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He’s the U.K.’s longest-serving media darling, as the host of BBCs The Sky At Night. Launched in 1957, it’s the world’s longest-running TV series and just put its 700th episode in the can. Sir Patrick Moore is an astronomer, a former spy and best of all, a cat guy.

A childhood prodigy, Moore was tutored at home since the age of six due to a heart condition. He had little contact with kids his own age. Was he lonely?

“My boyhood was unusual. I cant recall a single friend until I was 15. Oh yes, there was Arthur C. Clarke (the sci-fi author). But I always had my cats.”

And he still does. Ptolemy and Jeannie live with him, in a house with a notice on the front door that says, “The house is maintained entirely for the convenience of the cat.”

In fact, given a choice between men and cats, hed always choose cats.

“I had my first Ptolemy when I was ten. My beloved cat was nine when he died of cat flu. They had to send for a doctor and sedate me.”

He’s feeding a little back cat treats as he speaks. “This little black cat [Ptolemy] put his head in my hand when I first saw him. I can talk elementary cat, and he was saying, ‘I want to live here. I want to be your cat.’ I said, ‘Your name is Ptolemy.’ So there you are, love at first sight.”

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