Our Monday Miracle Is Lord “Ugly Boy” Byron


It’s not fair to call a cat ugly, except for when he really is ugly, like Lord Ugly Boy Byron was on the day he was rescued from a community trash compactor.

Yes, you read that right. Someone had tied Lord Ugly Boy up in a plastic bag and tossed him in the garbage. Like, okay, fine, you’re over owning a cat, but I mean — really? Is the garbage the best way to get rid of one? That takes significantly more effort than just opening the back door and wishing him good luck. Anyway, I digress. Someone tossed Lord Ugly Boy in the garbage, where he was mewing haplessly, alerting his future human friend to his presence.

Apparently, Lord Ugly Boy was knighted that day when his human savior friend fished him from the garbage to find him missing fur and covered in poop. You’d probably poop yourself too if you were trapped in a trash compactor. Think of that scene from Star Wars. Anyway, I digress again. Upon rescuing Lord Ugly Boy, his human friend exclaimed, “He is so ugly! The poor boy!” But just like cuteness can be endearing, so can ugliness, and Lord Ugly Boy was whisked off to his new home.

Lord Ugly Boy Byron lives on an island in Greece where resources for animals are scarce, but Lord Ugly makes do, along with a host of animal characters. He works at a tavern, where, according to his Facebook page, his duties include “public relations manager, toe biting, warming barstools, and testing scraps.”

I’m not sure if Lord Ugly really is ugly, but he is rather noble, and has been the “biggest cat in Greece” for the past seven years and counting (although I’m not sure this is official).

The point is that Lord Ugly managed to escape certain doom and now lives a life of riches.

All photos via his Facebook page — go check it out and tell him Catster sent you to genuflect at his door.

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