Monty the Cat.
Monty the Cat. Photography courtesy

Monty the Cat’s Positive Message


I love a good story about a cat overcoming the odds — especially when that cat is spreading good vibes about celebrating our differences. Meet Monty (if you aren’t already one of his 386,000 followers at @Monty_Happiness on Instagram), a cute kitty with chromosome abnormalities that cause him to look a little different (he was born with a sunken nasal bridge) and, according to his humans, Michael and Mikala, have the personality of a “forever kitten.”

Monty the Cat and his humans.
Monty the Cat and his humans, Michael and Mikala.

Monty resonates with special-needs humans and animals alike. “[Monty’s] message of ‘love before appearance and acceptance of who you are’ is actually based on my little brother,” Mikala explains. “He was born with autism, and throughout our childhood I defended him when he got picked on in school. I want everyone to know that they are perfect just the way they are, just like Monty and just like my little brother. There is so much sadness and bad news online, and so many people are struggling with low self-esteem. Whenever Michael and I look at Monty we feel happiness, so why not share him with the world!”

In fact, Monty’s parents have translated this positive message into a line of cat toys, feline-inspired jewelry and other accessories that give back to animals in need through The Monty Fund. The organization donates to animal shelters and some crowdfunding campaigns.

This happy-go-lucky cat’s humans encourage other potential adopters not to overlook special-needs cats. “We knew that adopting Monty would be a unique experience because he has some special needs, but we didn’t care because his personality is perfect and all the love he gives to everyone around him is the most special thing about him,” Michael explains. “No one wanted to adopt Monty because he looks different, but the love he gives to us is unique!” Monty will continue to spread his message of love, awareness and acceptance in a coming-soon Monty’s Friends blog that will feature other special-needs cats.

Keep up with Monty at, @Monty_Happiness on Instagram and @Montyboycat on Facebook.

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  2. AWWW. I love Monty the cat6. WE need more stories about cats like Monty and not all the negative stuff that dills the news nowadays. Thank you for making my day Monty!

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