Month: December 2010

  • The Age of the $20,000 Pet

    How much would you pay to save your cat’s life? I’ve know more than a few cat-loving families who’d spend any amount. Even when a cat is at the end of her expected lifespan, owners will spend thousands of dollars to keep Fluffy around just a bit longer. We were faced with the decision recently …

  • High Resolution Photos in Photo Galleries

    Just a quick meow to let everypaw know that the photo galleries in our cat pictures area are now showing high resolution versions of your photos. Soon we’ll display high resolution versions on your individual photo pages as well. High resolution photos are no small requirement due to the fact that they takes up hundreds …

  • Five Finds for the Frantic Feline Shopper

    Feeling a little frantic this week? As the clock ticks down to Christmas/Kwanzaa/Boxing Day, at least some of us are wondering how the heck we’re gonna finish all of our holiday shopping. The good news is, you still have time to buy some great gifts and get them shipped to arrive by the big day …

  • Caboodle: Christmas Cats!

    Kittens make great Christmas presents! But so do cats! If you’re thinking of getting your kids a kitten for Christmas, you should also consider adopting a shelter cat! It’s way harder for adult cats to find homes than it is for kittens, and it’ll be like a double gift–both for your kid, and your new …

  • Cat Fight: Adopted Kitten Causes Four-Person Brawl

    Ned the kitten probably never imagined that his adoption would start a chain of events that led to a face-slapping, hair-pulling fisticuff. But that’s exactly what happened at a Tennessee home on Sunday night. Susan Mercer fell in love with Ned, a three-month-old tabby kitten, when she found him at a PetSmart adoption event. She …

  • Catnip is a heck of a drug

    Ahhh, I’m freaking out man!

  • Love and balance

    Nothing quite makes everything feel right in the world like a hug, does it?

  • Deaf Tripod Tabby Missing for 5 Months is Home for the Holidays

    Henry Blair-Allwright’s family believes in Christmas miracles. Henry is a deaf tabby with only three legs who went missing 150 days ago. This week he was found more than 20 miles from his Wollaton (U.K.) home, in Mackworth after the Millet family noticed him living a field near their home. John Millet said, “He was …

  • Wow your litter box is way nicer than mine!

    The kitty litter is soooo soft and cozy!

  • Here, let me clean your ears

    Okay… This is taking longer than I expected.

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