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Lil Bit

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I's 3 years o'd, TODAY!!!

May 25th 2011 1:31 pm
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Is my BIRSDAY today! I's havin a good day, 'cept fur da wevvers. I can' goes ou'side cuz is rainin an funderin. Jen really wan'ed to let's me ou'side fur long as I want today.

So far I gots tuny fish, catnip, an a brushy fing ona wall. An like a'ways, I gots lotsa luffins from Jen. I likes a brushy fing. I can rubs my face an body 'gains' it an it feels soooo nice (it have catnip in a hidey spot, so I jus' wanna rub an rub 'gains' it).

Jus' finks, 3 years 'go I was borned ona mean streets. Jen finded me ona porch when I's 'bout 10 weeks o'd an I been here efur since. When I furs' comed here I weigh on'y 2 pounds. I's jus' a wee lil bit. Now I's big an weigh 7 pounds. Is a good life. I getsa go ou'side (wif a leash, sigh). I has good foods, my own room, lotsa luffs an soooooo many CATSTER furriends. OH, an bes' of all--lil Bear don' chews on my head no more. MOL

THANK YOU ALLA MY FURRIENDS fur prezzies an birsday wishes!!!


New Pitchers

May 20th 2011 10:29 pm
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Jen putted new pitchers on my page. Now you can see my naybor furriend, Dragon. Isn' he sooooo han'some? I has a weakness fur a boy kitty dat have 1 green eye an 1 blue eye. sigh He is furry nice to me an I fink he like me too.

Oh, dat Mr. Spot been pickin on me, lots. Do uvver day I's ina winnow an he jump up ona dresser to looks out da winnow. He was lookin mean at me. Jen maked him get down. Later, I's ready to get down an Mr. Spot was ona dresser lookin at me. I smacked him ona nose an jump down 'fore efun knowed what happened. Jen sayed "you show him lil Bit". Jen was purroud of me fur stan'in up fur myself.

I been furry good 'bout not 'scapin, but is prolly cause I's ona leash an Jen is watchin me close alla times. Leas' I gets to go ou'side when is not rainin.

Takes care efurbody.


Jen try to trick me!

May 9th 2011 8:45 am
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I tole you how Jen catched me "goin ofur da wall" an I been on leash 'rest efur since. Today we's all ou'side (me, Mr. Spot, Baby & dat darn Bear).

Well, dis BIG LOUD machine comed by (garbage truck), an it skeered us kitties. Mr. Spot & Baby runned ina house. I hided b'hind a purring box (air conditioning unit for central air). Jen wen' ina house an lil Bear goes where efur Jen goes. She comed back ou'side an it's jus' me & Jen hangin out ina back yard. Da noisy fing went 'way. I was wanderin ofur by da gate. Jen holded my leash an open a gate! But I telled her "NO, I's not goin". Den she pick me up & take me out of da back yard. When she put me back down, I RUNNED to da back yard. I knows I's not 'oppose to leaf da back yard. JEN TRY TO TRICK ME!! She tryin to get me back on house 'rest. I WAS A FURRY GOOD GURL!

I gotsta play ou'side fur a little while den we comed ina house when I'S READY. Mos' of a time I has to go inside an I's not ready yet.

**NOTE from Jen**
Ingen is always good about not "escaping" when I put on her leash. I hook both ends to her collar/harness and she walks around with the leash dragging. I thought I would allow her to explore, while I was holding the leash. NOT HAPPENING!! Apparently she KNOWS she's not supposed to go beyond the gate-she just chooses to ignore that when she can get away with it. STINKER!



May 4th 2011 5:28 pm
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Today we was all ou'side. Jen was pokin 'round da garage an wasn' watchin me. I took dis chance to sneaks outta da back yard, but JEN CATCHED ME. There I was half way ofur da gate an she got me. She put me right inside da house. I was busted.

Now she know how I gets out alla times. B'fore she figgered I's sneakin unner da gate but now she knows.

Tonite she letted Baby, Mr. Spot an lil Bear ou'side but not me. She sayed I's on house 'rest 'gain. kitty SIGH. When will Jen unnerstans I gotsta 'splore? I's sad cuz I can' goes ou'side.



May 2nd 2011 8:09 am
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Hey Efurbody, Tate gived me a prezzie. THANK YOU TATE.

BUT, GUESS WHAT DERE'S FREE PREZZIE we can give our furriends!!!
"SHARE DA LUFF" a heart wif a kitty inside.

Woulncha know it? We been outta zealies fur so long (we goes frew 'em FAS'). Now we has a free prezzie we can give.

Ok, efurbody--give, give, give. SHARE DA LUFF!!!


Schotzy is GONE!

April 22nd 2011 10:02 am
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Thank CATNESS, she's gone. I's sooo tired of bein chase alla times. Lil Bear doesn' chases me alla times, jus' sumtimes.
Schotzy dinnit tries to hurt me. She on'y chase me & Baby. She don' chases Mr. Spot cuz he don' run, EFUR. Guess it's no fun to chases a slow moofin cat.

Anyfur, we's back to jus' 3 kitties, 1 pubby an Jen. It's mush quieter an I can goes back to bein a quiet lil lap kitty.

It's rainy an col' here so no ou'side fur us kitties today. I's jus' gonna nap, 'lax an 'joys da quiet. 2 pubbies is 2 too many. MOL Aw, I's jus' teasin lil Bear. I's used ta him, now dat he doesn' chews on my head. He's ok.


New Pitcher

April 21st 2011 4:02 pm
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Jen jus' putted a new pitcher of me. She like it cuz it show alla my colors. I's orange, brown, cream, white, black & gray. I's a multicolor kitty. Jen LUFF alla my colors.

I gotsta play ou'side today. Da wevver fin'ly gots nice. We has sunshine an no big wind. Jen made da puppies stay inside so's us kitties could 'lax an 'njoys the ou'side.

Jen also putted a pitcher of me "plannen my 'scape. As you can see she gots da gates all blocked wif stuffs so's I don' 'scape. I doesn' climbs da fence. I sneaks frew little openings, cuz I's sush a lil bit.

OH AND PUPPIES!!! Our doggy-cuzin Schotzy been visitin. I guess her mama goed 'way, so she stayin wif us. OMC, do you know what she does? SHE CHASES US!! She don' bites er nuffin. She jus' like to chase us. One time, I was ina corner and coulnant run anywhere. She jus' poke me wif her nose tryin to get me to run. I jus' sitted dere lookin at her. She gotted bored an goed 'way. Stupid dog!


Jus' stuffs

April 12th 2011 11:18 am
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Hey efurbody,

Da wevver been so nice here. We kitties gets to go ou'side 'gain. We has some green grass to eats an warm sunshines. I been goin ou'side almos' efurday.

NOT FAIR! I on'y gets to go ou'side when Jen go ou'side wif me. Baby & Mr. Spot goes ou'side alla times but not me. I has to has a "kitty sitter". Jen say it's cuz I 'scapes. She try to trus' me to stay ina backyard but I likes to wander a little. One time Jen finded me nex' door ina naybor's bushes. I's jus' lookin up to da winnow an a kitty was lookin out at me frum a winnow. Das Dragon. SEE, I doesn' goes far, but Jen don' likes it.

OH LET ME TELL YA 'BOUT DRAGON! Dragon is a little boy kitty who live next door. His mama let him ou'side, but on'y when she is ou'side too. He is quite a han'some kitty. He is bigger 'an me (but I's o'der) an he have a blue eye ana green eye. Well, one time Dragon was ou'side wif his mama an doggies (he have 2 big doggies). I was ou'side wif Jen an lil Bear. Baby & Mr. Spot went ina house. Me & Dragon was lookin at each uver but da doggies was runnin up & downa fence BARKIN!! Dragon's mama putted him in my back yard so's we could say "HI" wifout intruptions from a doggies. OH MY! We bumped nosies. Jen sayed we's sooooo cyoot cuz I run an Dragon follow me. When I stop, I looks at him but Dragon look da uver way like he sayin "I wasn' followin you." Den we does it 'gain 'cept I's followin Dragon, an I looks 'way when he look at me. Now I looks frew da fence to see if Dragon is ou'side. **NOTE FROM JEN--I DIDN'T HAVE MY CAMERA!!!***

JEN LEF' US!! Jen lef' us kitties fur a day, ana nite an a'mos' anuver day. She taked lil Bear to Schotzy house but us kitties was all 'lone. We was ok. We has 2 fountains an dey was filled. We had foods an our litter boxes was all cleaned but NO JEN! Our non-fur cuzin came ofur to check our foods an visited fur a while too. When Jen comed home, we's all waitin fur her by da door. Alla us kitties jus' rub on her when she comed home. Baby dinnit efun gets mad wif Jen fur bein gone.

200 PITCHERS!! We jus' heared dat we can now has 200 pitchers, EACH! OMC! We dinnit efun have a hunnerd pitchers. Jen try to gets lottsa pitchers but we furbabies is not 'bout to sit still fur pitcher-takin. We does cyoot stuffs an when Jen gets da pitcher thing, we's done bein cyoot. TOO LATE 'GAIN, Jen. MOL

Das all fur today.


Our furriend needs a new home--WIF RISH PAWRENTS! MOL

March 28th 2011 12:39 pm
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Our furriend Shelly Sue ( is furry sick wif asthma an her furmily can' helps her. They doesn' has da monies.

She is sush a pretty girl an she really needs a rish family to helps takes care of her. Shelly's mommy is heartbroken but wants her to have alla bes'. Can anyone help? PLEASE?


I gots a POP prezzie?

March 18th 2011 9:03 pm
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Jen gots a e-mail sayin I gots a prezzie. We looks an I gots a POP prezzie. Hmmmm, why I gots a POP prezzie? I not sick. I not hurt. Den Jen readed it to me. It's from Annie da Calico Junction spokescat. She sended it cuz it match my bed. Whew, I dinnit want anyfur worryin bout me cuz I's good (well, when I's not bein bad. MOL).

I happy I gots a prezzie!!! THANK YOU, Annie an alla Calico Junction kitties.

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