the trap near her. She started to run from it when, like magic, she turned right around went directly into the trap with her two babies right behind her. I could not believe it. What a relief to all of us! The mouse family was back together again after what must have been a very stressful half hour.
I then quickly set up a new home for them in a cardboard box. Ironically, a kitty litter box. I stuffed some dryer lint in there and some bird seed. I took this out to my far back yard, transferred the family into there, along with their nest made out of Lobo's fur, taped the top of the box shut (there were holes it the box for carrying it, so the Mom can get out when she wants) and left it there just as it got dark.
I don't know if they will survive this ordeal, but I think they have a chance. Had I not found the mother, there would have been no chance.
I tried to video some of this but had only one hand to work with, so the video sucks. My priority was to give this family a chance since I was the unwitting home wrecker. I didn't want to scare them further with more human interference than was necessary.

The mouse family settled into their new home.

So that is the story. I was hanging around our back door while she was doing all of this and I sure sniffed her from head to toe when she finally came inside to stay. I could smell the mice on her and wanted to play with them! Heh, heh.


Rude Awakening

May 20th 2012 3:00 pm
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Okay, first some background information.
See Squirrel's diary for the "wasp" incident. Since then, there was another where I showed Mom where the wasp was and she dealt with it. Mom is very afraid of wasps.

Well, last night, I joined Mom in bed around 3am. I got on top of her and settled down. She was sleeping soundly and didn't even notice my arrival.
Meanwhile, she had a dream. It was very detailed and felt totally real to her. She dreamed that she was in bed, like she was, got thirsty, reached for her water glass on the night stand, drank some water, felt something come into her mouth, and spit it back into the water glass. In the dim light, she saw it was a WASP!!!! She saw every stripe on it's body. She saw it trying to sting something with its curled up ass end. She looked for something to cover the glass with before it could fly off, but all she could find was too small and didn't cover the entire top and it started to get away. At that point, Mom kind of woke up from her nightmare and jumped pretty well out of bed! I went flying off of her and rolled onto the floor. (This time I landed on my feet.) When she realized that she had been dreaming, she apologized to me. Too late, I went to spend the rest of the night elsewhere. Mom should have known it was a dream as she no longer keeps a glass of water by her bed. We either drink from it, dip our paws in it, or spill it. She has a water bottle, with a lid, by her bed.
I have forgiven her as I am sitting next to her right now and purring.


I Hate When Mom Writes in My Diary ...

May 18th 2012 10:35 am
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But here she goes again ...

Kitcat likes to crawl into pant legs and sleeves. My jean jacket was on top of a pile of junk. She crawled into the sleeve and then the whole pile fell over. She was trapped in the sleeve, so, obviously couldn't land on her feet. So BOOM she landed like a sack of door knobs. She seems to be okay, but what a goof. Now both cats are investigating the wreckage. I sure love those girls.

Now me ... I am fine! I planned the whole thing.


I turned 3 today!!!

April 21st 2012 9:57 am
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Thank you to all my friends for the messages and gifts on my birthday.
I spent the whole morning watching birds and playing with the laser pointer. Finally, Squirrel woke up and is playing with me too. Mom hung up an old bed sheet out on the clothes line then brought it in the house and hung in on our cat tree. It smells real nice and we have been playing with that. It is kind of like a tent where we can do sneak attacks on whoever is walking by.
I got so carried away playing this morning, that I pulled out some cables from behind our entertainment unit. Mom has yet to fix that. I'm sure she will before her NHL hockey team plays tomorrow.
Mom says that for my birthday, she will make a new video of me. She hasn't started it yet but it should be ready in the next few weeks.
I was having so much fun that I missed my morning nap. I guess I will go for it now.



April 12th 2012 7:42 am
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Squirrel & I had a little scrap yesterday. It was our normal play fighting until Squirrel got one of her razor sharp, super curved claws hooked right into the skin of my right front leg. Mom was sitting right there and even heard it!!! Then we tried to split up but she was hooked real good into me. I pulled one way, she went the other and was actually dragging me with her by that claw in my leg. I screamed and she stopped. Mom was hopping Squirrel would get her claw out of me on her own, but nope. Mom came over and we both stayed still, but when Mom tried to pull Squirrel's claw out of me, I cried, Squirrel hissed and tried to run away. Mom said it almost felt like her claw was even stuck into the bone of my leg!!! Mom tried again, same thing, me crying and Squirrel hissing and both of us trying to go in opposite directions. Mom was afraid to get bit and scratched by both of us, but she went in once more and had to be a bit rough about it to get that claw out of me. She held my leg in one hand, grabbed and pinched Squirrel toe, pulled us together like that, and then pulled up real hard on Squirrel's toe and we were separated. We relaxed immediately and Mom was able to pet us both. We even kept playing, but not as roughly. There was no blood but that makes us worry about infection. She couldn't even find the mark in my thick fur. Mom said she could feel her heart thumping in her chest for quite a while after that.
Later, Mom trimmed a few of Squirrel's deadly claws.

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