Snuzz it Up or Snuzz it Down: Snuzzy Grows Thumbs!


We’ve Developed A Snuzz Factor, A New Review System, For Those Who Don’t Like To Leave Comments.

Maybe you’ve noticed a few extra thumbs hanging around Snuzzy’s house lately? Well, as our overall blog readership continues to grow, we find ourselves more and more eager to find out what y’all are digging and what you’re not digging. We LOVE when people leave comments–it’s the most honest and direct line of communication between the reader and the blogger, for sure. But those of you who don’t have time to leave a comment, or don’t really like to do it, will be happy to know that we’ve developed a Snuzz Factor system for our humor blog

A simple “snuzz it up” or “snuzz it down” is all it takes–if you like the post, click on the Snuzzy logo with his thumb pointing up. If you don’t care for it, “snuzz it down” by clicking on the dude with the downward-pointing thumb. Piece o’ cake, right? Right.

After you’ve snuzzed the vote, you’ll get a little thank you message that looks like this:

And then when you refresh the page or come back to it later, you’ll see what the current Snuzz Factor is:

That’s it! We hope that you have fun with and really get into it! It’s a way to really let other Snuzzy readers know which bits of fuzzy cuteness just can’t be missed! AND also which ones miss the cuteness scale completely.

Don’t get me wrong, we still love your comments and hope that you continue to post them. In fact, if you snuzz something up, let us know why. Likewise if you give it the old downward-facing snuzz, feel free to explain your choice!

So what are you waiting for? Get on over there and Snuzz the Vote!

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