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Lil Bit

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Another ONE?!?!

May 29th 2012 10:57 am
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We gots 'nuther kitty here. Jen say she's just a "visitor". Her name is Angel and her peeples is having "housing issues". Jen purromise Angel not gonna stays with us.

She'sa nice gurly-kitty. I kinda likes her. I gots to meet her furst. I not skeered of her and she not skeered of me. She growled and hissed a lil bit but, tuff ina new place. I unnerstands, so I leaf her 'lone and lets her look 'round. She still hides 'lot but she comes out fur 'tention. She don' efun knows how to play!?!?! I try showin' her how to jump & smacky paw "da BIRD".

OH, and she not skeered of lil Bear. She let him sniffies her and she sniffies him right back.

Jen say she gonna put pitcher of her up later, so's you can all see her.


Is my BIRSDAY!!!

May 25th 2012 8:26 pm
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OMC, IS MY BIRSDAY! I's 4 years old now. Jen haved to work today an' a'most furgetted but cuz of alla my wunnerfur furriends, she 'members, NOW!

We dinnit does anything speshul but Jen say we gonna catabrate. Is okay, I gots efurthing a kitty could want. I gotsa home, toys, good foods, and lotsa LUFFS. I efun gots brofurs (I don' wants 'em but I gots 'em. MOL I jus' kitting 'round. I luffs my brofurs.)

I wanna thank alla kits 'at sended me prezzies. I try do thank youse to eash kitty, 'ventually. THANK YOU fur 'minded Jen is MY BIRSDAY!


I 'pologize & brofurs

May 13th 2012 6:32 pm
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To alla my furriends I owes you BIG 'pology. I readed efurbody's di'ries and sumtimes some fur gotsa take med'cines. I writes 'at you jus' gotsa be good kitties and takes a med'cines--like is EASY. OMC, I nefur knowed what is like! Is AWFUR! Is TERR'BLE! Is jus' YUCKY!

I gotsa eye 'fection and I hasta gets eye drops & takes med'cine. NOW I knows what youse talkin' 'bout. SHEESH! Furst, Jen catches me (I don't makes it easy). Then she wrap me ina towel like a "purrito"--I can't moof er nussin. Then she open my eye and put ina drop. Fin'lly she make me drink sum nasty tastin' med'cine. Af'er alla that torture, I's free.

Is not bad 'nuf I don't feel good, but I gotta get tortured too.

Okay, to alla my furriends--I's SORRY!! I don't do that 'gain. Now I unnerstands what youse going thru. NO MORE flippant comments 'bout being "good kitties and takin yer med'cines".

OH, LET ME TELLS YA SUMPIN! Alla 'is time I's complainin' 'bout my brofurs and sayin how they's so wild. Well they's still wild but guess what? They LUFF me. As you can 'magine, I's really upset when Jen "tortures" me. My brofurs was so upset along with me 'at now, Jen gotsa take me ina bathroom and close 'em out. Novi was innerfering and lil Bear was growling at Jen cuz they dinnit likes me bein' tortured. Who knowed they luffs me? Novi been rubbing on me and grooming me (with NO bites) and lil Bear efun checkin' on me when I's hidin'. I guess they's okay fur BOYS. They's MY brofurs.



May 12th 2012 1:08 pm
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Novi telled me he gotsa go the park with Jen & lil Bear. I dinnit wanna go. I wanned stay home and gets some peace & quiet with NO BOYS! While they's gone I could 'njoy myself and not hasta play er hide er nothing.

I's just a sweet lil girly kitty and those boys is rough and kinda skeers me. I don't play rough like them.

Is all good. They boys gotsa go ou'side and gets tired. I gots peace & quiet while they's gone. Now, I gots peace & quiet cuz they's tired.

'Side from that things is good fur me. I's keeping Jen in check. I tells her "Jen is time to wake up." (*while she's stepping all over me and rubbing her nose on my face.) "NO, I don't like that foods. What you got?" (*while putting her face in my plate!) "I LUFF Doritos. Doncha wanna share with me?" (*yes, her head is in the bag) "Is time to play." (*chewing on my finger then running to the bedroom MEOWING loudly) Alla times, I gotsa 'mind her of how to take care of me. When Jen has been 'specially good, I lays on her lap so's she can pet me (*usually while I'm on the lap top and she blocks the keyboard.)

**from Jen**
Ingen has definitely recovered from her ordeal. She bosses me around and tells me what I'm supposed to be doing for HER. MOL


This STINKS!!! Novi gotsa go to the park and I hadda go to the VET! Af'er I writed, Jen seed I's not opening my eye. She gots worried so off we goes. "NO JEN, DON'T TAKE ME TO THE VET! SEE, I open my eye. Is all better." Well, Jen dinnit lissens to me. The vet says I's a trim, healfy 7.2 pounds. They taked my temperture--you KNOW where that goed. HMPH-RUDE! Then they putted stuffs in my eyes and turn a lights off. The vet sayed I has a ulcer on my eye. They try look at alla my eye lids but I sayed NO, LEAF MY EYES 'LONE! I dinnit bites er scratches er nussin. I just squiggled 'way and make myse'f really small. The vet ana he'per sayed I's really sweet. Jen telled 'em she 'ready knowed that. MOL

Now, I gots med'cine to take (*Clavomox) and eye drops. Jen talked with
Granny Nat'lie & Ruffy mama. She sayed I's prolly gonna be okay in few days. I just gotta be a good gurlie and takes my med'cine and DON'T SCRATCH my eye. If I doesn' gets better, er I's not a good gurlie then I gotsa wear a e-collar. I gonna try be a good gurlie



April 22nd 2012 5:16 pm
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I telled you about our stroller. It's been ina pawtment fur us to gets used to it. I clime in it and sleeps in it. I watches the boys playing while I's ina stroller. I feels kinda safe in it. Jen push me 'round the pawtment. I'sa lil unsure 'bout this but is okay.

Yest'day, Jen taked Novi ou'side ina stroller. I cried and look at the door. "I wanna go fur a ride ou'side." I cried. When Jen comed back, our roommate telled her I's upset cuz I wanna go too. Jen pick me up an' put me ina stroller wif Novi and we goed fur a walk 'round ou'side. I's lil nerfus but I dinnit cry er sing er nuthin'. I's brave. I jus' look 'round but I dinnit wanna gets out of the stroller. Maybe 'nuther day.

Jen say she take me 'gain. On'y me nex' time.


LOOK what we gots!

April 12th 2012 10:33 am
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Jen an' Lisa goed 'way fur lil while (is no pro'lem-they a'ways comes back 'gain an' is not fur long.) When they comed home they haved this big thing with wheels. (you gotsta look at my pitchers to sees it) Hmmmmm, wha's this? Jen putted my bed in it an putted catnip ona bed. NOW, I's really wunnering? Me & Novi check it out. We clime in it an' sniffies efurthing. I guess Novi's done lookin' but I's still checkin it out. Af'er a while I 'cided I likes it an' is MINE! I'sa purrincess an' now I has a throne. I can watch efurthing an not gets bothered.

**from Jen**

My friend bought this stroller for her dog and he HATES it. I asked to borrow it for the kitties. For now it is just sitting in the living room and Ingen has taken possession of it. Eventually, I will see if Ingen & Novi will tolerate going outside in it. I'll let you know how it goes. :o)


This lil gurlie still gots sum mischief.

March 29th 2012 7:54 pm
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If you readed Novi's di'ry you knows 'at Jen been talking to me cuz I's being "ba ba bad to da bone". MOL

Jen a'ways saying I's susha good gurlie. Well, efun a good gurlie gotsta has sum fun. Whenefur Novi goes out ona balcony he be's bad. He climb the railing er the post ina corner. Af'er he does 'is Jen take him ina 'pawtment. Now he gotsa wear his harness & leash to go ona balcony. Me, I'sa good gurlie. I peeks thru the balcony rail and look 'round. I sniffies the freshes air and watches a birdies & skwirls. One time I try skweezing thru the rail and sneaking ofur to the naybor's balcony. 'Nuther time I skweezed thru trying to get to the birdie. Jen sayed "Ingen, WHAT YOU DOING?" & "EH, INGEN, GET IN HERE!" I don't does it alla times like Novi cuz I don't wanna be on "leash 'rest" 'gain. BUT, this gurlie still gotsa lil mischief in her.

Oh, and Jen taked me outside ona harness & leash. I was skeered. Is not like when we haved a backyard. We finded a nice quiet area by our 'pawtment. I walked 'round and sniffied and checked out sum bushes. I luff hiding in bushes (Jen wasn't so happy cuz she have the leash and is getting all tangle and I's pulling). We dinnit stay out fur long but Jen say we do it 'gain if I want.

She taked Novi out too but he dinnit stay out long as me. He more skeered 'an me.


Baby's birsday

March 25th 2012 1:45 pm
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Today is my 'dopted mom's birsday, sorta. Jen picked it cuz she don't knows Baby's real birsday. I knows but I don't tells Jen. MOL

Me & Jen been thinking 'bout Baby. We don't know how she doing er nuthing, but we's hoping she okay. Her human mama cared 'bout her but she gotsa baby and doggy and is prolly real busy. Baby dinnit likes lotsa attention so she prolly doing good. We misses her lots, 'specially me cuz she luff me like I's her own kitten.




March 11th 2012 10:37 pm
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Tonite Jen an' Lisa taked pitchers of me & Novi wearin a purrty new collar. I don' like havin' my pitcher taken an' Novi don' like wearin a collar.

Jen sayed we gonna keep tryin but wanna has the pitchers up fur St. Patrick Day.



March 10th 2012 12:44 pm
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A lil while 'go, Toki haved a contes' in his di'ry. Tully winned but he is a BIG MANCAT ana prize was a collar but it woulnant fit susha han'sum guy. So, Toki mama maked a speshul collar fur Tully an' I winned the collar 'at dinnit fits him. Is a long story but I WINNED, I WINNED!!

Anyfur, the collar comed an Ms. Toki mama sended 2 lil ties wif it. One is a pretty gurlie ribbon/tie fur me, ana lil bow tie fur Novi. I looks purrty darn CYOOT wif a collar. Jen say I's cyoot alla times but wifa collar an' gurlie tie I's "darn cyoot". MOL

Jen say we gotsa get pitchers of me in it an we will furry soon.

Novi--Ingen, can I says thank you too? PLEASE

Ingen--ok. (I gotsa teach him to be p'lite)


Ingen--NOVI, youse s'posed to Thank 'em fur the prezzie.

Novi--I did.

Those kits, whatcha gonna do 'bout 'em? MOL

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