Halloween Survey: Results Are In!

catedit  |  Oct 29th 2007

The Halloween Survey Results Are In!

In early October, we ran a survey of dog owners to find out how involved pets are in Halloween celebrations. The answer? A whopping 65% of dogs get included in the spooky festivities, and 40% of them get dressed up in costume. What could be cuter?

Below is just a sampling of the fun stats we collected. Get all the details in our Halloween Goes to the Dogs article, including this year’s most popular costumes.

* » 72% of those dressing up their dogs will be buying their outfits rather than making them at home.
* » 46% percent think the coolest costume of the year is Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.
* » 43% say their pets resent wearing costumes.

Happy Howloween!