Okay, this is not an April’s Fools Post. [This was an Aprils Fools post ;]

Today we just launched some small updates around the sites. Two that are fun for you are:

  • Badges! On your pet’s pages you can now display badges for features of the site you enjoy or services we work with. We rolled out with 5 badges to get things going, but I’m sure more will roll out soon. After checking them out, if there are other badges you’d like to have on your page, write them as comment. We’d luv to hear. You can add them by going to My Account and to the right of you pet’s thumbnail you’ll need a ‘badges’ listing
  • Reposting your photos!
  • When you are logged in and looking at your own pet pages you’ll see a small camera icon in the upper left corner (which is only visible to you). If you click it, you go to that’s photo’s share page where you’ll see HTML, and forum code to make that photo show up anywhere else on the Internet you can post HTML. We also added links to easily share the photo in an email or even Twitter. (Do you use Twitter.com? We’re big fans. You can follow us there @catster)

As always let us know what you think after checking’em out. Meows and tail waves!