Interview with Pixel May, World’s Coolest Daredevil


Exclusive Catster Interview With Pixel May, 2007’s Coolest Daredevil Cat Winner

Hi, evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Today I’m interviewing my best frend, Pixel May, who was last yeer’s winner of the Daredevil category in the World’s Coolest Cat Show. After warming up with a brisk 60-second freefall, Pixel and I talked about her daredevil streek and what wint on behind the scenes of her award-winning daredevil foto. Pixel hales frum Hutto, Texas.

Skeezix: Hey, Pix’, thanks fur taking the time to talk with me today… and thanks for introdoosing me to skydiving! What a rush! Tell me, what was your first reaction when you found out you won the Daredevil category in the 2007 Worlds Coolest Cat Show?
Pixel May: Absolute shock. I couldn’t believe it. I was amazed that other kitties thought my bat act routine was really dare-devilish *giggles*

Skeezix: How did being an award-winning daredevil change your life?
Pixel May: Winning didn’t really change my life all that much. I’m still the same lovable Pixel! I cover my own poops just like everybody else!

Skeezix: Whut’s the story behind yoo hanging frum doorjams?

Pixel May: Like most cats, I get those monkey hour modes. I  tend to take my monkey hour to the extreme sometimes, like climbing door jams and hanging around. It kinda freaks out my humans, they’re always afraid I’m going to hurt myself. I just like the rush and the feel of a free-falling somersault. *giggles* I haven’t hurt myself yet *knocks on wood*, but I don’t recommend other kitties do that either. I nearly gave Mom a heart attack a few years ago when she saw me walking the thin balcony rails outside the apartment. We were 3 stories up in the air and Mom was talking sweetly to me and asking me to get down.

Skeezix: How much time did you practice hanging frum doorjams for your winning Daredevil photo?
Pixel May: I didn’t really spend any time practicing, it’s just something I would do for fun. Mom was just able to finally catch me in the act! *giggles*


Skeezix: Any tips or pointers youd like to share with this years contestants? Pixel May: Think outside the box and do something amazing!

Skeezix: Are you planning on entering this years contest?
Pixel May: I’m not sure yet, I’ll have to talk to Mom.
Skeezix: Better hurry! Yoo only have 17 days left!

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