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Kitcat's Chronicle

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I was Walking on Snow!

January 19th 2011 3:34 pm
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We have not been out in our outdoor cat run in a long while. During that time, it snowed, melted, froze, snowed, rained, froze, etc. It was quite cold today but Mom let Squirrel and I go out and check out our cat run for the first time this year. Squirrel stayed out for ten seconds. I was out for a minute! I was very surprised to see that I could walk ON the snow and not sink in! There was an icy, frozen layer on top of the deep snow. It was fun! But real cold on the toes, so I went back in the house pretty quick. Mom laughed at our fluffed up fur.


Be Careful What You Wish For ...

January 16th 2011 8:45 pm
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I've been living here with Mom and Squirrel for a year and a half now. We take turns on her lap. Mom thought it would be nice if we would both come on her lap at the same time. Yesterday, we did just that. Just for a short while before Squirrel got miffed by my presence and torqued out on Mom's lap. Today, just now, I joined Squirrel on Mom's lap while she was watching a movie. We were there together for over an hour! Mom eventually got a cramp in her leg and had to evict us. But she is wondering why it took a year and a half for this to happen! And she is now wondering if it is such a good idea to have over 20 pounds of cat and claws on her lap. But, we did keep her very warm.
Lap Cat


We had a Christmas after all!

January 8th 2011 2:46 pm
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A Ukrainian one. Mom brought home three furry mice for us! We are having fun playing with them. Mom hid one of them in a cupboard. I saw which cupboard and I won't forget that it is there. It is a little white mouse. The other two, the ones we are playing with, are gray. The one I bring to bed with us has no more eyes or ears and is kind of flattened out thanks to Mom stepping on it.
I'm very glad that Mom finally found a store that sold our favorite mice.


Post Christmas Blues

December 31st 2010 7:41 am
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As we prepare to start a new year, the weather is terrible. It is -20 with the wind! (-5 F). But to make matters worse, all the beautiful snow we had has mostly melted. So all that is left is patches of ice and frozen muddy ruts. Mom and Lobo aren't too happy about that. But us kitties are warm and comfortable in the house.
Where are our birdies? We have only had a few chickadees show up ever since Mom made our new bird feeder videos. Maybe they saw themselves on Youtube and got camera shy.
We got nothing for Christmas so we complained to Mom. She took one of her old sweat socks, put some catnip in it and said there you go. We were a bit miffed and left it where it landed. Later in the day, I got hold of it and found out it was a really fun toy. Once I had enough kitty spit on it to wet the sock through to the catnip, it was pawesome!!! But, it was about then that Squirrel snuck up on me and took it away from me. She can be a bully at times. We played with it back and forth for over an hour. I guess it was a pretty good Christmas idea. Mom promises to buy us some new fur mice soon.
Happy New Year to all of my friends.


Merry Christmas!

December 25th 2010 3:37 pm
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How can that be? We got no presents and the batteries on our laser pointer just died!!!
Mom told me to chill because she was going to take out my bungie birdie! She did and I had a blast. And now, Mom said, she will take out our fishing rod and play with us. That is always the best anyway ... Mom making toys move around for us.
I heard about the troubles my cousin kitties are having. I don't quite understand that stuff as I haven't known anyone purrsonally that went to the bridge or was even very sick. Squirrel was trying to explain that stuff to me but it just went over my head. Mom said that is fine. I don't need to know about those things right at this moment.
I hope everyone is having a very nice and happy holiday. We are having a really nice one with Mom & Lobo.
Oh, and I made Mom smile in the middle of the night. I carried a very heavy toy into bed with us. Mom could not believe I had managed to jump into bed with it. It is a really heavy plastic toy ball with what looks like a ferret tail hanging out of it. It took her a while to believe that I had done it, then she petted me and said I was a good kitty.
Between Squirrel & I, Mom hardly got any sleep last night.
Love and purrs,


SQUIRREL! Don't you dare!

November 21st 2010 4:20 pm
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Squirrel has gotten an incriminating photo of me and is threatening to post it. She got the idea from Roger Bleu ratting out Humphrey in Roger's award winning diary.
But I say, "Hey, go for it! Any publicity is good publicity!"


My Latest Trick - Log Rolling

November 20th 2010 7:42 am
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Have you ever seen the log rolling competitions? The one the lumberjacks do wearing spiked boots? Well, I'm doing that on Mom. I get up onto her shoulder while she is trying to sleep. She sleeps on her side. Then I just wait until she gets uncomfortable and has to roll over to her other side. So, I use my spiked toes to stay on top of her as she rolls over! If I manage that, I win! I'm pretty good at it unless I have fallen asleep myself. Then I sometimes fall off.


I Am Important

October 13th 2010 6:58 pm
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Mom is feeling down and I just showed up beside her and am purring away. She reached over to pet me and I purred even louder! She said that I am good medicine. She thought this should go in my diary to show how important I am.


I was diary pick!

September 17th 2010 7:08 am
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I got a lot of concats over it including this note:


Thank you to Buddie and family and everyone that liked my diary entry.

My latest trick was knocking over a stack of recycling in the middle of the night. Mom wasn't sleeping very well anyway due to having a cold but still wasn't too happy when she heard crash, bang, smash! at 3am. When she hears something like that she has to get up and see what we have done and if we are okay. Squirrel showed Mom what had fallen over with my help. Then she used treats to lure me out of hiding. I had a fluffy tail from fright. We were all unharmed. Well, Mom's sleep was harmed. As Mom types this up for me she has decided to stay home sick today. From the noises she is making with her coughing and blowing her nose we think she should stay home. Good thing we can't catch her disease as it looks very uncomfortable. I think a good dose of kitty comfort is what she needs. Squirrel and I will be super cute and nice to her today after she cleans out our litter box and opens us up another can of Fancy Feast.


My Best Trick Ever!

September 15th 2010 5:15 pm
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Mom's sister visited us for almost a week. We all like her and have fun. But, one thing, is all of a sudden the bathroom door gets closed and I don't get any bathroom time. I guess Mom and her sister don't want the other to see their naked bums. Anyhow, Mom caught a bad cold and went into the bathroom for a long, hot soak. She had her next set of clothes on the floor by the door. While she was soaking, I was on the outside and peaked under the door and saw her clothes all neatly piled up. While she was soaking with a wash cloth over her eyes and the bathroom fan running to mask any sounds I made I proceeded to snag each item of clothing she had and pull them under the door. Even her really thick sweat pants! So, when she was done her bath she had no fresh clothes to put on! Her sister was busy doing something else so didn't see Mom having to streak to get at her clothes. I thought it was a very good trick.

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