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Kitty Cardboard boxes are perfect for your cat to feel safe and protected.

Kitty Cardboard: Boxes for Cats to Feel Safe and Protected

You cat will love these cardboard boxes from Kitty Cardboard! The boxes come in a variety of different designs to accommodate your cat's needs.

Melissa L. Kauffman  |  Nov 16th 2018

Catster editor Annie met Liene Golovatjuka and her both functional and whimsical Kitty Cardboard boxes at this year’s CatCon, while I ran into her at Cat Camp. Both of us loved these boxes. Annie took one home to her cats who won’t get out of the box. And that’s no surprise to Liene.

“A cardboard box for cats is more than just a cardboard box,” she says. “It’s a place where they feel safe and protected! It’s theirs!” It’s also no surprise that her rescue cat and CEO of the company, Bella, is behind Kitty Cardboard. “My Princess Bella is my everything,” says Liene, “including my inspiration. She is very active, likes to travel and celebrate the seasons in her style, and with Kitty Cardboard she gets what she wants.”

The story behind Kitty Cardboard boxes

Originally from Latvia, Liene has studied math, banking, finance and business management but has always also been into art and design. She noticed that, although she bought Bella all the squeaky toys and fluffy beds imaginable, at the end of the day the only thing her kitty cared about was the Amazon Prime box on her living room floor.

“That gave me an idea,” she says. “Why not create fun boxes, designed specifically for cats, that would give my princess exactly what she wants, while, at the same time, keeping my living room looking neat and clean? And how about, let her be a CATstronaut, for instance, when she feels like it and take a funny picture of her for her photo album to remember this adventure?” Thus, Kitty Cardboard was born.

But that’s not all. “We help cats in need by donating our products to animal shelters and pet organizations across the nation as well as donate a portion of every purchase to help other kitties find their forever homes,” Liene says. “By frequently releasing new, colorful designs, we let our feline friends celebrate the seasons and travel the world — even MEOW-ter space!”

Where to look

Liene recommends leaving your cats alone to explore the box by themselves but adds that they will enjoy a cat toy being dragged all around the box. The boxes come in a variety of designs and accommodate kittens and cats up to 20 pounds. Each retails for $24.99.

Follow Liene, Bella and Kitty Cardboard at website or on social media @kittycardboard.

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