Morris the Cat is The Cat’s Meow (Pt. 2)


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Welcome to Part Two of The Cat’s Meow interview with Morris the Cat. (CLICK HERE for Part One.)

Way bak when, I asked my reeders to submit qweschuns they had for Morris (or, as I like to call him, “My mane man Mo.”)

And boy, did The Cat’s Meow’s reeders respond! We selected the qweschuns based on universal appeel, cleverness and good spellin’. It was hard to chooze, but these are the winners (each of hoom will get 25 zealies!):

Questions from The Cat’s Meows reeders:

COLTON: Did you come from a shelter?

MORRIS: Indeed, I did. It all started with a talent scout named Bob Mardwick plucking me from obscurity in Hinsdale, IL. Im forever grateful as is any cat that gets adopted.

SAMOA: What’s your favorite Nine Lives flavor and how many times a day do you eat canned food?

MORRIS: Dry, wet, they all taste great luckily 9Lives has the right type of nutrition for any cat.

GUIDO THE ITALIAN KITTY: Is you a natural redhead Morris?

MORRIS: Of course! When you look this good, natural is the only way to go.

MORGAN THE PIRATE GATO: You have the biggest Fan Base of any cat in the world, our Mom drives miles just to meet and caress your fur. My Mom went to meet you at Madison Square Garden, and then she had to meet you again at the Westchester Cat Show. All she talked about for weeks was Morris, Morris, Morris. She was going to visit Morris.

Did I mention she drinks out of Morris Glasses, has a Morris Pad on her desk (not allowed to use), several photos of you including one of HER with you? Did I mention the cat food cabinet is FULL of 9 Lives cat food so she can go gaga over your picture every time she feeds us! I would really like to know what magic you have that you are such an incredible Mom Magnet? My Mom is OBSESSED with you!

MORRIS: Wow your Mom sounds like a great lady! Theres no real secret, however just be yourself and people should love you! (OK I am somewhat handsomemaybe thats it?)

CURLY: How many cats have had the honor of being Morris the 9Lives spokescat?

MORRIS: Theres only one Morris! Although I must admit I have the occasional stunt double.

LAKODA: Hi Morris! First, let me say THANK YOU to you for your Adopt a Million Cats Campaign. I was one of the lucky cats adopted during that campaign and if you look close youll find me on the list. The first adoptee was your little brother Mo who is very cool by the way! Are there any plans for a future campaign like that? You and 9-Lives made such a difference in all of our lives we would love to see you do it again! Keep up the good work buddy!

MORRIS: Lets just say that the campaign should never end adopting a cat is the best decision someone could ever make. And glad to hear you are one of our success stories.

SHABBY and KATIE TULIP: We were wondering if Morris the Cats food lady knows and has previously worked with Sue Chipperton, the food lady and trainer of the Taco Bell chihuahua Gidget (Gidget crossed the bridge last year on 7/21/09 in Los Angeles)? And has Morris ever had any hissy fits with other cat or dog celebrities?

MORRIS: Sue sounds great I havent worked with her directly, but maybe someday. I remain a big fan of Gidget he will be missed.

MILO: First of all I have to say that we orangies, rock! You are my role model and hero. I would love to be famous, be adored and make big bucks like you. Can you give some advice, please?

MORRIS: All I can say is do what you do best. In my case, thats just being myself.

TEEBO: As a celebrity spokescat, Im sure that you have many occasions where you get to meet your fans. What is the most memorable fan encounter you have had?

MORRIS: My fans are all so great it would be hard to single out just one. But knowing that cats like Skeezix are fans is pretty darn cool.

JAN’S FUNNY FARM: We would like to know if Morris could use a double for his spokescat work. Our Rusty would be perfect for the job. And hes available to start immediately.

MORRIS: Thanks for the offer, Rusty! Have your people call my people and well see what we can do.

MORRIS: Just between us two Morris cats, why dont they make mouse flavored cat food and cat treats? Wouldnt that be great? Is that something you could suggest for us? I bet you would get all the treats and toys you wanted for that idea!!

MORRIS: First off, great name! As for the mouse-flavored cat food thanks anyway, but I think Ill stick with 9Lives!

AMADEUS: I would love to know which of the 9 Lives canned foods Morris likes best. Cause if its not the Liver & Bacon, Ill be happy to take those off his paws!

MORRIS: Ha! I love them all luckily my contract gives me a lifetime supply.

KING HENRY: In this economy do you have any ideas to help make the nip go further?

MORRIS: I leave the financial advice to the expertsmy advice is to do the best with what you have, and just remember how lucky we are to be cats!

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