Update on Some of Our Smaller Blogs


Hi everyone,

This afternoon we got an influx of questions about an experimental blog (moarrawr.com) one of our outside bloggers was working on. There were also a couple questions about two of our newer permanent blogs (dogatar.com and catatar.com) so I wanted to post an update here on all of them.

Moarrawr.com was an experiment side project that I have officially shut down. The original purpose was to show pictures of animals being amazing, powerful, intimidating, resplendent, powerful, stunning … and all the other things that make them so astounding. I should say those are the images that were supposed to be posted, and there were very many of them at the times I looked at it. But, since we weren’t promoting it, weren’t linking to, I wasn’t even looking at it much. It was kind of a forgotten side project while we were working on the redesigns. The blogger took it in a direction that I don’t like at all and it’s gone. I had thought showing things like the type of law of the jungle events that were shown in Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom would be fine, but it went beyond that from what I just saw, so that’s done. Sincere apologies to anyone that didn’t like what they saw.

There are two new photo blogs that we really do love and expect to become permanent additions to the dogster and catster families. They are Dogatar.com and Catatar.com. They are still in their development state, but I think they have a lot of potential. Someone emailed me as they found a couple posts that didn’t meet our family friendly terms. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I just went over them both with my head editor and we did find a couple, but the few that were there are gone now and everything is appropriate for a seven year old. The bloggers have already been reminded about what is appropriate for posting and everyone in editorial has been updated too. It won’t happen again. I prawmise.

Ted @ HQ.

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