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I’ll just start by saying Happy Mother’s day to all of our cat mothers out there, both feline and humine (hee hee). Mothers are amazing, with our without fur, and they deserve all of the recognition that they get on this special day. That said, don’t let it be a Hallmark holiday — it’s okay to call your mom next Friday or on July 11 and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. Every day is a day to thank yo mama.

As most of you know, there was a contest on The Cat’s Meow this past week to choose the Best Cat Mom. Choosing just one, as soon as I saw all of the entries starting to pour in, was something that I thought would be impossible. But Karen has done it and has chosen a winner! To find out who took home the honor, click here.

That said, every Cat Mom is a winner, which is why Karen made this badge for all of you great Cat Moms out there to post on your Catster profile page or your own blog!

If you haven’t read the entries, you should take a few minutes and do so. They are extremely touching and reflect the caliber of our purrific members: caring, loving, concerned and generous. At the close of the contest there were 226 entries. I will leave you with one of my personal favorites:

HI, my name is Spot but I am writing on behalf of our whole family. This is me as a kitten

When my mommy lost her kitty Peanuts (when he was 15) she went to petfinder to find a new fur ball to love. She found my pal Tater from a rescue in Idaho. Then she found my brother Patches & I in a high kill shelter in TN. We came with all kinds of goodies, like ringworm that was nearly impossible to get rid of. But she did it!

Then she saw Blue (and this is the picture that made mommy 100% sure she HAD to have him) and adopted him from a TX rescue.

A year later Scooter desperately needed help, he was very sick (almost but not AS sick as Blue was as a kitten) so mom adopted him from GA. But he gave us ALL parasites. So all of us had to go on several different meds.

Unfortunately right after this I got VERY sick. So sick mommy’s vet couldn’t tell her what to do to help me after going to the vet every few days for 2 weeks. So mom took me to a vet over 2 hours from home. They did all kinds of tests on me and told mom she had to give me shots! She learned but I kept getting sicker :(
So she took me back to the vet again every few days…I kept getting worse. Mommy (who is a vegan) fed me first raw, then cooked liver, baby food. Anything to try and help me get my blood work better. No such luck.

Mom ordered me special medicine from England. Those shots didn’t work either.
Mom spent hours online and wrote to vets all over the world asking for help. No one knew what to tell her :(
So mom took me to an internal specialist. He did all kinds of tests on me. They hurt.
This is me right after i got back from my bone marrow and assorted biopsies

No matter what mom did, nothing seemed to help and no one could tell her what was wrong with me. She spent thousands of dollars trying to save me but within 3 months of getting sick I left mommy, my brother Patches and all of the family…

Mom is still sad about losing me but she has since adopted Chance & Lucky (2 Chihuahuas) and 2 more kitties, Indy & Coco who now live with all the rest of the gang and Grimley (who was adopted from the rescue mom volunteered with for 7+ years!) the big dog who i used to think was my daddy.

I hope you think my mommy is a great as we all do!
Love, Spot

Thanks for the great entry, Spot! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the Cat Moms out there!

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