“Supermom” Rescues Her Day-Old Kitten


I remember the late 1970s as a wasteland of bad music, terrible fashion, and ridiculous disaster movies. But I also recall one news story that made my eyes widen with awe: A woman was in a roll-over car accident, and somehow she was able to physically lift her one-ton vehicle to save her child, who was still trapped inside.

Today’s story echoes that one … but the protagonist is feline.

It all started last weekend in Durban, South Africa, when two men were seen driving a pickup truck onto the grounds of a security company. They dropped off a closed cardboard box and set a rock on top of it, then left the scene.

Shortly after, a cat pushed its head out from beneath the rock and jumped out of the box. After a quick look around, the feline dashed back to the box and pulled out a tiny kitten just as the rock fell and almost killed them both.

The tale of this mama-cat’s feat of superfeline strength came to the attention of the Durban SPCA, thanks to a staffer at the security company who reviewed footage from surveillance cameras and saw the incident. SPCA inspectors arrived, rescued mom and baby (who are now named Ava and Basil), and took them to the organization’s shelter.

The news article states that the two are not the least bit feral and are very comfortable in human company. With that in mind, Ava had to have been living with people until she and her kitten were thoughtlessly abandoned.

But this isn’t just a story of a mother cat’s love and instinctive drive to save her baby’s life. It’s one of surpassing cruelty and outright stupidity.

I mean, really. How dumb do you have to be to perpetrate an act like this on the property of a security company? I’m sure nobody could possibly imagine that a business specializing in crime prevention and surveillance mighthave cameras everywhere!

The security company handed the CCTV footage to investigators at the Durban SPCA, who reviewed all the footage and got the registration details for the criminals’ truck. They passed on this information to the police, and an animal cruelty investigation is now under way.

Ava and Basil are recovering from their ordeal. They will be available for adoption as soon as the kitten is weaned and both cats are neutered.

As for the men who dumped the little family, I hope their Darwin Award is waiting for them with their arrest orders.

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