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  • Litter Training Kittens and Cats

    Litter Training Kittens and Cats


    Dec 2, 2009 — Using the litter box is second nature to most cats. Training kittens to use a litter box is usually as easy as showing them where it is and dropping them in. When you're introducing your new cat to your home, the litter box should be one of your...

  • Preparing Your Home for a Kitten

    Preparing Your Home for a Kitten


    Dec 2, 2009 — You may be thinking about adopting a kitten. They are such a joy - cuddly and cute and oh, so curious. Therefore, it's a good idea to do some kitten proofing before bringing home a new kitten. Here's how to prepare your home for her: Your Trip...

  • Heartworm Prevention for Cats

    Heartworm Prevention for Cats


    Dec 2, 2009 — Heartworm disease is transmitted to cats and dogs by a bite from a mosquito carrying the microscopic heartworm larvae. Heartworms are a parasite known as dirofilaria immitis. They have the appearance of thin spaghetti when they reach adulthood. While...

  • Do Cat Families Have a Hierarchical Structure?

    Do Cat Families Have a Hierarchical Structure?


    Dec 2, 2009 — If you have more than one or two cats and are an astute observer of feline behavior, you've noticed that cats do seem to adhere to established feline social structures. One of your cats may have "Alpha Cat" status, with other cats deferring to him...

  • Car Travel with Cats

    Car Travel with Cats


    Dec 2, 2009 — Most cats prefer to stay home. The car trip for cats often means a trip to the vet or, worse yet for furry cats, the groomers. Yes, a few cats love car transport, but they are the brave and the bold. Traveling by car with your cat involves some...

  • Heartworm Symptoms in Cats

    Heartworm Symptoms in Cats


    Dec 2, 2009 — Heartworm in cats is variously treatable. It is important to know the symptoms, causes and areas at risk and to be prudent in treatment. Although heartworm disease in cats was once confined largely to warm and wet areas, it has now spread...

  • Is Cat Fostering Right for Me?

    Is Cat Fostering Right for Me?


    Dec 2, 2009 — Becoming a foster provider to homeless cats or kittens can be rewarding and fulfilling, and may offer an ideal situation for families who are unwilling or unable to make a long-term commitment to a pet cat. Many cat rescue groups see finding cat...

  • Buying the Right Cat Carrier

    Buying the Right Cat Carrier


    Dec 2, 2009 — Attention cat owners of the world: If you have a cat, you need a cat carrier. Also known as a pet taxis, cat taxis, or cat crates, cat carriers (like cats) come in all shapes and sizes. They range in price and durability from collapsible cardboard...

  • Heartworm Treatment for Cats

    Heartworm Treatment for Cats


    Dec 2, 2009 — Heartworm is a parasitic infestation transmitted to dogs and more rarely, cats, by bites from infected mosquitoes. Heartworm is a potentially fatal health threat and often requires aggressive, prolonged and painful treatment. Prevention is Easier...

  • Traveling with Your Cat by Airplane

    Traveling with Your Cat by Airplane


    Dec 2, 2009 — Flying with cats is not as hard as it sounds. If your cat can nap, your cat can fly. Learning how to travel with your cat on an airplane helps you to create a safe, predictable, and calm passage for your kitty when the fur flies. Prepare well in...