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January 30th 2010 1:20 pm
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Well here it is another week and another crazy weather day. Last week it was rain, rain, rain and flooding. Today it is snow, snow, snow.

The good thing is, the Humans are home. I get to rest on the arm of Girl Human's chair, while looking at all my friends on Catster.

Decker has had a busy frew week and has been running around the outback yelling KARMA< KARMA< KARMA. We are not sure what he means. What ever it is he seems real happy. Today is the fun day for him. He is the only one who loves to play in the fresh falling snow.

Scarlet is doing so well. Her fur looks much better and she has gained her weight back. New picture on her page. The Humans feed her every time the clocks strikes on the half hour.

Sophia does not like her getting all the food. She got mad and attacked her. She has done that twice. She has gotten yelled at by both Humans, at the same time. She is not a very good kitty these days. She goes around whipping her tail and growling.

Sweeny thinks she is playing. He has found out the hard way. She just has a BAD TUUUD. So Sophia lighten up girl, you don't need extra food. SORRY someone has to tell you.

So here we are waiting for Male Human to start a fire in the fireplace.



January 20th 2010 7:35 pm
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Spa has had my spotlight and I guess that is good. He went public and has so much response. He was a Diary Pick. Girl Human made a movie and it was a hit. They both are dancing around and are so very happy.
Scarlet has been doing so well and is eating every time I turn around. Girl Human tells me I need to watch my figure and that I can't have all those extra meals. Scarlet has put on some weight and she is looking good.
Scarlet has even been playing with Girl Humans coat and talking to it. Why??? It doesn't seem to answer her. She doesn't seem to mind. She just keeps on talking and talking. Crazy kitty.
Everyone at the Junction was so happy yesterday. 50 degrees and lots of nice warm sunshine. Cella came out to bask in the sun. She had not stepped outside since before Christmas the 18th of Dec.. She like to stay in. Girl Human made her go out and she was happy all day. The snow that fell Dec. 19th is still on the ground. Most of it is gone now and that is good. The moles are digging new holes and we are having fun chasing them.
All in all Girl Human was off and life was good for all of us on Tuesday.


Girl Human's very first Movie on Spa's page

January 10th 2010 12:13 pm
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WOW she did it. What a day. Her first movie. A must see. Check out Spa's page. #1010378


New Arrivals

January 10th 2010 10:26 am
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What do we do on a Sunday Morning????? We watch TV. Girl Human had a birthday and her Daughter Human took he shopping at," ALL THE RIGHT PLACES". She brought us gifts.

I am not quit sure about the Video's she bought. One is real cool, birds jumping around and singing. I was in the front row seating for that one. We also got an Aquarium one,on Blue Ray. Amber's number one choice, but no goldfish.

There is this one that scared me so bad I got a real big tail. It was so scary that ALL MY HAIR STOOD UP. I went into attack mood. The thing was they didn't care. There were strange cats in our house. All sizes and kinds. They didn't care that I was ready to fight them all.

I had this thought!!!! Where these the cats that the Humans were talking about. THE NEW CATS had moved in. There they where not scared of me??? I am ready to fight. Was this those cats named New, Years and Resolution???? Which is Which??? Those crazy names, not for a cat.

Wow I sure am glad they live in that big box the Humans watch. I don't want to share my food, bed or litter box with them.

They did scare the " BJesus" out of me. Don't tell anyone, please!!!! Our secret OK!!!

The temp here was 7 degrees at 8 a.m. and now it is 27 degrees at 14:00 hours. I guess we are in a heat wave.

No one outside wanted to go out too cold, they say. Morgan, our snow bunny is rolling it the snow drift right now and loving it. She is crazy.

Hope all our Catster friends have a good week ahead.


Girl Human has to go back

January 3rd 2010 7:24 pm
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Well here we are all cuddled up. The fire has just died. The Humans are getting ready for work. Their days of fussing over us, are almost over. We are sad.

We have had some wonderful days of being spoiled. We love being warmed by the fireplace, eating fine snacks, and having a place made just special for each one of us.

We have gotten to enjoy the fun of playing in wrapping paper, stealing the bows. We loved laying under the tree and looking at all the shiny decorations and the pretty lights.

We got to sit at the window and watch the snow outside while we were warm and toasty inside. We loved all the fun things that Santa Claws brought and we enjoyed hearing from Catster friends from all over the world and hearing from all of those we have not heard from for while.

We enjoyed sharing all the different ways people and kitties celebrate their holidays, around the world. That was worth so much to us.

We were saddened by the loss of some wonderful kitties. They are now at Rainbow Bridge watching over, all of us. We pray for their Fur Family and Humans. We know the pain and have felt it in years past. We know how difficult and trying it is to deal with sadness during the Holidays.

We also miss those who left Catster. We wish them the best and hope they will decide to return again to enjoy all the Catster friendships.

We watched while our Scarlet, went from near death herself, to a won bounce back. She now is the silly kitty we all know and love. She was able to sit at the Dinner table, in her chair and share Christmas dinner with us. We know that all those prayers, Our Catster friends said, during those hard times did work. We thank everyone of you so very much.

We are all so happy that we got to share with our Catster friends the days at Calico Junction. We are so very thankful for Girl Human's guardian angel. She was so happy that he did appear when he was needed the most.

We wish each Catster kitty and Human the best of best for 2010. And we are also blessed to have our Spokescat Annie and all her diary entries that kept everyone updated on the adventures at Calico Junction.


We all hope to bring you more news and pictures this coming year. We only hope that Calico Junction will be able to give our LOVES a lot of fun days ahead. We hope to provide for them better this year the we had last year.

We pray for all those wonderful loving kitties who have not found their FOREVER HOMES yet. We hope that 2010 will give comfort and food to all those in need.

Bless you all. Thank You for your friendship. thank you for your stories. All your Humans are your GUARDIAN ANGELS give them a special hug, nudge and purrr tonight.



What???? New Year???

January 2nd 2010 1:29 pm
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What is all this about a NEW YEAR??? Does that mean more kitties to have to share my space with?? Do I have to share my food too??? What is a NEW YEAR???? I hope it is not one of those noise making little kitten??? I sure hope that is not it's name?? NEW YEAR, Here NEW YEAR, were are you?? NEW YEAR is that NEW YEARs??, is NEW YEARS here yet???? This is not sweet music to my cute little ears.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. If there is some kitty out there named NEW YEAR how can it be HAPPY with that name??? What is all the parties, fire works and noise for??? Boy this better be some SPECIAL KITTY.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Is that another kitty name??? And what is a name, Resolutions??? I sure hope that does not mean three new kittens.

That is all I have heard the Humans talk about. I think I will go hide under the bed until this blows over. NO MORE KITTIES FOR CALICO JUNCTION, Girl Human had said not long ago.

Oh yes and what are these numbers they keep throwing around 201o???


Christmas Eve at the Junction.

December 24th 2009 9:04 pm
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What is this about, Not a creature was WHAT. Not here, all the creatures are getting into everything. Pooh is yelling out the window at nothing. Scarlet was laying across the kitchen table as if she owns it.

Male Human is just plain NUTS. But he is nuts in a nice way. Playing Christmas Music so loud that Santa CLAWS as got to know where we all are. He even danced with Girl Human. What a funny thing to see, Two Humans trying to step on each others paws, Whats with that????

Amber is even out of her Shell tonight, She is sitting in my spot, by Girl Human while she types my message to you all. WOW Amber wants Girl Human to pet and kiss her. This is so odd. She never does that. Girl Human told me to wait, while she gives her some loving, WELL!!!!! OK Amber what is it? What do you want???? Your hogging, What do you want???? What?? What did she say????


Yes and from all of us at the Junction a VERY MERRY HOLIDAY.



Sweeny and the snow

December 21st 2009 9:11 pm
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Today Girl Human took Sweeny outside to see the snow. That is his first snow that he ever touched and smelled. Girl Human held him and let him put his front feet in the cold soft stuff. He smelled it but it had no smell at all. Sweeny looked at Girl Human and wondered why Humans get so excited about it.

Today Scarlet has seen the Vet and it to return Christmas Eve morning. When he called this morning Scarlet was chipper and walking around, purring and hungry. What a difference from last night. The antibiotics must be helping her a lot. Her Vet said he would drive out and drop off medicine any time Girl Human may need it. All those nice kitties and Human who have prayed for her, seem to have helped. Thank You once again. All we can do is take one day at a time. Today was good and Girl Human was so much happier.

Girl Human let Scarlet sit with her while she wrapped Christmas gifts. Scar;et enjoyed it. She washed herself while she watched Annie eat a ribbon. Yes Annie gave it back to Male Human in about 3 places. She wrapped his gifts and he didn't like it. He threw them away. Annie was O.K. with it as she had lots more gifts to check out, under the tree. Tonight will be fun. The 4 a.m. crazies should be interesting. Hope the tree makes it until Christmas.

We are all tired here from shoveling snow. Girl Human saw her Guardian Angel today and told him she had told the story on Catster to all. She told him he was now known worldwide.He gave that wide smile and flung back his head and laughed so very hard. He said he had been busy helping people dig out. He spoke for a little bit about how some people are not as nice as others when it snows. He must know something we don't about these people. Maybe he is Santa Claws???? Or is he a real Angel????



December 20th 2009 8:42 pm
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We dug and dug today. We did get the truck moved and chains put on it. We are waiting for the Vet to call. Male Human and I will get her to the Vet early.

She has not eaten much today, we let her walk around a little and let her sit on the chair in the dinning room. She liked that.

We would like to thank everyone for all the support and kind notes and prayers. We will let you know what we find out tomorrow.


Kitties say HELP

December 20th 2009 9:05 am
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All we can see is White, White, White, we need sun glasses. 30" of snow is well over our heads. We can't even jump up on something high to look over the top of it. Everything is covered with this cold stuff. Male Human let all out who wanted to come out. All Sieben did was cry so he put him back in his house.

We were very lucky here. We did not get the wind they were saying we were going to have. So we did not loose our lights.
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