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Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Back in December, the Cat’s Meow sponsored a contest in wich we gave away a free foto shoot by the San Francisco Bay Area’s #1 rated pet fotograffer, Mark Rogers. The winner of the contest was Finn, and I reesintly interviewed both Finn and da grate Mark Rogers to find owt how the foto seshun went, and to give all of our reeders a beehind-the-seens look at a sellebrity foto shoot!

Skeezix: Were yoo nervous at the prospect of being fotograft by the grate Mark Rogers?
Finn: Honestly, I wasn’t at all nervous about meeting Mark. I know he’s made you and Guido the talk of the town but I knew he was pretty excited to meet me so I played it cool, cool, cool.

Skeezix: Did yoo do anything speshul to git reddy for yer foto shoot like going to the groomer or gitting a pawdicure? Did yoo praktiss yer glamour pozes or watch America’s Next Top Model?
Finn: I really didn’t do anything special about getting beautiful, in fact when Mark was checking me out before beginning the shoot he mentioned that I seemed to have some poop stuck on my butt hole. I let him know that I was just testing his eye for detail and then mom proceeded to scrub my little bum to a rich pink color. Of course, I’m a fan of America’s Next Top Model and have pretty much perfected my signature walk which Mark captured in several of my photos.

Skeezix: Finn, yoo’ve never tried to hide yer feral past. Did yoo ever imagine, back win yoo were roaming the streets, that within a yeer yoo would be doing a foto shoot with sellebrity pet fotograffer Mark Rogers?
Finn: You know, Skeezix, I’ve been around the block in my short life – in off the streets, landing in the lap of luxury with everything I’ve ever wanted but no, I never imagined that I would meet and be photographed by the great Mark Rogers before I’m even a year old. Makes me wonder what I have to look forward to…maybe a stroll with you?

Skeezix: Finn, I am totally looking forward to taking a stroll with yoo for the Cat’s Meow’s Spring Strolling issue! Yoo know, I notist that yoo look very relaxed in yer fotos. Does modeling come natcherally to yoo?
Finn: I felt relaxed. I really do enjoy performing and once I’m on stage I just really get into whatever role I’m playing. I have a little stage fright right before I go on, I worry a little about my fetch routine – will I find the mouse right away, will I carry it in the most photogenic way, stuff like that, but then once the lights go down and a hush falls over the crowd, and I hear that camera shutter purring, well I know what I have to do and I am in the zone.

Skeezix: Wich of the fotos is yer faverite and why?
Finn: Well, Skeezix, it’s hard to say but I think my favorite is one of me carrying my mouse walking straight at the camera. Mark really captured by long, leggy look, the determination in my eyes and the purple color of the mouse. We got an 8 x 10 of that one – I’ll probably use it on my next album cover or perhaps as the cover of my next book.

Skeezix: Yoo seemed to have a good rapport with Mark wile yoo were pozing for him. Was he eezy to work with?
Finn: I can’t speak highly enough of the great Mark Rogers. I knew going into this that Mark is primarily a dog man so I had some reservations about his ability to capture my cat essence but he proved me wrong over and over again. He had a good throwing arm too – really made my mouse fly – and he didn’t smell like d-o-g for which I am most greatful. I know that the pictures he took will lead to my fame and fortune and honestly I am prepared to take him along with me on the journey. You can never have too many great photos of yourself. I’d just like to say to the cats out there that might be reading this…if you want to look better than you’ve ever looked before in your life, call Mark Rogers to come and take your picture. Just want you all to know that he did not pay me to say that.

Skeezix: Well, I think the reezults speek fur themselves. Thanks, Finn, for taking time away frum yer bizzy skedule to chat with me. I’m sure thare’s a Cat Fancy centerfold in yer fyoocher.

And now, I have the pleazure of talking with Mark Rogers (right), da man behind the camera. Mark, what was it like working with Finn and his mom?
Mark: This was a really fun shoot. Both Finn and Jane are really relaxed and laid back so the chemistry was perfect. Finn is also very comfortable around a camera (which isn’t always the case) so I was able to get in really close with him.

Skeezix: Did Finn reqwire any coaxing to come out of his shell, or was he a natchural in front of the camera?
Mark: May I have cheese with that ham? Finn is a complete and utter natural. No coaxing required at all.

Skeezix: Mmmm, ham! There were so many grate shots from the seshun with Finn. Which is your favorite?
Mark: Hmmmm…always a tough one but probably the close-up shot of him with his purple mouse. I’ve met cats who fetch before but never quite like this — he literally retrieves that thing and drops it at your feet until you stop throwing it. I also like the way that shot catches his crossed eyes without making him look too silly.

Skeezix: Have you ever encountered a cat who just wouldn’t come out from under the bed for you?
Mark: Yes indeed. My brother-in-law’s cat, Filbert. He’s the guy in this photo:

I’ve met Filbert 7 or 8 times over the years and I don’t think I’ve ever actually touched him. With cats, the timidity can often make the shot. That one of Filbert is still among my all-time favorites.

Skeezix: That is a pawsome shot, Mark! During yer seshuns, do the pet owners get involved — do you have them help rangle and interact with the pets, or do you prefer that they leeve you and the model alone?
Mark: It really depends. Animals–especially dogs, not so much cats–act very differently when their owners are present. Sometimes this leads to better shots, sometimes it doesn’t. I tend to try for a combination so I get to spend some time alone with the animal and a bit with both them and the owner.

Skeezix: Well thanks agin fur offering this grate prize in owr Cat’s Meow contest. The shots yoo took of Finn are fenomenal! And thanks fur taking time owt of yer bizzy shooting skedule to chat with me about the shoot.

If yoo’d like to see Mark Rogers in akshun, chek this out. It’s a TV spot on his work with Pet Food Express’ “My Mutt” program, wich razes munneys for adopshun programs. The storey behind the mutt he’s shooting is vary hartwarming, and will leeve yoo reeching fur a box of Kleenex.

And chek owt theeze links!

[PHOTO CREDIT: Mark Rogers Photography]

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