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Kitcat's Chronicle

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My First Day

July 19th 2009 5:36 pm
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Well, yesterday was a big day for me. I was scooped up and taken to a different home. I was put in a room with my food, water, litter, bed, scratching post and some toys. This lady would come in every few hours and play with me. I saw a big doggy and hissed at him. I heard another kitty meow but didn't see her. I knocked lots of stuff over in the room and I fell in the bathtub when the lady was taking a bath. I was all alone at night but the lady came in twice. One time she found me up on top of the medicine cabinet and half inside the lighting fixture.



July 19th 2009 5:41 pm
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I got to check out part of the rest of the house while the other cat was outside in the cat run. Boy did I have fun!
I got to do it again later when the other cat was having a nap. This time I played until I got tired enough to sleep on the lady's lap. She trimmed my claws while I was in a deep sleep. It was the first time that she saw me calm and not running and jumping like a crazy cat.
Now I am back in the room. The lady wants the other cat to feel free to come out and she is letting the dog in the house.


Okay Now, I Have Seen the Dog...

July 21st 2009 11:56 am
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I have seen the big giant dog a few times now! Despite being terrified of him, I have bluffed my way into scaring him. Well, sort of. I puff up real big, growl, hiss, spit, and even charge at him!!! So far it is working.
Saw Squirrel the cat a few times. She hisses and growls and spits at me. I leave her alone. I have found the house is pretty cool. I have not snooped in the basement yet as I like to stay close to the lady. I was on her shoulder when big dog came in and when Squirrel was near. I think I can start calling the lady Mom. Mom said it was neat to see me playing with some of the toys that Lucky and Squirrel turned their noses up at.


Mom had to go to work today.

July 22nd 2009 10:54 pm
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I was loose in the house most of the day. Squirrel and I almost, kind of, sort of played together. Mom left me loose with Squirrel while she was working. She closed the door to the spare room because she was afraid I would try and follow Squirrel up to the loft bed and fall. It is really high up.
Oh, and I fell in the toilet this morning. But I was so quick I only got one paw wet...
Oh, and we all had an afternoon nap. Each in our own room. Lobo in the kitchen, Mom in her bed, Squirrel in her loft bed and me on the livingroom chair.


I am a popular girl!

July 26th 2009 1:23 pm
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Four humans came to see me this weekend.
I was a good girl in that I allowed them all to pick me up and showed them how I play. I am not afraid of anything or anyone.


I'm on a Time Out Again!

July 28th 2009 11:25 am
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I chased the big cat today and made her squeal!!!
Then, I tried to charge out a door and got squirted with water! What is that all about?
I played and played and climbed stuff. I walked right up to the dog, stared him down and said to him "What are you going to do about that?" Later, I wrecked a toy. And it isn't even noon yet! I am on a time out so Mom can do her work on the computer and Squirrel can rest in peace.


Mom says I really scared her ....

July 29th 2009 6:11 pm
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She came home from work last night and I somehow climbed up onto the highest piece of furniture in the whole house! Even Lucky never got up there. So, Mom tried to help me down but couldn't reach me! That is how high it was. So, she went to get a step stool. Before she could get back to me, she saw (to her horror) me jump down. 7 feet onto hard floor. She was shocked and very upset. I just ran away like nothing had happened. She came and got me and checked me all over and told me how much I had scared her. She says she is happy that there is nothing any higher in the house than that. No need to worry about the loft bed anymore unless I land on something sharp or a hard edge.
She is slowly starting to learn that I am truly a wild and crazy girl!!!
I chased the big cat again today.
Then, later, big cat gave me 5 sharp taps on the forehead. And then, she did it again!!! Mom laughed because I didn't move. I just closed my eyes and let her do that! Squirrel didn't use her claws.
Mom was home most of the day except when she took the dog to the vet. It is all in his diary:
I have a lot of fun with him. I think he likes me.


Bad Rep

August 3rd 2009 12:38 pm
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Okay, I've been here long enough to notice that Mom usually tells bad things about me. Like my smelly gas. My craziness. My being a pest and all. So, I asked her to please tell about some of the good things about me. Here goes:

1.) Kitcat is gorgeous.
2.) Kitcat purrs any time I touch her.
3.) Kitcat is super crazy and active, but not mean.
4.) Squirrel, Lobo and I love watching Kitcat play.
5.) Kitcat seems to like me and follow me around.
6.) I love having her on my lap and stroking her feline fineness.
7.) She trusts me already.
8.) She talks to me.
9.) Kitcat is truly fearless.
10.) Kitcat has been perfect in her litterbox manners.

There you go Kitcat,


Hey, I Can't Help It!

August 15th 2009 1:34 pm
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I guess I have done a few bad things over the last few days. I gave my squeaker mouse a bath in my water bowl. By the time Mom found it, it didn't squeak any more. Mom said something about the electronics and battery being ruined by the soaking. Whatever.
I also, dragged my tunnel over to and soaked it in Lobo's water bowl. That was fun.
Apparently, I was bad all night because I kept jumping all over Mom while she tried to sleep. Too bad for her that she dismantled my time out room. She thought I was ready to no longer have to be locked up in the bathroom. So, she removed my litter box from there and can't lock me up there anymore! At least not for long.
This morning, I spilled Mom's full coffee mug all over the coffee table and onto the "remote controls", whatever that is.
On the bright side, my squeaker mouse started squeaking again!
Mom keep saying, "Lucky for you that you are so cute!" I also scratched her a few times in the last few days. All accidents.
But, I am happy to be a big girl now and not be locked up in the bathroom at night. Mom is slowly moving my litter box down to the basement where Squirrel's is.


Toy Tester

August 21st 2009 7:32 am
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I should be a toy tester. Mom has given me the toys that Lucky and Squirrel played with for years and I have pretty well wrecked them all. The lastest was my squeaky mouse. It was pretty tough though. Last week, I gave it a bath in my water dish. By the time Mom rescued it, it was completely soaked and wouldn't squeak any more. A few days later, it started squeaking again! Then, I pulled the tail off of it. Mom found that before I ate it. Then, yesterday, I was playing with it and I threw it up in the air real high! The mouse went one way and the insides of it went another way! So, we finally got to see what made it squeak! Some plastic covered electronic thing with a battery in it. Mom grabbed that and put it away. Meanwhile I kept playing with the mouse and ripped off an ear. I am also wrecking my tunnel. Mom says she might have to buy me a kevlar toy ... whatever that is.
Lobo is also very rough on his toys and she loves him. So I guess she must still love me.

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