Remy the Humanities Cat.
Remy the Humanities Cat. Photography ©Rose Lincoln/Harvard University.

Remy the Humanities Cat

Remy the Humanities Cat roams the Harvard University campus and gives some much-needed feline time to animal-loving students.

I attended a local college, so I never had the experience of living on campus. I can only imagine that those students who do live on campus can get homesick and desperately miss their cats who stayed behind at home. Well, for any homesick students attending Harvard University, there’s a quick fix: Remy the Humanities Cat.

Remy’s real home is about a mile from campus, where he lives with his family (including a less adventurous feline brother), but he loves to roam — and when he does, the Harvard campus is his go-to visiting spot, where he has become a much-celebrated unofficial mascot.

Where You’ll Find Remy the Humanities Cat

Remy the Humanities Cat.
Remy the Humanities Cat. Photography ©Rose Lincoln/Harvard University.

He’s most often found around the Humanities building (hence his nickname), the Law School, the Science Center and various libraries. But he’s also been seen checking out campus museums, labs, lectures and even student dorms. He loves attention — especially when it involves getting pets or treats.

He’s very popular — his Facebook page has more than 4,000 followers, a number that’s sure to grow. The page is filled with wonderful photos, many of them submitted by his fans, of him prowling the campus, hanging out on a library desk or checking out (or sleeping through) a class.

Remy sightings are very exciting. Many students say they feel like they’ve seen a celebrity when they meet him.

Check out Remy’s adventures on Facebook at @remythehumanitiescat.

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Thumbnail: Photography ©Rose Lincoln/Harvard University.

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