Our Catster Friend Guido Is Ccompeting For $1 Million On Meow Mix’s Think Like A Cat Game Show Airing GSN At 9:30pm EST

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Today is the most exciting day in my life (well, ixsept for the day I met the grate Ted Rheingold). Cuz tonite, my Catster frend Guido is compeeting for $1 million on TV, on Meow Mix’s Think Like a Cat game show with the grate Chuck Woolery.

It won’t be all glammer and glitz for me, tho — The Cat’s Meow will be blogging LIVE frum Guido’s howse as me and a bunch of Guido’s frends watch the show on TV, so I’ll be werking hard to share the nite’s festivities with yoo. Yoo can watch along with us — the show will be broadcast on GSN at 9:30 pm EST — chek yer local listings for the time neer yoo.

See yoo all tonite, and keep yer paws krost for Guido the Italian Kitty!