Deaf Tripod Tabby Missing for 5 Months is Home for the Holidays


Henry Blair-Allwright’s family believes in Christmas miracles.

Henry is a deaf tabby with only three legs who went missing 150 days ago.

This week he was found more than 20 miles from his Wollaton (U.K.) home, in Mackworth after the Millet family noticed him living a field near their home.

John Millet said, “He was living in the field opposite our house for some time.

“He’d come and eat the food we put out for our own cats and, once he found where the food was, he came over quite often.

“He slept under the gazebo and we’d have him in a few nights, but he preferred to sleep out. I made him a box, but he didn’t want to stay inside.

“I decided I didn’t want to wake up to find him dead one morning from the cold, so I took him to the rescue center.”

They took him to a Cats Protection League shelter which led to Henry being reunited with his owners Stephen and Kirstie Blair-Allwright.

They’d given up hope of finding Henry after so long.

When the tabby first went missing the Blair-Allwrights contacted Animal Search UK. The company provided them with laminated posters and contacted local animal shelters.

“We think Henry must have got in a vehicle,” said Mr Blair-Allwright. “He’s always had a tendency to jump into cars and vans.

“Being deaf he wouldn’t have heard the owner approach and shut the door, and then he’d have been off.

“He’s back home now like nothing’s happened. His brothers are delighted to see him they’ve been following him around and licking him.

“We’ve had all three of them since they were kittens.

“My wife and I are overjoyed. It’s the best thing that’s happened this year. We’re both on cloud nine.”

Animal Search UK founder Tom Watkins said: “All the team here are delighted that we were able to play a part in Henry being reunited after over 150 days of being missing. Bearing in mind his difficulties it is remarkable that he came to no harm after being lost for so long.

“We’re glad he’s back safe from his adventure and we wish Henry and his family a great Christmas with lots of cuddles all round.”


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