Stella the Cat and the Mona Lisa.
Stella the Cat and the Mona Lisa. Photography ©Ian Dagnall / Alamy Photo (Mona Lisa).

Stella the Cat Talks Art


If you think your cat doesn’t know anything about art, you might be wrong. I certainly was!

Litter designs.
Photography ©TeodoraDjordjevic | Thinkstock.

Stella, this won’t make sense, but the food you scattered around your bowl last night looks a bit like the Mona Lisa.
Nah, the smile isn’t right.

You know the Mona Lisa?
I must’ve redone her expression 50 times. You know how hard it is to get “enigmatic” across in cat kibble?

Wait — you did that on purpose?
Of course. And it’s about time you noticed my artwork.

Your artwork? Since when?
Ever since I was a kitten. Surely you remember my Hairballs on Linoleum installations of the early aughts?

That was art? We went to the doctor for that! I thought you were dying!
They were pretty abstract.

They were horrific! You coughed up hairballs in the kitchen for weeks. We got an X-ray. We switched you to prescription food!
And you must remember my shock-art phase, with the skeleton dioramas left on the back porch.

That was you? I called the police!
I was going through a dark phase.

I accused the neighbor boys!
And that led to a little cooling off period with the litter mandalas.

Litter mandalas? Was that when you used to kick your —
Oh, how many nights I spent creating those cosmic diagrams.

Diagrams? You just flung litter all over the floor!
Oh, please. Did Jackson Pollock just “fling” paint all over the canvas?

Wait — does your art have something to do with the jelly-on-the-couch incident of 2014?
My finest work. You just smeared jelly all over my couch! I tripled its value. Too bad I live with a philistine.

Man, Stella. If you wanted to do art why didn’t you just ask me for paints?
I work with the materials I have. And there’s the fact that I can’t hold a brush.

So, are there any other artworks I should know about?
Have you seen the back of the recliner lately?

Oh no!
Don’t worry, you’ll love it. It’s like I merged Cubism with deconstruction, all with my nails. I’m really very good.

Why can’t you be a normal cat?
Hey, you wanted a Bengal. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to begin my blue period. You’d better stay out of the bathroom for a while.

Thumbnail:  Photography ©Ian Dagnall / Alamy Photo (Mona Lisa).

Eleven-year-old Stella, a Bengal, has a firm grip on her handler, freelance writer Michael Leaverton, whom she rescued from an alt weekly many meals ago. They live in San Diego.

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