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April 20th 2008 6:16 am
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I had the mostest turrible night last night. It was awful!
We was doing our snuggling, gettin' ready to dream sweet dream
things, when all of a sudden....BOOM! CRASH!! BANG!!!
I turned around and looked at Mommie, my eyes much bigger
than the old proverbial saucers, scared poopless!
What was that pray tell?
Whaddaya mean it was lightning??? It doesn't lightning in April!
It's not summer, for goodness sake! It's not even quite spring,
thanks to all the stupid snow and cold that keeps showing up!
So, okay, it rained. Real hard. And then the blast of lightning
that nearly knocked me off the bed. And then, the wind blew,
and blew, and blew....and....
And, then, when I got up and stuck my nosey little nose out the
window this morning, I saw SNOW!!!!!!! I HATE snow. I thought
it rained?
What's with the snow? Well, that's a fine howdoyado!
I'm going back to bed.



April 18th 2008 7:03 pm
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My Mommie has been purdy sick for about three weeks.
She got a cold and spent 6 days on the couch. Then, she started
a medication to help her stop smoking and it makes her sick,
too. But, she is determined not to smoke anymore. I am so glad!
I hate smoke, but, I have never told her that. And, I don't like
the way she coughs, either. I want my Mommie to live furever!
So, she has been sick and I really don't know what to do to help.
I cuddle with her at night, and wake her up so she can pet me and
I know for sure that makes her feel better.
I stick my nose in her face, too, to make sure she is breathing.
So far, so good.
I guess what I can do is just love her, huh?



April 15th 2008 8:22 am
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I have been in trouble so much this last week that I just
might take up permanent residence under the bed. It was
in the 60's and 70's off and on this past week, so, Ma and Pa
have been letting Mawsie and me go outdoors....only there's
one stipulation....they have to be there with us and we have
to stay by the house! Yeah, but.....
I have other world's to explore. I nee-eeed to go to
the other side of the house or under the porch or over near
that house next door. I have to. Really.
If they are dumb enough to look the other way for one second,
I'm willing to take the chance. I can run like the wind! In fact,
it's pretty funny when Pa decides it's time to go in. He thinks
he can outsmart me. Imagine. A man outsmarting a woman!
Ha! And besides he has this huge growth just above his belt
and when he runs, he gasps for air! Gawd, that's funny! He makes
some pretty strange sounds, sorta squeaky like a mouse.
Anyway, after about three trips around the house, he calls in the
woman....Mommie. Now that is serious stuff. How do you outsmart
a woman? Especially one with a voice like a screaming banshee?
That's usually the end of the game. She sounds serious.
Pink, pink! In the door I what was that all about?
Well, a couple of days ago, Mommie was napping and when she
got up, Daddy was washing her car. She oohed and aahed and then,
he told her the bad news. I had escaped...again. But, he had kept
a lookout on me and I was there, until, I wasn't. He couldn't find me.
He went around the house and into the shop and all over. He even
looked under the house porch a couple of times. When Mommie heard
I was missing, the cat fur hit the fan! &*^&%#$^&(!!! so, she started
looking too. She also sent Daddy around the house next door and a
few other unlikely places. He was a little purple in the face by that
time and she was getting close to tears. Mama sat on the concrete
bench, thinking she could sit there awhile and keep an eye out in
all directions. She needed a bit of a break...old ya know. And she
looked about to cry.
Well, I knew I was in BIG, BIG trouble. Really big trouble.
I sneaked out from under the porch where I had been watching all
the excitement for about an hour and peeked just so barely over
the porch step. I figured all they could see was the tips of my little
ears. Dang...this was trouble. But, I didn't want the old gal crying
again. Her face gets all squishy and wet and I hate wet kisses!
Daddy saw me and said, "That little (censored), there she is!"
Ma didn't see me at first, but, then she is blind as a bat. She
finally saw me and I knew it was curtains. She opened the door and
I took my fluffy little behind in.
Well, all it amounts to is that I have SPRING FEVER!!!! I wanna be
outside....what's wrong with that? Cranky OLD people!



April 4th 2008 7:41 am
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Just when ya think things can't get better...they do!
I'm DDP today!!!! Hot cat!! I am just so excited!
And to make things even nicer, my furr-riends have given
me rosettes! Don't I just feel really special?
I got one from Sampson Silver Dollar's family and one from my
twin, Little-One! Pretty cool, huh?
Now I will really dance a jig! Or Two!!!
Thank you everycat. You make my heart sing!



April 1st 2008 2:19 pm
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There are 8999 peoples who have looked at my page since
the very beginning. One more peek and that will be 9000!!!!
That's NINE THOUSAND PEEKIES!!!! And that's just little 'ol
me!!! Wow!
I am thinking of celebrating, but, I don't know what to do?
I know, I like to dance!! I'll do a dance!!!
Tap tap.
Dang, that was fun!!!



March 31st 2008 8:04 am
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Mommie said it is really windy today. So what's new?
It's almost always windy here. She said she could put a kite
on my back, put me outside, and I could fly!
Is she trying to tell me something?
Do you suppose she is mad 'cuz I woke her up again at 5:30AM? sense of humor!



March 29th 2008 2:23 pm
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Not only is Mommie buzy NOT doing my diary, but, for
Heaven's knows HOW long, the last entry was in here twice.
TWICE!!! (Senile.)
Not only that but some kind soul has left me treats and did she
ever once, say THANK MEW????
So whoever you are....Thank Mew! You are just so very sweet.




March 25th 2008 6:34 am
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That silly old woman that I sleep with, Mommie,
is suffering from OPS...Old People Syndrome. That syndrome
being, getting up early. I hate that! I planned on getting my
beauty sleep this morning and was promptly got woken up
at 5:30AM.
Now how dumb is that? She sure coulda used some beauty
sleep herself! Screwy old woman!
So I am tired....I plan to nap the day away. My little green
eyes keep falling shut and I haven't got a purr left in me, I am
so tired.
She's sitting at the computer now, waiting for the sunrise, like
it's some kind of big deal. Well, maybe to her it is.
Myself....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzz!!!!



March 24th 2008 3:34 pm
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Well, yesterday we had a purdy nice day. Ma and Pa had
company. Ronie and Lee came to see us. They are such suckers,
they love me to pieces and I just act like Icould care less. But,
the real honest to goodness fact isthat I like them a lot!! I just
like to be that way sometimes. Ronie gives me some really nice
pets and seems to always hit the good spots, but, I like to remain
aloof....that way, they try harder and I get more pets!
Smart, huh? And some people say cats are dumb!
Mawsie took my bed last night so I am plotting something evil.
I don't know what yet, but, her day is coming!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter day!



March 16th 2008 8:18 am
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How terribly disgusting. I am beginning to think I am a second
rate citizen in this house. Mommie never takes the time to write in
my diary. Hint hint.....
I got a notice this morning that my Catster Plus was due. did you
know that you can pay with Paypal? Pretty cool! So we reupped
and will continue to have all my pretty pictures on. Of course,
it is only to be expected, 'cuz Mommie says I'm cute.
I see they have some Irish hats and clovers now to give. I will see
if I can talk Mommie into giving some to my furr-riends.
She and Daddy plan to go on a picnic today.
What's a picnic and how come I can't go?
Wau-uuugggghhhh...snort! I have to stay home with Mawsie!
Poopy doo!!!
Well, I'm outta here.
I just wanted to say hi.

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