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Wear a Nation of Amanda T-Shirt and All the Cats Will Love You the Best

It's true! Well, at least if all the cats read your T-shirt. Cats read T-shirts, don't they?

 |  Aug 3rd 2012  |   1 Contribution

What would it take for all of the cats in the world to love you the best? Catnip would help. Tuna, feather toys, and a willingness to be awakened up with a paw in the face every morning would definitely improve your chances, too. 

You should possess the calm, cat-friendly demeanor of a cat whisperer (think Jackson Galaxy), while also maintaining the icy cool exterior of a feline goddess, like Catwoman. Being an expert at administering scritchies is a must, as per Catster's own Mina the Cat. In the end, it's usually the people who pay the least attention to them who cats end up fawning over the most.

"I Want All Of The Cats To Love Me The Best" Tees (Available in Women's and Unisex sizes.)

Artist Amanda Kirkland of Nation of Amanda came up with the witty "I Want All of the Cats to Love Me the Best" illustration, which expresses what seems to be the hidden sentiment of cat admiring folks everywhere. The design features a bevy of solid, striped, and tuxedo kitties -- some even falling head over paw -- to express their adoration just for you. 

Ready to let all of the felines in the world know that you're prepared to fight for their affections? Kirkland's darling drawing is available as a sticker, patch, or colorful screen-printed T-shirt from the Nation of Amanda shop.


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