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I's gettin da hang of dis 'sertive kittyness

July 2nd 2011 9:40 am
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Hey Efurbody,

I's gettin da hang of dis new 'sertiveness. I been wakin Jen up early efur mornin an 'sisting is time to goes ou'side. I doesn' stops til she gets up an takes us ou'side.

Den, I not takin no stuffs frum Mr. Spot. I givin him da smacky paw. IS MY WINNOW!!! GO 'WAY!! and you know what? He did. He goed 'way.

My fur doggie cuzin Schotzy comed ofur. I gived her da smacky paw an scream at her LEAF ME 'LONE!

Nope, no more sweet Lil Bit gettin pick on by efurone. I stan's up fur myself, now. I's gettin lap times, luffin, play times. On'y fing I don' gets is to go ou'side wifout a chaperone, like Baby & Mr. Spot. Jen a'ways have to go wif me. Oh well, life is good.


GOOD NEWS!!!! Oh da 'citement

June 29th 2011 5:48 pm
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PANDA HAD DA KITTENS!!! I a'ready seed da pitchers. BEYOOTIFUR BABIES!!!



June 27th 2011 10:11 am
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Ashlynne an Beeper mama maked me a new toy an I LUFFS IT!!! I seed Ashlynne playin wif one an ask her where she get it. She sayed her mommy maked it an she would make one fur me if I wanted. Ooooooooohhhhhh, I wanted! Is sooooo mush fun! Is quiet (I don' likes noisy toys) an have lotsa stringies. I been chasin it all ofur da house. IS A WUNNERFUR TOY!!!



Life is so unfair to the good.

June 26th 2011 7:59 am
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Las' nite at Finney's MJ/birsday pawty, my furriend River sayed "Life is so unfair to the good." It got me to finkin. I's a good, sweet lil girl (Jen say dat alla times 'cept when I 'scapes er gets a baff). I don' fights, er make litter messes er nuffin. And I gets cheated. Well today I sayed "no more sweet lil girly." I's takin a stand, er a lap.

See, mos' da times I gets in Jen's lap an den lil Bear needs sumpin, so I gets down. Jen a'ways says "sorry, lil Bit, but I has to...fur lil Bear". Today, I put my paw down an I dinnit gets up. I stayed right dere in Jen's lap. Lil Bear jus' gonna has to wait til I's done. Jen was lil su'prized but I's had 'nuf bein cheated. IS MY LAP TIME NOW!!! You know what happen nex'? Jen tole lil Bear "Nope, I not gettin yer ball. Ingen needs her Jen time." I gotsta stay in Jen's lap fur long time (from Jen: My foot was asleep but I didn't dare move). I stayed an swatted at Mr. Spot when he camed ofur. I snoozed. I gived Jen san' paper kissies. When I's had 'nuf I gots up cuz I WAN'ED TO GETS UP!

I guess I's learnin frum my furriends. Simone, River's sisfur, sayed "MRAT-A gals gotta be a little demanding if she's gonna get what she wants!"



June 22nd 2011 9:26 pm
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Hey efurbody,

Jen been neglectin us. She leaf us fur all day er all nite by ourselfs. Is not right. Well, today, sumcat telled Jen "we's not happy!". Sumcat pooped ona carpet ina lifin room right in front ofa litter box. Sumcat peed ona rug ina baffroom right in front of anuvver litter box. Now we's all good kitties an used da litter boxes but we's lonely. We misses Jen. We misses goin ou'side. We efun misses lil Bear (he been gettin better an he is part of our colony, efun if he is a pubby). Maybe now Jen will stays home wif us an lets us go ou'side.


I have been house/pet sitting for my sister this week. I spend the day here and the evening/night at her house or vice versa. It has been hectic and the kitties have not been receiving their expected amount of attention. I got the message LOUD & CLEAR, unfortunately this will continue for 2 more days.


Jen have a question

June 17th 2011 9:36 pm
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Hey efurbody,

Jen have a question/er a p'obwem an needs yer 'vice. I let her tells ya.

Thank you, lil bit.

Tonight Spot and Baby got into a cat fight. Neither was injured probably wasn't as bad as it seemed to me. I am inexperienced with cats. These 3 are my first ones. I've never seen them get into a cat fight. They've had the occasional hissy fit, chase or a smacky paw never a fight. Usually they all get along fairly well. They've lived together for over 2 years. Nothing has changed since January (when my niece, her boyfriend, their baby & puppy moved out and then I got fired so I've been home, A LOT). WHAT HAPPENED?

I've noticed that Spot has become a little more outgoing and assertive. He was bothering Ingen but that seems to have stopped. Ingen would just kinda cry and hide. Now it's Baby, and Baby is NOT backing down.

I have also noticed recently somecat is spraying/marking. I can smell the urine but don't feel/find any wet spots and the litter box is being used as usual. CAN FEMALES "SPRAY" OR MARK?

I've gotten 2 feliway diffusers a month ago, but haven't noticed any changes.

I've thought about getting calming collars but for which one? Spot or Baby or both?

Ok, any ideas or advice? Are my cats stressed? Should I not let them outside as much? I don't know what I'm doing here.

Is me Ingen, Jen used my di'ry cuz I's da mos' pawpular in my house. MOL PLEASE helps Jen cuz she want alla us furbabies to be's happy.


Disappointed doggy

June 13th 2011 9:08 am
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Hey Efurbody,

I's askin a favor. Alla kitties dat has doggies on Dogster-could youse concatulate Stewie ( He gotsa DDP 2 day 'go an he on'y gots 2 prezzies!

Stewie is Blade ( brofur.

Is his furst DDP an on'y 2 prezzies!!


I's mad an is all River fault!

May 27th 2011 10:47 am
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I GOTSA BAFF, an is all River fault! He writed in his di'ry 'bouts gettin a baff an gots Jen finkin dat we needs a baff.

Now I's all wet. An' Jen gonna be sniffin us kitties cuz she use dat stuff she say make us smell good.

All I gotsta say is good fing River live far 'way, cuz I's ONE MAD KITTY!!


I's 3 years o'd, TODAY!!!

May 25th 2011 1:31 pm
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Is my BIRSDAY today! I's havin a good day, 'cept fur da wevvers. I can' goes ou'side cuz is rainin an funderin. Jen really wan'ed to let's me ou'side fur long as I want today.

So far I gots tuny fish, catnip, an a brushy fing ona wall. An like a'ways, I gots lotsa luffins from Jen. I likes a brushy fing. I can rubs my face an body 'gains' it an it feels soooo nice (it have catnip in a hidey spot, so I jus' wanna rub an rub 'gains' it).

Jus' finks, 3 years 'go I was borned ona mean streets. Jen finded me ona porch when I's 'bout 10 weeks o'd an I been here efur since. When I furs' comed here I weigh on'y 2 pounds. I's jus' a wee lil bit. Now I's big an weigh 7 pounds. Is a good life. I getsa go ou'side (wif a leash, sigh). I has good foods, my own room, lotsa luffs an soooooo many CATSTER furriends. OH, an bes' of all--lil Bear don' chews on my head no more. MOL

THANK YOU ALLA MY FURRIENDS fur prezzies an birsday wishes!!!


New Pitchers

May 20th 2011 10:29 pm
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Jen putted new pitchers on my page. Now you can see my naybor furriend, Dragon. Isn' he sooooo han'some? I has a weakness fur a boy kitty dat have 1 green eye an 1 blue eye. sigh He is furry nice to me an I fink he like me too.

Oh, dat Mr. Spot been pickin on me, lots. Do uvver day I's ina winnow an he jump up ona dresser to looks out da winnow. He was lookin mean at me. Jen maked him get down. Later, I's ready to get down an Mr. Spot was ona dresser lookin at me. I smacked him ona nose an jump down 'fore efun knowed what happened. Jen sayed "you show him lil Bit". Jen was purroud of me fur stan'in up fur myself.

I been furry good 'bout not 'scapin, but is prolly cause I's ona leash an Jen is watchin me close alla times. Leas' I gets to go ou'side when is not rainin.

Takes care efurbody.

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