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The Libre law will stiffen penalties for animal cruelty. Photography ©BigNazik | Getty Images.

New Pennsylvania Law Poised to Bring Justice to Animals

A Pennsylvania law will prosecute a couple who kept 31 cats and other animals in uninhabitable conditions. Find out what this law entails.

Jackie Brown  |  Nov 2nd 2018

A new Pennsylvania law is being used to prosecute a Bucks County couple who kept 31 cats (and five exotic birds) in uninhabitable conditions. The cats were living on piles of garbage and debris, and forced to eliminate in two overflowing litter boxes. The owners now face criminal charges brought against them by Bucks County Society for Protection of Animals.

It’s the first time the Humane Society has filed misdemeanor animal-cruelty charges, and it’s all thanks to Libre’s law, which stiffens penalties for animal cruelty and also grants civil immunity to Humane Society police officers and veterinarians.

Thumbnail: Photography ©BigNazik | Getty Images.

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