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Panda's babies

August 11th 2011 4:46 pm
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Okay efurbody my furriends has dese cute lil baby kittens an needs a fin' homes fur 'em. Da daddy really wan' alla kittens to be CATSTER kitten, den he can watches 'em grows up.

PLEASE finks 'bout 'doptin dese beautifur lil kittens!

Panda's Babies



August 11th 2011 8:49 am
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I did it! I stayed da nite 'way from home. Is furry skeery, but I DID IT!

Las' nite Jen putted me ina carrier an me, lil Bear an Jen goed to stay at Dixie house. Jen putted da doggies ou'side den opens my carrier. I stayed right ina carrier. I's skeered. Jen talked to me an try give me treats but NOPE, I's not comin out. So, we goed ina bedroom. Jus' me & Jen on a bed (I's still in my carrier wif da lil door open). I stayed right dere in my carrier. Af'er a while Jen pull me out. I looks 'round an hide unner da bed. I stay dere fur long time. Fin'ly Jen get me out from unner da bed an puts me ina baffroom (on'y me). Is ok fur few minutes, but I's lonely. I start yellin "I's lonely. I wan's out!" So, nex' we goes ina 'puter room. I's lookin 'round, hmmm no place to hide, 'cept da carrier an I's tired of dat. I checks it all out-is ok an nuffin bad happen to me. Jen leaved me ina room an goed somewhere fur few minutes. When she come back I's comin out da litter box. Jen say "yay, Ingen used da litter box." Course I uses da litter box-I's not a baby. I knows how to use a litter box, SHEESH. Doesn' takes mush to keeps da peeples happy. Jen open a door an so I goes lookin 'round da house. Da lifin room have a innerestin lil spot to hide where I can sees efurthing. Is unner da TV an Jen could see me too but is good spot.

Oh, an ina lifin room it has a table you can see fru (glass top coffee table). I likes dat. I lays unner it an scooch 'round on my back. Jen gotted my toy an plays on top of da table. I can sees it but can' gets it. Is a new game. Sumtime she put da toy unner da table wif me but I dinnit plays wif it.

Fin'lly Jen & doggies goed to bed. "What I s'posed to do?" I don' has a fav'rite s'eepin spot here. I walked 'round an meowed, LOUD. I jump ona bed an bovvers Jen-she try to calm me but NOPE-don' wanna. I jump down an cries sum more. We did dis all nite. Ina mornin (6 a.m.!), Jen letted doggies ou'side an I sneak ina basement. Isa nice basement-quiet. I looks 'round an checkin it out, den Jen says she still tired. She letted doggies in den goed back to bed. I lets her s'eep dis time. We all gots breakfast an goed ou'side. I's skeered ou'side. Is not my yard. Lotsa doggies 'round here. We goed back ina house. Jen putted me back ina carrier an now we's home 'gain.

It was skeery but I's ok, now. I check out my house-efurthing is da same. I check out my yard-is da same. I's happy, now I's gonna nap.


Is me 'gain

August 10th 2011 12:25 pm
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I know I a'ready writed a di'ry today but I wan'ed to tell you how I's doin since Baby & Mr. Spot goed 'way.

I's doin really good. I's not so timid. Jen sees me lots more an I's demandin. I wan'sa eat, NOW! I wan'sa go ou'side, NOW! Le's play, NOW! I talks alla times-me & Jen has lotsa talks. I don' tries to 'scape no more. I efun try to rub lil Bear, but he moof too mush. B'fore I a'ways stay ina back an lets Baby & Mr. Spot has alla spotlight-now is all on ME!

I does wunner if Baby is ok sumtimes an I miss havin sumcat to play wif.

Oh, now fur sum skeery stuffs. Tonite, me, Jen & lil Bear is going to stay at anuvver house. Jen is dog sittin fur Dixie cuz her daddy is goin 'way but jus' fur one nite. I been to Dixie house b'fore. Dixie is a nice doggy but she is BIG to me. She don' chases me er nuffin. I nefur stayed ofurnite anyplace but my house. I's a lil nerfus but Jen says I gotsa litter box an she brings my foods an she gonna be wif me alla times.

Af'er we comes home--we's goin on vacation too. We's stayin 2 nites 'way frum home. All dis is new. B'fore I a'ways stays home cuz is 3 kitties. Jen don' wan's me get lonely so now I's goin wif her to diff'ren places.

I jus' wan'ed to tells you dat I's doing GOOD.

**NOTE from Jen**

Ingen really has come out from the shadows. She seems to have adapted really well.

I do wonder how Mr. Spot and Baby are adapting but the niece is still not speaking to me. I hope that will change, but for now ....

Part of the reason that I am taking Ingen on different adventures is that we will be moving in October. I lost my full-time job in January. I am broke, bankrupt and my house has been foreclosed. It is time for a new beginning and a new life. We (Ingen, lil Bear and I) will be moving from Michigan to Washington state. This is going to be a big move with lots of changes and I am hoping to prepare her for all of this.

PLEASE no condolences. We are okay--nervous, excited and scared but okay.



August 10th 2011 8:33 am
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You shoulda seed me. I's huntin an I GOTS IT! I GOTSA GRASSHOPPER! I was 'mazin. That grasshopper jus' jump up an flewed 'cross the grass. I sees him an jump right on top a him. He try to 'scape but I says "no way Mr. Grasshopper. Youse mine." I put my paw on him. Then I lif's my paw an he jump 'gain, but I's right dere. I gots him 'gain. We did dis few times an I bited him. BLECH, grasshoppers is yucky but I killed him. I's a might lil hunter. YAY, GO ME!! MOL

Ohh an Jen gotsta watch me fur alla dis. She's 'couragin me an sayin "ya got him?" an I did has him. An one time lil Bear comed ofur to see wha's happenin ana grasshopper jump up an I's swattin af'er it an I hit lil Bear. TOO FUNNY!! Shoulda seed his face-he dinnit knows why I smack him cuz he nefur seed da grasshopper.


Back in Bizness!

August 9th 2011 11:24 am
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Well, it seem like HQ is fixin da fleas an we's back in bizness. I been missin alla my furriends. Seem like it been FUREFUR since I heared stories an seed new pitchers.



Family Tag

July 29th 2011 6:36 am
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I's tagged by Sleeper to tells you 'bout my furmily.

Jen: Jen was feedin a stray kitty furmily dat lived ina nayborhood--a mama an her baby. She comed home from works an putted da foods out fur 'em ona porch. When she turn 'roun she seed sumpin unner a chair. IS ME! She dinnit knowed who/where my mama. She pick me up takes me ina house an calls me jus' a "lil bit".

Igo: Igo was da doggy live here when I comed. He's o'd. I liked to sniffs him but he dinnit likes kitties too mush. He growl at me.

Baby: Baby belong to Jen's niece who live here fur a while. She becomed my 'dopted mom. She efun let me nurse on her efun tho she nefur had kittens. I miss Baby--SIGH.

Mr. Spot: Mr. Spot is David's (he Baby's mama's boyfurriend) family's cat. He bovver me mos' da times. I miss him too--sigh.

Lil Bear: OMC, he comed as a lil pubby. He useta chews on my head but he don' no more. Mos'ly we doesn' bovver wif each ovver too mush.

Well, da's my family. Anyfur wantsta play youse welcome to.


Where Baby? Where Mr. Spot?

July 24th 2011 3:39 pm
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I let Jen write this cuz I doesn' unnerstands.


My niece took Baby & Mr. Spot away while I was gone.

Ingen is so lost. Baby adopted Ingen. We promised never to split them up, but now Baby is gone.

I hope Baby & Mr. Spot are going to be okay. I miss them too.


I gotsa angel

July 22nd 2011 10:11 am
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I GOTSA ANGEL, I GOTSA ANGEL--lalalalalaaaa! I's singin an dancin, cuz I gotsa guardian angel. Angel Alex sayed she be my guardian angel. I's sush a lucky lil Bit.

See she telled us in her di'ry dat she a angel fur Zach & Zoe dog, Diamond Daisy. Well, Diamon' an lil Bear is furriends so den Lil Bear kin'a join ina comments. Den Angel Alex ask if lil Bear wanna kitty angel. I sayed YES, but I dinnit knows is fur lil Bear. I ask Angel Alex if she be MY guardian angel an she sayed YES! I GOTSA ANGEL, I GOTSA ANGEL, lalalalalaaaaa.


Love Bug Tag!

July 20th 2011 8:12 am
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1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?
I's mos'ly a quiet kitty but when I wan's sumpin, I's furry 'sistent an vocal. I can scream really loud when Mr. Spot er lil Bear 'noys me an' ina baff.

2. Litterbox! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover?
I covers so good, you don' efun know I used da litter box. Is PRIVATE!

3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?
LUFF, LUFF, LUFF to go ou'side. I likes wet food times. I likes to play.

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?
I don' likes be bwush. I don' likes BAFF. I don' likes Jen cleanin my "eye boogers".

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?
I's lil nerfus at firs' but den I gets nosey an wantsta see who's here.

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?
I LUFF Baby (my 'dopted mom cat). I could do wifout Mr. Spot & lil Bear.

I not gonna tags anyfur but youse welcome to answer da questions. Is kin'a fun.



July 5th 2011 9:10 pm
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Today I goed fur a ride ina truck. I'S SOOOOOO SKEERED!! Jen putted on my leash, pick me up an put me ina truck. NO, NO, NO Don' wansta go ina truck, I scream. I hided unner a seat. I's so quiet. Jen drived fur a lil while den stop. She look unner a seat an sayed "come on lil bit", but I's not comin out. I don' wansta get my nails cut er see a VET. Jen fin'lly gets me out an I's screamin an clawin, 'gain. Den she put me down. Wait, dis diff'ren. I don' getsta walk ona grass when I's gettin my nails cut. Hmmm.

I head strate fur da neares' bush but Jen don' lets me hide ina bush. She pick me up 'gain opens a gate an puts me down. I's ina back yard but is not MY backyard. Dis stwange. I walks 'round a lil but I's skeered. I goes ofur to da gwass an looks. A doggy start barkin at me but can' get me. I don' knows dis doggy. Jen taked me ofur to da fence an lotsa stuffs gwowin ina fence. Ohhhhh, I feels better, I can hide here. I's lookin an sniffin 'round. Nex' I knows a doggy comin fur me. AHHHHHHHH, oh wait, I knows dis doggy. Is my cuzin Dixie. Dixie come ofur an say "Hi, Ingen" den she go bark at da uvver doggy. I's sniffin & hidin while Jen talk to me. She scritch my head but I don' lets my guard down. I's on high 'lert. Dixie comed back but she don' bovvers me. She wan' Jen to pets her belly.

Jen taked Dixie back ina house an come pick me up. "NO, I DON'T WANNA GO! I's SKEERED!" I scream but I goes ina truck an hide unner a seat, 'gain. Jen drived fur lil while an drag me out frum unner a seat. She hug me real tight an I sees, I'M HOME! I goed right ina door to my house an hided. WHEW, dat was a 'venture.

Is ok, I guess. I dinnit gets hurt, jus' skeered. No nails cut er VET pokes. Wunner why Jen did dat?

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