Vid We Love: Watch Taylor Swift Give Birth to Hundreds of Cats


In a new public service commercial promoting early spay/neuter, trap-neuter-return, and the dangers of hoarding — and maybe Diet Coke (?) — Taylor Swift drinks a Diet Coke, and every time she sips, cats magically appear.

The ad starts simply, with one cat, but after Swift drinks from her bottle of soda (Diet Coke), we suddenly have two cats, highlighting how quickly cats can reproduce and also perhaps something about Diet Coke.

When Taylor drinks again, there are more cats, again showcasing the swift manner in which cats multiply and presumably more things about Diet Coke (maybe the levels of aspartame in it?). More cats appear with each sip, almost like Swift is a tomcat impregnating generations of females through some new rapid-fire Diet Coke-based fertilization technique discovered by … T.I., let’s say.

Finally, the ad jumps to the future, where Taylor, decades from her last hit song and enmeshed in an extreme hoarding situation under hundreds of cats, raises her Diet Coke one last time before, off-camera, the door is busted down and the cats are rescued.

The tagline “What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?” flashes on-screen, nonsensically.

Don’t believe us? Watch it:

OK, it’s just a Diet Coke ad, and it’s a pretty good one, too, if you like cats. At the end of it is Taylor’s own cat, and she’s adorable. There’s also a pitch for Taylor’s next album, because someone saw a nice opportunity for a little cross-promotion and is probably getting a raise.

But still, all those multiplying cats. We can’t help think there’s an cat activist with a lot of pull somewhere in Coke’s ad company. Early spay/neuter, people.


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