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Lil Bit

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Shhhhhh, we's hidin!

December 17th 2011 11:50 am
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Hi efurbody,

Me, Jen, Novi & lil Bear is hidin in "our" room cuz the roommate, Lisa, is CLEANIN! Jen say when Lisa cleanin we gotsta "GET OUTTA HER WAY".

I's still as sweet as can be, an gettin sweeter efur day-'at's what Jen say. MOL

I plays & snuggle wif Jen lots now. I luff goin out ona balcony an watchin a birdies ana skwirls. On'y I gets nerfus when I hears car noises & doggy noises. Hmmmm, I dinnit used ta mind 'em 'less they's really LOUD.

Novi is still a pain ina neck ana legs--he a'ways chew on my neck er my legs. I scream at him but he don' stop. I's really glad to have lil Bear 'round. He play an pes'er Novi so I getsa rest frum him. I nefur thinked I be glad to has lil Bear.
It don' happens furry mush but when Novi is quiet I sniffies him an groom him. Whenefur he start groomin me, I knows wha's next--a CHOMP ona neck! Sheesh

Is a beyootifur day here today. Lotsa sunshine an is warm.



December 12th 2011 10:26 am
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Hey efurbody,

OMC, did I has fun today. Jen gots out "da Bird" an we's playin, playin, playin. I LUFF DA BIRD!! Is jus' me & Jen--no brofurs. Jen putted da brofurs ina bedroom. I haved so mush fun.

I doesn' plays so mush when Novi & Bear is 'round. Those boys plays really rough an I's jus' a gentle lil girlie. Novi run ofur me er jump on me to gets da bird an lil Bear growlin. Is skeery fur me. Mos'ly I jus' watches when they's playin.

Af'er I done playin, Jen letted the boys out. Novi not too innerested in playin wif da bird today, so Jen got out the lil red dot. SO FUNNY, watchin Novi & lil Bear chasin it all ofur. Lil Bear runnin ofur Novi an Novi jumpin on lil Bear to gets a dot. Novi not skeered of lil Bear. Those boys a'ways rough housin. Bear chew on Novi & Novi smacky paw Bear-but they's on'y playin.

Me & Jen have "on'y girls" time efurry day. She know is kinda hard fur me havin on'y brofurs. I know Novi not tryin to be mean. He jus' a kitten wif lotsa energies, but is a lil ofurwhelmin fur me. I plays wif him a lil bit but then he gets too crazy, so I leaf an he can plays wif lil Bear. Novi & me snuggles sumtimes too. Mos'ly he like to snuggles wif Jen.

I gonna go now. I's tired frum playin an laffin at my brofurs. Is time fur a nap.


Novi gotsa baff an I dinnit!!

December 9th 2011 11:12 am
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Hi efurone,

Is so funny cuz Novi all wet an tryin to clean hisself dry. I jus' watch him an laff to myself-"better you 'an me."

I seed alla signs. Jen gotsa bucket & a cup an puts it ina baff tub. I seed the kitty shampoo. I knowed what was gonna happen. Me & lil Bear we stayed outta the baffroom cuz we don' wan'sa baff. Novi, he nefur haved a baff an dinnit knows what all that meaned, an I dinnit tells him. He jus' follow Jen like he a'ways do. Watchin what she doin, prolly wunnerin how he can he'p. Nex' thing the door closes an Novi is trap ina baffroom. He dinnit screams like I does when I 's gettin a baff. I guess he gived her a lil trouble. When they comed out the baffroom, Novi wrapped ina towel an Jen was breavin kin'a heavy.

Novi sayed a baff is not so bad. I DON' THINK SO!! Baffs isa worstes' kinda tortures. Novi like a towel ana snugglin af'er a baff. Not me--I's so mad I don' wanna be anywhere near Jen.

Aside from Novi news, I am doin wunnerfur. I's comfrable ina 'pawtment. I likes a roommate. I getsa go out ona balcony wif Jen an watch a birds an skwirls.

Jen an a roommate was sittin ina livin room at a lil table doin sumpin ona 'puter. I waked up frum my nap an wanted some luffins. I walk unner a table 'tween Jen ana roommate an meowed. I talkin 'gain. Jen furgetted how mush I talks wif her til I started talkin 'gain.

Jen fin'ly workin on thankin efurbody fur efurthin' they did fur us when I's missin. I know, she a lil slow but...whatcha gonna do?

I jus' wan'ed drop a line to let efurone know I's doin good.



November 21st 2011 10:10 am
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Ok, I'm stealing Ingen's diary because I can't do this in "kitty speak".
I AM OUTRAGED! I was reading Alfie diary and it seems that yet again one of my catster friends is being bullied. In this case it goes beyond simple bullying. Alfie's mom is being terrorized by some evil person.

What really frustrates me is that many people/kitties have been bullied and terrorized here, but they don't say by whom. The victims are protecting the bully/bullies. I don't know if it's the same person or different people doing this, but it MUST STOP!

If HQ won't stop it, then the good Catster Community members can--by simply dropping this person from our furriends, or by making numerous complaint to HQ or other ways. There are a lot of good Catster Community members. PLEASE DO NOT LET THE BULLIES TERRORIZE OUR FURRIENDS AND RUIN OUR COMMUNITY!!!


Beena long time

November 16th 2011 10:06 pm
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Hey efurbody,

We been so busy a'justin to efurthing an haven' writed a di'ry ina long time.

I's doin really good now. I don' hide alla times. I comes ina livin'room an hang out wif efurbody. I lets Jen pet an luff on me 'gain. I gives Novi "what fur" now--I not takin his stuffs no more. I plays wif him too. Jen plays wif da Bird wif us an we takes turns playin. If you looked at my new pitchers, you seed me & Novi sharin a top of a cat tree.

I still don' unnerstand when lil Bear play wif Novi. It upsets me an I goes 'way. Lil Bear don' unnerstan's when me & Novi is playin--He think Novi is hurtin me an he get upset. Lil Bear try to distract Novi from me. I don' play wif lil Bear but I not skeered of him, mos'ly I jus' ignores him.

Oh, yest'day, I waked Jen up fur my breakfess (I's hungry!). I haven' waked Jen up since Novi moofed in.

Well, I jus' wanna let efurbody know I's doin good. Efun tho we's behind ina di'ries, we been readin di'ries an TRYIN to keep up wif our furriends.


I hope you all feel better, now.

October 27th 2011 12:15 pm
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Jen taked Novi in to get fixed today. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I have peace an quiet. I was enjoyin that when Jen gets the other carrier out an put me in it. I's screamin "HEY, I DON'T WANNA GO ANYWHERE!!!", but Jen i'nored me an taked me anyways.

We goed to the vet place an the peeple shot me with a BIG needle. It hurt, but I dinnit cry. I'ma big gurlie. I gots microchipped. Jen sayed no more 'ventures like b'fore. So, now me & Novi has microchips in case we gets lost. Hopefurly, we don' gets lost but....Jen sayed she learned her lesson an not takin no more chances with us.

After that, me & Novi goed home together. No more peace & quiet. (kitty sigh)


Where alla zealies come frum?

October 25th 2011 12:34 pm
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Hey efurone,

We was givin prezzies an Jen seed we gots LOTSA zealies. Where they all come from? Is it cuz I's COTW b'fore?

I know I owe so many furs THANK YOU's. We's sooo far b'hind. Jen's computer wasn' workin right an is gettin fixed (we's usin da roommate's computer fur now.) Hopefurly when we gets it back, we can finally start working on alla thank yous.


Hello Efurbody

October 23rd 2011 10:41 am
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Well, I been ina 'pawtment fur a while now. It taked me a lil time to gets used to it. Is a nice place but I don' hasa back yard no more. We has a balcony and I just started going out there. At furst, I on'y look out the winnow-door. Is okay fur a balcony-I can look out an sees birdies & squirrels.

I was hidin lots but I comes out an says hello to Jen & a roommate. She a nice roommate. She take lotsa pitchers. She have not taken many pitchers of me cuz I was hidin alla times.

Novi is a PAIN! He bovvers me. I screams at him an smacks him now (I don' hurt him). B'fore, I jus' run 'way an hide. Jen say we jus' has to work it out. She say Novi is a wild kitten and I's a big girl. I has to stand up fur myself.

Novi don' always bovver me. I like when he sleepin. Las' nite we sleeped ona new cat tree. I's ona top an Novi ona next level down. I like bein "top cat". He ok when he not all wild. I efun touch nosies an sniffies him. I guess is just gonna take more time.

Is diff'rent ina 'pawtment but I's okay. I gettin used ta efurthing.



October 17th 2011 12:29 am
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I's a DDP today. YAY!!! Thank you HQ fur this honor.

DON'T SENDS PREZZIES, PLEASE!!! Efurbody a'ready done sooooo mush fur me when I's missin.


Update from Jen

October 14th 2011 9:14 am
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I'm hijacking Ingen's diary to give you an update on her.

As you know she came to the new home late Tuesday. The first night was a challenge. Ingen was curious & confused. She needed to explore and get settled. Unfortunately, Novi was soooo excited and REALLY wanted to play with her. He wouldn't leave her alone. Ingen was a little unsure of Bear because he kept chasing Novi who was chasing Ingen. I put Ingen in my room and locked "the boys" out.

When I went to bed all "critters" were in the room with me. Bear was on the bed and Novi was pestering Ingen. I put Novi in a crate on the bed with the blankets over it. It was a little crowded with Novi in the crate, lil Bear and me in all in a full size bed, but finally PEACE.

Wednesday--Novi is desperately trying to get Ingen to play. He's chasing her, jumping on her and doing everything kittens do to get a kitty to play. Ingen was still a little out of sorts. I left Ingen in my bedroom and locked the boys out. In the afternoon, I went into the room with some string cheese and lured Ingen out from under the bed. She enjoyed her snack and then wanted out of the room. Even though Novi pesters and Bear chases Novi, she was ready to join the family again. She doesn't like being locked away.

Ingen is a little "stand offish" but she seems to be adjusting. Ingen was never a cuddly kitty but she is a very sweet, timid girl. She will jump in my lap or sleep with me when it suits her. She has found her hiding spots away from the boys. She comes out to investigate and when Novi is annoying her too much she retreats to one of her spots. She likes to look out the balcony doors but hasn't shown any interest in going outside. Overall I think we are all going to be okay.

Precious Pets Transport Services , did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend them to transport your pet. There were 2 people driving. I only remember the one driver's name. Shel, Ingen's driver, called me when she picked Ingen up. I called her everyday to see how Ingen was doing during the transport and to find out how much longer. She was always pleasant and had good things to say about Ingen. On Tuesday she called me 2-3 times to update me as to their progress. When they arrived in my apartment complex they couldn't find my apartment. I walked out to the drive and we met up. I offered to take Ingen from them but Shel refused. She got Ingen's crate out and walked with me to the apartment. Once Ingen was free, and I was LOVING on her, Shel took pictures. She gave me Ingen's blanket (Spooky mom gave to her while she was at the Dane County Humane Society) and some cat toys and the rest of the food that Bella mom gave for the trip.

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