In Case You Haven’t Seen It: This Shocking Cat Attack Video Is Making the Rounds


In Melvin, Michigan, a Fox 2 News viewer sent in a video using the upload tool on They titled it “a horrible cat attack.” And my God, is it ever. Once you watch the video, you can imagine the scrambling that went down in the newsroom to get in touch with the woman. It’s intense. The cat the intense. The cat is bold, ruthless, and quite the leaper.

Unfortunately, the cat is no more. Keep that in mind when you watch this:

Here’s what went down when the cat, Buddy, attached himself to his owner’s head — front and back teeth, sunk into her forehead. Claws to the face, scratching her cheeks.

It seems the owner was trying to shoo the kitty away from her mother’s dog. Buddy had already attacked the dog and was looking for another shot.

“Your first reaction was to get him off and when I went to go pull, I could feel his teeth,” the owner told Fox 2.

Unfortunately, she ended up in the hospital and ended up with an infection, causing her face to swell. Even worse: Sanilac County officials picked up Buddy the cat to test him for rabies. To do that test, Buddy had to be put down. Buddy tested negative.

The owner was sad to see Buddy go — she had adopted him as a stray, and has three other cats. “I actually saved him from someone who was going put him down and he was sweet as pie,” she said. “When they came to get him I couldn’t even watch because even though he did that to me, I couldn’t see them take him away because I knew what they were going to do to him.”

We’re sad to see you go, Buddy.

Via Fox 2

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