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New Washing Machine

August 7th 2013 2:58 pm
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I wasn't scared. I was pretending so that I would end up on Youtube again.

Kitcat Afraid of New Washer

From Mom ...
Kitcat was frightened from the moment the delivery men pulled into the driveway. Squirrel was the brave one who went into the basement to rescue all the toy mice that were freed from under the old washing machine. She was also the first to check out the machine in action. She was slightly spooked at first, but quickly dismissed it's potential at being a threat to her.


It only gets better ...

August 1st 2013 10:48 am
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First uncle Martin and auntie Kathy came for a visit. Then they fixed our cat run which collapsed last winter and mom was too ill to repair it herself. Then I was diary pick. Last, but not least, my friends sent me presents and nice messages.
Thank you everyone.


Hi Everyone

July 25th 2013 12:15 pm
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Long time no hear from us.
Still not getting our mail, then, Mom got sick.
Us kitties are doing well except Mom is starving me ...

Me Being Mistreated

Right now, the AC repairman is here. I growled at him and now I am watching him very carefully from a hiding spot.
Squirrel is sleeping.
Lobo just made friends with the mailman.


Thanks everyone ....

May 13th 2013 7:39 pm
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For all the lovely gifts. We didn't know about them since our mail is still not working.
The gift mail worked for our dogs. Why doesn't it work for us kitties?


We missed my Birthday!

April 27th 2013 10:53 am
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Still not getting our mail.
But, I get treated like every day is my birthday.
Please forgive us if we do not respond as we don't get our mail!
But this is the best present for us. Uncle never met us in person. But he is the kindest and gentlest person in the world. And super shy. Mom knew he played the guitar really well but never knew he could sing. She got home from work last night and found this video of him ...
Uncle Singing



April 3rd 2013 10:18 am
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Our Catster email has not been working for a long time.
We have been patient.
We have emailed HQ.
We missed major milestones, gifts, etc.
We are done.
Too tired to fight anymore.


We Got Another New Toy Yesterday

February 8th 2013 12:49 pm
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We got a little catnip sheep. It was on sale. I really like it.
Me and My Little Sheep


My Auntie Drew This!

January 31st 2013 4:43 pm
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My Auntie Lilian
Thought I was cute enough to draw this picture of me ....

Drawing Of Kitcat in a Bag


I am so sad!

January 25th 2013 10:51 am
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Not getting our mail.
I hope we don't have to go through months of this again.
Come on Catsters! What is going on? We emailed you twice and got no reply.
This might be the end of us being involved with what was once such a wonderful place to be. We are just too weary to figure out what is wrong and try and resolve it yet again.


Mom is Feeling Better ... Thanks to Me!

January 17th 2013 4:10 pm
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Mom is starting to feel better. Instead of a coffee table, our table became a sick table. All that stuff has been on there for almost a week now. She needed it close by as she didn't have the energy to keep getting up to get her medicine. She barely had the energy to run to the bathroom a million times.
Anyhow, now that she is feeling quite a bit better, she thought she would take a picture of me and all the stuff that I used to help her get better:

Nurse Kitcat & Her Supplies

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