Good Samaritan Saves Kitten from Sewer


Bradley Jackson came to fix an intercom and ended up rescuing a kitten.

Last week, Jackson was in the basement of a building in the Pimlico neighborhood of London, England, when he heard a strange crying noise.

“It was completely dark in there, so I couldn’t work out where the noise was coming from,” he said.

Then he discovered the source of the eerie sound: a four-foot-deep basement drain.

“I got a fright when I lifted off the drain cover and saw a tail. I thought it might be a rat.”

Jackson soon realized, however, that the creature was a tiny kitten struggling for her life and crying for help. And he knew that the only way the kitten could have gotten there was by an act of cruelty.

“The door to the basement is always locked and there are no windows, so the only way the kitten can have got down there is if she was flushed down the toilet,” he said.

The electrical engineer rushed the cold, terrified and shivering kitten to the nearby Blue Cross animal hospital, where vets gave the kitten, nicknamed Flush, a thorough health check and clean-up.

“If I hadn’t happened to go down to the basement that day, who knows what would have happened to her.”

Charlotte Hamilton, the vet who looked after the cat, said: “It’s horrendous to think someone may have flushed her down the loo and incredible that she managed to survive. She’s a really lucky little kitten.”

Authorities have no clue about who might have sent the kitten to her potentially grisly fate. But Flush is now settling into a new home where she will live with a caring and loving family for her remaining eight lives.

[Source: Westminster Chronicle]

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