Cat Tossed in Trash Can Leads to Woman-Hunt


Coventry, UK– Lola the tabby cat had been missing for almost 15 hours when her owners, Darryl and Stephanie Andrews-Mann, finally located her. They heard a mew coming from a rolling trash can in their front yard and opened it to find Lola, dehydrated and hungry and “covered in her own mess.”

The Andrews-Manns assumed that Lola had fallen in herself or been put there by louts, but they were shocked to discover that a woman had put their pet in the bin deliberately.

The couple had installed CCTV outside their home two years ago after their car was repeatedly hit by careless drivers. Footage from those CCTV recordings shows a middle-aged woman with grey hair walk past a house on Brays Lane, Coventry, when Lola jumped onto a garden wall.

The lady stopped to stroke her. Seconds later, she glanced around to see if anyone was watching before picking up the cat, dropping her into a nearby trash can, slamming the lid shut and walking away

Irish veterinarian and radio show host Dr. Pete Wedderburn commented in his blog, “Theres something particularly disturbing about yesterdays video that shows a woman putting a cat into a wheelie bin. Its bad enough witnessing animal cruelty, but its doubly disconcerting when the perpetrator defies our stereotypical expectations.”

Dr. Wedderburn says that the woman’s bizarre actions carry two useful reminders. “First, don’t believe the stereotypes. Any human is capable of committing acts of animal cruelty or child abuse, or spouse assault, or indeed any crime.”

“Secondly, Big Brother is nowwatching more than ever before. With the rise in CCTV use, the ‘hidden camera’ formerly reserved for television documentaries is likely to feature more in our daily lives,” Wedderburn says. “If you find yourself considering a misdeed, youll need to do more than cast a cursory glance around for passers-by if you hope to get away with it.”

The RSPCA and West Midlands Police are now investigating the incident.

UPDATE, 11:51 AM BST: Cat-Trashing Woman Identified

Today an RSPCA spokeswoman said: “A woman featured in CCTV footage putting a cat in a bin in Brays Road, Coventry, has now been identified.

The woman, who is thought to have received death threats from around the world, was seen stroking the cat as it walked along a wall before looking over her shoulder and dumping it into a large green rubbish bin.

The RSPCA is leading an investigation into the incident and will be interviewing the woman shortly.

“Coventry Police are supporting this investigation and urge the public to leave the matter to be dealt with correctly by the authorities,” the RSPCA spokeswoman added.

Community Support Officers were outside her address monitoring a large group of people for “public order purposes as per routine police procedure.”

[Source: The Telegraph]

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