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Like Consumer Reports For Cats!

There’s a new group on Catster called the “Catster Marketplace.” It’s a Catster HQ-approved group that purrmotes the wares of Catsters, focusing on animal-related items. It’s the purrfect place to find gifts for the pets and pet lovers on your gift list, and items are handcrafted with love (and maybe even a little cat hair thrown in).
Been coveting that Hazel Lucy knit-scarf-and-cap-ensemble, or looking for a cavy-cozy (see photos, right)? You’ll find them in the Catster Marketplace, along with a lot of other unique items that you just can’t get at those soul-sucking big box stores. I’ve had tons of fun just window shopping!
The group’s membership is open to all Catster members (both shoppers and shop owners), and if you are a merchant with a shop to promote, you can have the link to your shop added to the group’s main page — and you can start a thread telling everyone about your shop, your cats, and you.
And yes, Dogsters saw what a great idea it was and started a Dogster marketplace too. Just another reason Catster and Dogster are the best sites on the Web!