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How the perfect cat was developed.

Ten years ago I met Therese Clarke, the French geneticist and prominent cat fancier, who developed the Burmilla breed. She told me that a friend of hers who had a Burmese queen was looking after a Chincilla tom for a friend. (The Chinchilla is related to the Persian.)

Her Burmese came into call, so she shut her into her study and went downstairs to phone the stud's owner to make an appointment. When she went upstairs again, she found that her cleaning lady had let the Chinchilla tom into the study, but both cats were sitting on opposite windowsills, looking in opposite directions. Thinking she had caught them in time, she took her Burmese to the stud, but after a healthy pregnancy, the Burmese gave birth to four gorgeous female kittens who were half Burmese, half Chinchilla!

All her friends adored these little girls, so she rang Therese and asked her to come and give her opinion. Therese fell in love with the kittens and developed the breed. She chose the best of the four girls and put another Chinchilla to a Burmese and chose the best tom kitten, after which she mixed in cats of different colours and created a stable generation of cats who were first shown as a Burmese variety. In 1995, they were recognised as a breed in their own right.

Burmillas make the liveliest, most mischievous kittens and the most brilliantly loving adult cats. They have the softness and the prettiness of the Persian type with the shape and intelligence of the oriental. We have Tui and her son, Magic -- his father is Xenefer, one of Therese's studs who won Cat of the Year -- and they are both Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmillas. They are the loveliest cats, and people who meet them for the first time are always blown away by their beauty and friendliness.

~Ingrid C., owner of two Burmillas

Living with a Burmilla

The thing I love most about this breed is that they are the best of both worlds: they can be playful, intelligent and very active but also can settle down after playtime and cuddle up to you, they are very affectionate.

Living with them is always interesting, they always find a way to entertain you but demand your attention, the good thing is because they have some of the chinchilla in them they are not always "on" like a Burmese, and they can find a way to entertain themselves for a while.

If you are considering getting a Burmilla, then make sure you have the lifestyle to suit it, they don't like to be left alone for long periods of time so getting two from the same litter is a good idea, or if you have other pets, as they are very sociable and get along well with everyone. You also have to be prepared to spend at least 30 mins to an hour each day to give him his special alone time with you, this is his bonding time and it is very is very important to him and keeps him happy, but this is usually the case for all cats. Other than that they are very easy to please and very loving towards humans, they make great companions.

~Jemma P., owner of a Burmilla