Month: December 2010

  • GIVEAWAY: Dear Sparkle

    Today we’re giving away a copy of Dear Sparkle: Cat-to-Cat Advice from the world’s foremost feline columnist by our glamorous supermodel friend, Sparkle the Cat. Sparkle is an Internet sensation as an advice columnist offering help on a range of topics from how to manage your humans to proper catiquette. You’ll get sage advice straight …

  • Cat Powers

    Rogue is a member of the X Men who can steal the super powers of mutants… And apparently cats too!

  • Not fair!

    Why even make him a cake if he’s not allowed to nom it!

  • Christmas is coming

    Have you sent out your cards yet?

  • Infinite Bad Luck

    That’s one way to diet: Curse the kitchen with infinite black cats.

  • Holiday Miracle: Cat Left To Die Making Full Recovery

    The legend goes that cats have nine lives. And if that’s true, somebody must have robbed Big Bob of at least a couple of them. The four-year-old Russian Blue was found last weekend by volunteers of IndyFeral, a cat advocacy group. He had been hit by a car, shot, and left for dead. The volunteers …

  • Friday Funnies: Cat vs. Internet [COMIC]

    Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. This Friday’s Funny is a step-by-step introdukshun to how yoo CAN win bak affeckshun frum yer innernets-addikted peeple. This is good stuff, kittehs! Take notes! [SOURCE: The Oatmeal. Be sure to drop by The Oatmeal Shop — they have a special going — free upgraded to expedited delivery on orders over …

  • Changes for Facebook Connect

    Meowzers ya’ll! Everyone getting a bit spazzy with holiday excitement? I know we are! But I have to write to you about an update that just went live on the sites that hopefully no one will even notice. The changes are to support the newest version of Facebook Connect because the old version is going …

  • Feline Film Footage Reveals The Secrets of Cats’ Lives

    Exactly what does a cat do with its day when left to its own devices? Most cat owners probably assume that their feline companions spend all their “alone time” sleeping. But a recently released video proves that cats actually spend much more time playing and exploring than they do sleeping. The filmmakers chose 25 male …

  • 13-18-Month-Old Kitten: What to Expect

    As your cat goes through adolescence and comes into her adult personality, you might notice some behavior changes. A kitten that was a cuddler might become more aloof, while a kitten that spent more time peering out the window than bothering with you may become your new lap warmer. This is completely normal and your …