Catsters are Meeting Up Across the Country!


In recent months, Catster and Catblogger peeps have been stepping out from behind their web personas to meet longtime online friends. This week Im spotlighting some of those meetups.

In March, Guido’s mom invited me, Chai, Sugar and Little Bit’s mom and Luci’s mom to a dinner in her San Francisco home, and yowza! what a great time we had. (Funnily enough, I had worked side-by-side with Chai Latte’s mom back in the Pleistocene era and lost touch. Catster reunited us! In fact, she’s my cat Rocky’s “godmother,” and was with me when I adopted Rocky.) Vino and cat stories were flying, and everyone got a chance to socialize with Guido, Yolo and Baci. (In the photo above, from L to R: Chai”s Mom, Skeezix, Guido’s Mom, Guido, and Luci’s Mom.)

Inspired by the success of that meet-up, after reading about 27-pound feline Maitre’d Mr Higgins onThe Cat’s Meow, Guido’s mom, Chai, Sugar and Little Bit’s mom and Luci‘s mom joined South Bay Catster moms belonging toGalin,Aislen,Alana,SausageandMeatball at Eddie Rickenbackers in San Francisco to meet Mr Higgins. (In the photo above, L to R: Mr Higgins, Chai’s Mom, Galin’s Mom, Luci’s Mom, Guido’s Mom, and Meatball’s Mom.)

Guido the Itlian Kitty reported on the meetup in his diary:

A whole buncha cat chat! What a fantasticat time weeza all had in San Franfuncisco Saturday when 5, yep that’s Cinque in EyeTailYun or Cinco in EspanYole, uh huh I meanza 5 Catster mommas redezvouzed to meet the famous MR HIGGINS Maitre D cat at Eddie Rickenbackers Restaurant. He’s not just a kitty, heeza a humungous dude weighing 27 whopping pounds. He hangs on da bar Momma said and picking him up for a foto op was like working da biceps furza herza.

Myza furiends mommas are catzowey! Wee’za had a visit from SAUSAGE and MEATBALL’S Pink Monkey Momma – sheeza purrty and hugza likesa she mighta be EyeTailYun! And da purrty momma of my MY 3 SAN JOSE CalEyeFurKneeYah Meowster Pals Galen, Aislen, Alana hugged me too. And and, well derza more, da purrty momma of CHAI LATTE, SUGAR AND LITTLE BIT well, sheeeza a molto bene meowster hugger too. Oh Basta Pasta derza more news and mews cuz my friend LUCI sendsa her exPURRt hugging momma too so can you in yurza 9 lives imagine da cat chat that was going on at Mr Higgins’ ristorante? UndoubtaCATically he purrobably excused himself to go and catnap !

I couldn’t attend that event, but I met up with Guido and Chai’s moms recently to meet Mr Higgins myself. I can confirm that he is one big hunka love mancat, and yes, you should strap on a hernia belt before you pick him up.

We declared Eddie Rickenbackers to be the de facto Catster Mom meetup spot in San Francisco by virtue of its resident cat, proximity to BART, and great beers ‘n’ burgers. (If you go, order the chicken; Mr Higgins visits the table of every diner who orders chicken, and asks only that you toss a few chunks his way.)

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