Interview with Curly, World’s Coolest Crazy Tail Winner


Exclusive Catster Interview With Curly, 2007’s Craziest Cat Tail Winner

Hi, evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Today I’m interviewing my good frend, Curly, as part of an ongoing seeries of conversayshuns with past World’s Coolest Cat Show winners. Curly hales frum the Grate Central Valley of California, and was a stray cat who was assured permanint inside-cat status once he wun the Craziest Tail Category in the 2007 World’s Coolest Cat Show. (See? Winning this contest can change yer life!)
SKEEZIX: Hi, Curly! How did winning the Craziest Tail Category in last year’s World’s Coolest Cat Show change your life? Did it help convinse yer dad to give yoo a furrever home and let yoo live inside?
CURLY: I don’t think my winning the photo contest influenced my daddy’s  decision to let me stay, although the two events did happen more or less simultaneously. (I do think, though, that Daddy was secretly purroud of me when the prizes started to arrive.) I think what really convinced my dad to let me live indoors was the fact that my mommy kept insisting that all she wanted for Christmas was me, and if she couldn’t have me, nothing else would matter, MOL. Daddy had been wondering what to get Mommy for Christmas, so that made his “shopping” easy!

SKEEZIX: You won a LOT of purrizes! Wich was yer faverite?
CURLY: I’d have a hard time picking a favorite. The funny thing with the purrizes is that they started trickling in, little by little, five weeks after the contest results were announced, and continued to arrive, from different sponsors, over about a 5-month period. Some of the purrizes were things we did not expect at all, like two very nice plush matching kitty beds, and forty (!) coupons, each good for a free small-size bag of 9-Lives cat food. I also received two small stuffed toy kitties, some catnip toys, two stainless steel bowls, one plastic bowl, a small litterbox (which my Daddy recently ran over with the truck after Mommy had washed it and set it outside to dry), some Arm & Hammer fabric spray, and an Arm & Hammer coupon good for any of their products up to $12. Oh, and a purrsonalized photo calendar. It was a very nice array of purrizes!
SKEEZIX: So whut’s the deel with yer tale? Did yoo eet too many curly fries win yoo were a kitten?
CURLY: The vet says I must have been born that way. My tail purrobably would’ve been a normal length, but somehow it got twisted and fused together when I was developing in my mommycat’s tummy, so it came out in a curlycue. I like it because it’s very easy to keep clean, as it never drags on the ground. You can see what I mean in this video, where my tail stands up in an ‘L’ shape when I’m sitting down:

(Yes, yoo reelly DO need to watch this video! – StC)

SKEEZIX: Have yoo ever considerd using a tail-straightener on yer tail, or are you happy with it being curly?
CURLY: I am happy with my tail the way it is, which is a good thing, because tail-straightener wouldn’t work!

SKEEZIX: Any tips or pointers youd like to share with this years contestants?
CURLY: Pointers I would like to share with this year’s contestants are (a) in your photos, try to avoid or crop out distracting stuff in the background that doesn’t have to do with the subject matter. (We say this from experience, as Mommy has spoiled many good photos by not removing papers, dirty socks, or other junk from the background before taking the picture!), and (b) look charming and cute! (Of course, this part is easy for most cats!)
SKEEZIX: Are you planning on entering this years contest?
CURLY: You betcha! Check out my entry!
SKEEZIX: Well good luck! Thanks fur taking the time to talk with me today!
CURLY: Always a pleasure, Skeez’!

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