Interview with Gordy, the World’s Wettest, Coolest Cat


Hey, evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Today, I’m interviewing Gordy, the reigning World’s Wettest Coolest Cat. Last year, Gordy won the “Wet Cat” category in the World’s Coolest Cat Show. He was the Grand Prize winner in 2007, and a finalist in the Sleeper category (photo at right) in 2006. As we enter the final days to enter and vote in the World’s Coolest Cat Contest, I’ve asked Gordy to share with you what goes on behind the scenes when a winning photo is born.

Skeezix: First off, Gordy, I wunt to congratulate yoo on yer teem, the grate Noo York Yankees, bringing home da Werld Series Trophy. Whut did yoo do this yeer to cheer them on to viktery?

Gordy: OH WOW! Yes! I was, and still AM so excited about the Yankees winning the World Series! I’ve never seen that before and they did it at home in their NEW Stadium too! Couldn’t have been a better season for them!

Since this year they played in a new home, I had ALL NEW stuff to do. Before any game that I got to watch, I wore my Yankees jersey of course, and did the “happy dance” – something I have become secure in doing now that I am a mature 4 years old. Dutchie is also allowed to share the couch with me now so I can ‘high paw” her when they score. I think it really helped this season! (I also sacrifice a fur mouse out the window to the vishus deer out back if they should lose.)

Skeezix: Gordy, last yeer yoo wun the Wet Cat Category in the Werld’s Coolest Cat Contest with the toylet foto below. What was the inspiration for yer foto? Did yoo plan it owt for weeks ahed of time?

Gordy: Well, when mommy found me living on the streets when I was 3 weeks old, I was immediately introduced to water let’s say for “pest control”. After my first week living with my mommy and perhaps 10 baths later, I LOVED water. AS I grew older (and bigger), I started to share showers, sit in the sinks and play in the small jacuzzis in the bathrooms. Mommy and dad would usually put down the jacuzzi lids in the house but occasionally, when a guest might be over, they would use the jacuzzi and leave the lid up and I would then splash all the water out. If it was in the summer time, I might splash as much water out of it until I could sit in it because it was so nice and cool.

On this particular occasion, mommy set ME up- BUT ONLY on the day the picture was taken- she didn’t plan the idea (at least that’s what she told me). SHE left the top up and sat around with her camera waiting for me to play in the water not knowing I was going to empty the jacuzzi out.

Skeezix: So you reely were wet? It wuzn’t all smoke and mirrors?
Unlike my previous year’s entry (see photo, right), there was no smoke and mirrors in this entry, I was IN the jacuzzi and I was really wet. So was the floor … and the walls … and the toilet paper!

Skeezix: Did yoo hafta git high on nip or sumthin, to akshully jump in the toylet?

Gordy: Oh no, I SINCERELY LOVE water! I used to sit with mommy in the shower, I sit in the kitchen sink and drink from the faucet, I have learned how to turn ON the bar faucet, I used to stand with my front pawn IN my dog-brother Gonzo’s water bowl while we both drank from it. — HEY! why do you keep calling it a toilet???

Skeezix: Cuz it’s a toylet, Gordo! How many fotos did yer mom take to git the winning shot?

Gordy: I think mommy took about 10-12 photos of me. Most of them she snuck because when I see her with the camera now and I think I’m NOT supposed to be doing something, I RUN! I KNOW I’m not supposed to be in the jacuzzi so she had to sneak them.

Skeezix: How long did yoo sit thare?

Gordy: I may have been there about 5-10 minutes. Had mommy not taken pictures, I might have been there longer. I thought I was in big trouble.

Skeezix: How do the ladies react to that photo? Did it tern yoo into a chick magnet, or do they go eeeuuuwww!?

Gordy: You know, the ladies didn’t really react either way. (getting a bit paranoid) I have my friends who all thought it was funny, I was just sad that they didn’t have a jacuzzi too. I made some new fiends as well but I don’t remember any kitties being “ewwwww’ed out. [nervous chuckle, grabs picture dictionary]

Skeezix: Some cats thought you should have been in the Daredevil category instead, because diving into the toylet scares the bejeebers out of just about evry cat I know. I’m in awe of yer feerlessness. Will yoo stop at nothing to get an award winning shot?

Gordy: [Looks up “toilet” in the picture dictionary.] Um… [chuckles] WELL, I would have to say that I would TRY to take a winning photo if it made my mommy happy. SHE’s really the one behind the ideas you know- if I had it my way, I’d be a pirate sailing the high seas in search of treasure everyday but I’m just little Gordy.

Mommy’s thing is to break out the camera and photograph me and Dutchie when we are doing our usual kitty things. THOSE are typically the best shots- when we run around, play jump, whatever. Sleeping shots are easy that way- playing shots get the good action stuff like daredevil stuff. The BEST photos come when there’s no agenda. So yes, I would stop at nothing at being myself- HELPING mommy get an award winning shot.

Of course, SOME photos need to be posed but you’ve shared that lesson with EXPERT advice.

Skeezix: Will yoo be entering the contest this yeer, or are yoo retiring wile yer still at the top of yer game?

Gordy: I have, for lack of a better term, retired. Most kitties know that my mommy doesn’t live with me anymore, so I don’t have any new photos to enter. Mommy isn’t around to snap away the way she used to be or come up with her crazy ideas preventing me from becoming a pirate. I am not ripped up and torn apart about it but mommy is. She enjoyed the contest very much I know. Many kitties have asked me to submit something though, so mommy placed one photo for Dutchie and me from our old photos just to keep our paws in the contest.

WE wish EVERY kitty MUCH LUCK and even MORE FUN with all your entries!!!!

Skeezix: Thank you so much Gordy for being so jeneruss in sharing what goes on behind the seens with my reeders. I hope yoo don’t stay retired too long!

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