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Lil Bit

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Kitty-Mime fight

March 4th 2011 7:41 pm
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Me an my 'dopted mama, Baby, fights/plays. I jumps on her head, she bunny kicks me. It's lottsa fun. Jen finks we's funny cuz we makes no sound. No growlin, hissin, meowin-nuffin. She call it "Kitty-Mime fight".

When me & Mr. Spot fights/plays, I meows fur help. Baby used to help me but she don' anymore. Now, when I cries fur help, lil Bear chases Mr. Spot 'way. Jen don' gets involved. She say Mr. Spot might be bigger but I's fas'er an I has claws, so I can fight my own battles.

Well, not mush else goin on here. We's jus' waitin fur spring so's we can go ou'side.


I gotsa house!

February 24th 2011 10:43 am
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I gotsa lil house wif a bed an it's all MINE! Jen bringed home this lil house an puts a bed in it. She putted right by the wall where it blows warm air. Mr. Spot & Baby doesn't s'eeps in it but I DO. I has my own room an my own bed now. I doesn't has to share a big bed wif Mr. Spot, Baby & Jen. No more bein "flinged" cuz Jen don' knows I's there. I LOVES MY LIL HOUSE! I has privacy, warm an soft. I's a happy kitty!

Jen puts pitchers of my house on my page.


Moving stuff 'round

January 7th 2011 10:40 pm
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Ruby an her furmily moved away. Now it's jus Jen, lil Bear an us kitties ina house.

Jen's been movin stuffs all ofur a place. Tonite she move our cat tree to da 'puter room, RIGHT BY A WINNOW!!!! I LOVES IT!! It use ta be ina corner of a livin room an I dinnit likes it there. I nefur wen' on it. Now, I won't get offa it. Who say kitties don' likes change?!?!


Nurse Ingen--at yer service

December 31st 2010 6:14 am
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Oh my CATS, Jen was feelin YUCKY all day yes'day. She jus s'eeped an s'eeped. I stay wif her all day an all nite. I maked sure she stayed warm by s'eepin on her or cuddle up nex' to her. Jen is all better now an she say it's cuz a me.

Baby an Mr. Spot helped a little but dey dinnit stay alla time likes me. They worked in shifts an af'er a while they jus lef her. But not me--I stay an stay. I's a really good nurse.

Not mush else goin on here. It's cold an snow ou'side. Today it's warm nuf, Jen open a window fur me, so's I can get some air. When will it be warm so's I can go ou'side?

HAPPY NEW YEARS to alla kitties an furmilies!!!



November 24th 2010 9:47 pm
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I am grateful fur my 'dopted mom, Baby, fur peeple foods, fur quiet toys, an' goin ou'side when it's nice.




November 8th 2010 7:19 am
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This is Jen. I have hijacked Ingen's diary.

My niece (that's Baby's mom) had a baby on October 26. I AM A GRAND AUNT! I don't have children and therefore will never have grandchildren--so I have a grandniece. I am just a little excited and PROUD. :o)

This weekend the new family (mom, dad, baby & Ruby) went visiting to g-paws farm. While they were there they got this incredibly cute picture of Ruby with HER baby. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!

I still haven't figured out how to link (someday I'll get it). Just go to Ruby's dogster page--It's her main picture.

Thank you. I will now return this diary to Ingen.


New/old toy

November 7th 2010 9:43 am
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I gots a new/old toy. Jen maked it fur me. We had a string toy wif a big ole noisy mousey on it. I dinnit like to play wif a mousey. I likes plain ole stringy toys. Well Jen gots this idea. She cut a mousey off a string an braided a ribbon on it. OH IT'S SOO MUCH FUN!! Even a Baby cat like it. The stringy bounces an a ribbon jus a flutters. Its a great toy.

Jen gets out that toy an I plays all ofur a house wif it. I chases, pounces and has a good ole time. Well, until Baby start playin wif it. Then I jus watches. I 'spects her cuz she's my 'dopted mom-cat.

It's cold here now. We kitties don' gets to go ou'side too much cuz Jen don' wanna sits ina cold. We gots to go ou'side fur a little while today but not fur long. Baby & Mr. Spot was ready to go inside but the cold dinnit bovver me. I was chasin leaves an havin fun. I was warm 'nuf. I was a goo' girl. I dinnit makes Jen chases me, too much. MOL



October 24th 2010 9:11 am
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What is goin on 'round here? First I gets my nails cut, an I was furry good. I'm always furry good when they cuts my nails. Now I gotted a BAFF! I HATES a BAFF! I lets the peeples know how much I hates a baff. I fights. I screams. I bites an scratches. The knows I hates a baff, but they does it anyways. Jen said sumfin 'bout fleas but I dinnit care. I HATES A BAFF!!

Oh an Jen thought she was gonna be smart 'bout it. She weared heavy duty rubber gloves so's when I bites an scratches she won't get hurt. I SHREDDED 'EM an a little of Jen's skin too. (sorry Jen). I's a WILE CAT in a baff. When I's done in a baff they wrap me in a towel real tight an Baby's mama catched some fleas. I dinnit know I had fleas an they dinnit bovver me.
Hopefully no more fleas on me.

Now, Jen keep sniffin me an sayin I smells sooooo good. She sniffin alla us kitties. I think there is sumfin wrong wif her. It's not right fur peeples to go 'round sniffin kitties.


Uh Oh, Jen's been lookin at uvver kitties!

October 21st 2010 5:17 pm
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Jen's been readin diaries an lookin at uvver kitties. WHY DO WE NEEDS ANUVVER KITTY?!?! We 'lready has 3 kitties an 2 doggies. I SAY NO MORE!!!

Jen tells me she's jus lookin. She knows we can't has more kitties. I don' know why she's lookin tho. It makes her sad. I's sittin in her lap bein sweet as I can be so she don' get too sad.

Today, Baby & I got our nails done. We went ina carriers to the nice peeples an they cut our nails. I was my usual sweet self. I on'y complained while we was drivin there an back. I don' like car rides an I don' likes the cat cage. Af'er we got back home, I dinnit even get mad wif Jen cuz now I can play an my paws don' gets stuck.


I's a DDP!

October 17th 2010 7:53 am
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Hey efurbody,

Guess what? I's a DDP today. My furriend BUDDY ...FOREVER LOVED tole me in a paw mail. I's a lucky Lil Bit. Thank you HQ diary gal.

Now don' furget to vote an don' furget to purray fur a cure fur cancer.

I has to go, the door is open an it's beyootiful ou'side. I's been real good 'bout not 'scapin.

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