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Lil Bit

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We's votin

October 15th 2010 9:32 pm
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We been a votin ana votin fur alla kitties in a contest. Jen can' even see anymore an her finger is sore. We'll vote some more later.



World's Coolest Cat & Dog Show

October 11th 2010 9:40 am
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Hey efurbody i's time fur the new contest. I winned it last year (in a outdoor kitty category) wif on'y one pitcher. It was a lucky pitcher too cuz Jen was jus snappin away wif a camera an coulnant believe her eyes when she seed my "beyootiful" pitcher. It was a accident but the good kind.

Anymeow, I jus want efurone to enter, vote an have fun. There are lotsa beyootiful pitchers.

I don' know if we's (me, Baby, Mr. Spot, Lil Bear & Ruby) gonna enter the contest this year. Jen hasn't been so lucky wif our pitchers.

We's gonna vote alla time fur alla cutie pitchers an our furriends.

GOOD LUCK to efurbody who enters a contest!!!


Kitty Cancer Rosette

October 4th 2010 8:29 am
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Hey Efurone,

I was readin my furriends diaries (Victor Gibbs Dreamboat #21 & his brofur Jason Cash) an Victor has a WUNNERFUR idea. He says we should all purray efur time we gets a Kitty Cancer Rosette.

Now, I don' know what CANCER is, but Victor say it's furry bad an we must make it go away by purrayin. We here, me Baby & Mr. Spot, is gonna purray. Jen may even convince the puppies to purray (or whatefur puppies do).

We should all purray fur cancer to go 'way. NO MORE CANCER!

*From Jen*
Sorry I still don't know how to link. Could someone help me with that? Thank you.


Where is my food?

September 30th 2010 9:12 pm
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Jen moved my food. It's supposed to be ona table ina kitchen. Only Mr. Spot's food is ona table. Jen showed me that my foods is in her room, but I want it ona table. Jen keeps takin me to her room an showin me my foods but it doesn't belong there. My food should be ina kitchen.

I don't know why she move my food. Jen says Mr. Spot is gettin too fat cuz he's eatin Baby's food an my food an his food. I keeps eatin Mr. Spot food. Maybe if he doesn't eat food an gets skinny, then my food will go back ina kitchen where it belongs.



September 20th 2010 9:58 pm
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Jen gots me a new toy! It's a Fling-ama-String! OH MY CATS but it is soooooooooo much fun. I played an played wif it fur a long time. I's gotted the string an pulled an chewed it an it kept comin back. I gives the fling-ama-string 4 paws!

Jen putted a video of me playin wif it on my page. It's kinda dark cuz it was nite-time when Jen got it out the box fur me to play wif. Hopes you enjoys the show.



September 15th 2010 10:04 pm
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Oh my CATS, today was a grrreat day. I gots to go outside 2 times but best of all--we kitties gots to go outside wif NO PUPPIES, this evening!!! We hasn't done that in a looooooonnnnnngggggg time.
Jen an Ruby's mom taked the puppies away fur a little while. Then when they gets back, Jen says it's KITTY TIME outside--NO PUPPIES. Lil Bear wasna happy but Jen say "too bad--youse went to da park".

We kitties played an played an played. Jen even brought my favorite toy outside and we played wif it. I was jus a wile kitty--jumping an running, chasin after that fevver on a string on a stick. Oh it was so much fun. Then I was chasin flying things (moths and flies). We was out til it got dark outside. It was a GREAT day!!


I's a DDP!

August 8th 2010 8:32 am
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I's a DDP today! I don' even know what to say. I haven't been writin a lot in my diary lately. I been so busy 'voidin puppies and Jen is always busy takin care of all of us. (She's our secretary fur the 'puter)

One good thing about havin another puppy is that she keeps that darn Bear so busy, he don't bovver us kitties anymore. Ruby is ok. Usually, she jus wanna sniff me, but I still 'member that darn Bear chewin on my head, so I's a little skittish wif her.

I's still goin outside 'most efur day. I makes Jen play wif me alla time. Oh, I have found that I don' mind bein picked up. I used to hate it cuz when I firs' came here, they'd pick me up an' give me me'cine. I didn' like the me'cine an' I didn' like bein picked up. Now, I get picked up, but no me'cine so bein picked up is ok. I even lets Jen hold me like a baby, but only fur a little while.

Not much else goin on here. I write again, soon as Jen gets a chance.


Jus' a lil Bit

August 2nd 2010 11:40 pm
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Hey efurone,

Jen weighed all us kitties tonite an I's still a lil Bit. I weighs 6 pounds. Baby weighs 10 pounds an' Mr. Spot got bigger. He weighs 15 pounds. I guess his diet isn' workin fur him. MOL

Boy, oh Boy it's been crazy around here. We gots us anuvver puppy. Her name is Ruby. She is ok. She doesn't chew on my head like lil Bear did. Mos'ly she jus wants to sniff me but I's not taken any chances. I runs away from her.

Jen has still been taken us kitties outside but I doesn't like to stay ina backyard wif the puppies. I been 'scapin ALOT. I don' go far. Mos'ly I goes next door where there are trees an' flowers an' bushes--LOTS OF SHADE! We doesn't have any shade in our backyard. It has been furry hot here an' I likes the cool areas ina shade. I also don' have to worry 'bout puppies boverin me.

I know Jen worries 'bout me 'scapin but she kinda unnerstands too. Jen doesn't get mad wif me an' I haven't been on leash arrest. She jus comes lookin fur me. When I sees her I goes right back to the backyard then ina house.

Well thas all. Jus wanted to drop a line to efurone.


I escaped!!

May 29th 2010 6:36 pm
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The peeples was cleanin the carpet and so all of us furbies was outside. I have been a furry good girl but....I escaped when they wasn't lookin. David couldn't find me. Jen wasn't home but when she got home, I was jus sittin in the driveway bein my sweet innocent self. Hmmmm, David musta ratted me out, cuz I am on house arrest for the rest of today. I hopes I can go outside tomorrow.


I'm mad wif Jen!

May 28th 2010 11:18 pm
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I was so mad wif Jen today! Do you know what she did? She gived me a BAFF!! It was horrible. I got all wet and soapy. Lots of my fur came off and it took a looooonnnnnggggg time for me to dry.
I bit and clawed as best I could but it didn't stop them (Jen & David). They jus keeped right on getting me wet. I bit Jen on her hand an clawed her arm. I dinnit mean to hurt her. I jus wanted out of that BAFF.
Jen dinnit get mad wif me. She was sad cuz I was mad wif her but we is all better now. I let her brush me (I don' like to be brush). Jen let me go outside and sit in the chair for a long time, then we played wif my favorite toy. So, I not mad wif her anymore.
I still don' like baffs but....I likes Jen.

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