Siberian Cats

Siberians seems to possess a special knack for winning over those who steadfastly proclaim to be strictly “dog people.”


Siberian Pictures

  • Siberian cat named Smokey
  • Siberian cat named Kiki
  • Siberian cat named Lisa
  • Siberian cat named Vasya
  • Siberian cat named Amélie
  • Siberian cat named Luka
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Quick Facts

  • 15 – 20 pounds | male
    10 – 15 pounds | female
  • about 13 inches

Ideal Human Companions

    • Families with children
    • Singles with other pets
    • First-time cat owners
    • Active households

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Trademark Traits

    • Big and powerful
    • Possesses dog-like devotion
    • Extremely personable
    • Athletic and energetic
    • Gentle around children
    • Reputed to be hypoallergenic, but unproven

What They Are Like to Live With

Very agile and powerful, the Siberian can easily leap and reach high places, including top of refrigerators and even doors.

This is truly a gentle giant who enjoys the company of people and pets of various species. Mellow and quiet, the Siberian is very loving and devoted.

When resting in your lap, they love to chirp and purr their pure contentment. They are very quiet and tend to chirp and emit soft mews.

Things You Should Know

The Siberian coat actually becomes thicker during winter, even living indoors. During fall and spring shedding seasons, you will need to brush the coat daily.

This is a very hardy breed that is not linked to any congenital health condition.

Many people allergic to most cats seem to be able to tolerate the Siberian without a single sniffle or sneeze. Some breeders contend that the Siberian possesses naturally low levels of the Fel d 1 protein identified to trigger allergic reactions.

Siberian History

This breed has been in existence for at least 1,000 years and proudly serves as the national cat of Russia. Siberians were among the first breeds competing in early cat shows held in England in 1871.

The first Siberians arrived in the United States in 1990. Today, it is not uncommon to have waiting lists to adopt litters from this rare, but cherished breed.

Today, the Siberian is ranked 23rd in popularity among the breeds listed by the Cat Fanciers Association and earned championship status in 2006.

The Look of a Siberian

Keep in mind that this breed originated from a cold place – Russia. That explains its thick, rich medium-long coat that comes in just about every color of the rainbow.

The eyes are round, large, and expressive – and usually gold or green hue, but they can also be blue.

The Siberian looms as the largest cat breed. Its build is stocky and sturdy. It has large paws with tufts of fur poking out between each toe and the tail is blunt at the tip.

Siberians are slow but steady growers, not reaching their full stature for five years.

It is not uncommon for a fit male to weigh up to 25 pounds. In general, females weigh between 12 to 15 pounds and males weigh between 15 and 20 pounds.

Talk About Siberians 

A large, but surprisingly agile cat

My beautiful cat is a Siberian mix. Her name is Zoey and she weighs in at a hefty 12 lbs of pure love and beauty and affection! She will great anyone at the door and comes running to me whenever I walk in the door. She is a great companion to my Ragdoll, Linus, and Sheltie, Gabby. Zoey will jump on your lap and quietly purr and chirp. She loves to jump up on top of my 42" kitchen cabinets! I still have no idea how she is able to propel herself to such a height!

I would HIGHLY recommend this breed. I have owned many cats in my lifetime, but have NEVER owned one that is so totally dog-like, that if you closed your eyes you would swear Zoey was a dog!

~Lori W., owner of a Siberian mix

The most affectionate creatures

We have two Siberian cats. I am allergic to cats in general, can't get within 10 feet of some cats but these can nap in my lap and I have no reaction. In addition, they are like dogs in many ways - they always want to be where the people are, are the first ones to the door when the doorbell rings, come when they're called and are just the most affectionate creatures. The breed produces sturdy cats with few health issues. They are intelligent, communicate with you and are great fun to watch and play with.

~Toni B., owner of two Siberian cats

They make cat people out of anybody!

Siberians are the most affectionate and loving cats I've ever had. Even our kitten, who was feral and quite skittish around people, will eventually come out and greet every stranger that comes to the house. Our older one is a social butterfly and will win over your heart, whether you want to or not. I can't tell you how many people have started off with "I hate cats, keep her away from me" and ended up best buddies after one evening.

Living with Siberians is fun - they are very curious and playful. Our kitten likes to move our throw rugs around the house, or carry my lingerie around in her mouth.

If you're thinking about getting a Siberian, think about getting two! When we got a kitten for our older one, she perked right up and has been much happier and more active. They are very social cats. Also make sure to get a scratching post (or have a tree handy) because they're large, muscular cats, and they really need to scratch. This is for both their claws and their muscles, which get a good stretch. Ever since we got a scratching post, they have never again touched the furniture.

~Larissa W., owner of Siberian cats

Siberians are addictive

My first Siberian is named Sophie. She is beautiful, loving, and supervises everyon in the house. If you sneeze or cough she will (even if napping) use their bark-like chirp to bless you.

I can relate to comments of another who have said people who say they hate cats quickly chnage their minds after meeting a Siberian. I have a teenage son and usually a houseful of boys and she is always in the thick of it with them.

Oh the addiction part, Sophie was such a delight to our family, so a year later we got her brother, Sonny. They love to play together and put on the kitty rodeo show every night, running full blast through the house. A bug doesn't last a nanosecond and allows them to really show off those incredible jumping skills. I have had cats all my life, but never a breed quite like this breed.

~Debbie L, owner of two Siberians

Impossible not to love

If you want a sweet, loving, lovable little teddy bear of a cat, get a Siberian. Our cat is a Siberian mix, but has the sweet and expressive looks of a Siberian. You can't help but love her -- she has never done anything not to like, and it's clear that she wants to be loved. Get this cat, but not mine.

~Joseph G., owner of a Siberian